Will NBA Coaches Wear Suits Again?

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen NBA coaches wear suits on the sidelines. Will they make a comeback?

The NBA’s Dress Code

After a decade of relaxed dress codes, the NBA is reportedly planning to bring back the suits. This news was first reported by The Athletic, who cited league sources. The report comes just days after it was reported that the league is discussing a plan that would allow players to dress however they want as long as they wear business casual attire. It’s unclear if the two reports are related.

The NBA’s original dress code

In 2005, the NBA introduced a dress code for players. The code was simple: Players had to wear business casual attire while traveling, and they had to wear suits while attending games. The suit rule applied to both home and away games.

The dress code was a response to a number of off-court incidents involving players, and it was intended to improve the image of the league. Many players, however, saw the dress code as an unnecessary restriction on their personal style.

In 2017, the NBA relaxed its dress code for players. They are now allowed to wear any form of business casual attire while traveling, and they can choose to wear suits or not when attending games. The only requirement is that they must be well-dressed and presentable.

It’s unclear if the relaxations in the dress code will lead to more players wearing suits to games, but it’s worth noting that several coaches have started to wear suits again. It’s possible that we may see a return to the original dress code in the future.

The NBA’s updated dress code

Beginning with the 2006-07 season, the NBA instituted a dress code that required all players to wear business casual attire while traveling to and from games, and while sitting on the bench during games. This meant that players could no longer wear jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, or any other type of casual clothing.

The dress code was updated again prior to the 2017-18 season. The main changes were that players were now allowed to wear approved statement shirts during pre-game warmups, and that team shooting shirts and sweatsuits were also allowable options for players on the bench during games.

There has been no update to the dress code since then, but with the league becoming increasingly fashion-conscious, it’s possible that we could see another update in the near future.

NBA Coaches’ Reactions to the Dress Code

In 2017, the NBA instituted a dress code for coaches that required them to wear business casual attire on the sidelines. This caused a lot of controversy among coaches, with some arguing that it was a way to control how they expressed themselves and others arguing that it was a necessary step to professionalize the image of the league. Now that the season is over, we asked a few coaches how they felt about the dress code and whether they think it will be back next season.

Coach Popovich’s reaction

Coach Popovich was asked about the NBA’s new dress code and he had this to say:

“I think it’s a joke. I really do. I don’t think players should have to dress a certain way to play basketball. That’s ridiculous. As long as they’re clean and presentable, that should be good enough.”

Coach Kerr’s reaction

Coach Kerr was not in favor of the dress code when it first came out. He thought it was “a bit much.” However, he has since come around and now says that it’s “not a big deal.” He likes the fact that it makes the coaches look more professional and that it shows respect for the game.

Will NBA Coaches Wear Suits Again?

The NBA has been around for a long time and has seen many changes. One of the most recent changes has been the switch from coaches wearing suits to coaches wearing more casual clothing. This change has divided the NBA community. Some people believe that coaches should continue to wear suits because it is a sign of respect. Others believe that coaches should dress more casual because it is more comfortable and practical.

The pros of wearing suits

While the debate continues on whether or not NBA coaches will continue to wear suits on the sidelines, there are some pros to this look that cannot be ignored. Wearing a suit can instill a sense of authority and professionalism in a coach that can be beneficial in both recruiting and game settings. In addition, coaches who wear suits often report feeling more confident and prepared for their duties.

The cons of wearing suits

Though the decision of whether or not to wear a suit during an NBA game is ultimately up to the individual coach, there are some clear disadvantages to doing so. For one, suits can be quite uncomfortable, especially when sitting on the sidelines for an extended period of time. Additionally, suits can be quite expensive, and coaches who opt to wear them may find themselves spending a lot of money on wardrobe changes throughout the season. Finally, wearing a suit may give off the impression that a coach is trying to be too serious or professional, which could turn off some players or fans.


In conclusion, it is unclear if NBA coaches will wear suits again. While some coaches believe that suits provide a level of professionalism and respect, other coaches believe that suits are impractical and prefer to dress more casually. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to wear a suit will come down to the individual coach and what they feel is best for themselves and their team.

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