Who Was The Best Player In The Nba?

Similarly, Who is better Kobe or LeBron?

Kobe has won the scoring championship twice in the NBA, whereas LeBron has only led the league in scoring once (though it must be mentioned LeBron narrowly missed out on his second last year, when Kevin Durant edged him by just . 4 points per contest). Yes, Kobe Bryant ever scored 81 points in a single game.

Also, it is asked, Who was the best 3 point shooter?

On Tuesday night against the New York Knicks, Steph Curry shattered Ray Allen’s record for most career three-pointers in the NBA. Curry, Steph: 2,977 (as of Decem.) 2,973 for Ray Allen 1 798 Klay Thompson (as of Decem.) 2,560 for Reggie Miller 2,509 for James Harden (as of Decem.).

Secondly, Who is better LeBron or curry?

Curry, though, has an advantage in more complicated computations, according to NBA.com. His 2.27 assist-to-turnover ratio was higher than James’ 1.81, as was his 26.7 assist ratio, which was higher than James’ 20.6.

Also, Is LeBron the best player ever?

The Athletic’s ranking ranked LeBron second, behind only Michael Jordan. According to The Athletic’s polling panel of NBA experts LeBron is the second-greatest player of all time. As a result, he is possibly the finest ever.

People also ask, Who is the greatest athlete of all time?

20-11 summary Gretzky, Wayne (ice hockey) Bolt Usain (athletics) Phelps, Michael (swimming) Ruth, Babe (baseball) Thorpe, Jim (athletics, American football, baseball and basketball) Jackson, Bo (American football and baseball) Pele (football) Federer, Roger (tennis)

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Who is basketball GOAT?

Who is the NBA’s greatest player? Former Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan is the most popular (and right) response to this question. ‘Air Jordan’ won six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls, winning the Finals MVP Award on each of those six times.

Who has more rings than Jordan?

Michael Jordan is the best NBA champion ever. He has more rings than Bill Russell (11), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (six), and Kobe Bryant (five). Why Michael Jordan’s Rings Are Worth More Than Kareem’s, Kobe’s, and Russell’s Years of PlayerHOF Russell66 Abdul-Jabbar29 Jordan16Bryant15

Who is better than Michael Jordan?

The Only Player Who Was Supposedly Better Than Michael Jordan Never Played in the NBA. There was a player in the 1986 NBA draft who was claimed to have had a successful NBA career. Some even said he was superior than Michael Jordan. Len Bias was the basketball player in question.

Who has the most missed shots in NBA history?

Bryant, Kobe

Who is the best free throw shooter of all time?

Karl Malone owns the record for most free throws made in a career with 9,787. Malone also owns the record most free throw attempts, with 13,188 and a rate of 74.20 percent.

Who has the shortest NBA career?

When the Clippers acquired Bobby Brown on January 26, he was dismissed. On January, he was substituted into a game for 3.9 seconds. Curry’s NBA Career is the shortest in terms of time played, since this was his sole appearance in a game.

Who is the 2nd best NBA player of all time?

Chamberlain, Wilt

Who has more rings Kobe or LeBron?

Kobe finished his career with five title rings, while LeBron had just four.

Who’s better Michael Jordan or Steph Curry?

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors has recently established a solid argument for becoming the finest basketball player in the world, but the reigning NBA MVP has his sights set much higher. Curry discussed surpassing Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time in a long conversation with ESPN the Magazine’s Sam Alipour.

Who is the goat?

Tom Brady, dubbed the “Greatest of All Time,” is scheduled to retire from the NFL after 22 seasons.

Who is the goat in sports?

The All-Time Greatest

Who are the top 5 athletes of all time?

The All-Time Greatest Athletes Babe Ruth, number eight. Deion Sanders (#7) 6) Pele. Michael Jordan (#5) Muhammad Ali (#4) Jim Thorpe (#3) 2) Michael Jackson Jim Brown for starters. He was a five-sport athlete in High School earning 13 letters in football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and track.

Who does Phil Jackson think is the goat?

Bill Russell, according to Phil, is the best basketball player ever. Phil was asked if he could choose one player from history if he ever had to put together a new squad. Michael Jordan was not mentioned by Jackson. Instead, he went with Bill Russell, who is a fascinating pick.

Who has the most NBA MVPs?

Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem

Who won the most NBA championship?

Bucks of Milwaukee NBA Finals / Most recent champion The Milwaukee Bucks are an NBA basketball club headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Bucks are a member of the Eastern Conference Central Division of the National Basketball Association The squad was formed as an expansion team in 1968 and now plays at Fiserv Forum. Wikipedia

Who called LeBron the king?

James the First The Hammer of Akron The L-Train system

Who is the legend of basketball?

Wilt “The StiltChamberlain is the first. Wilt Chamberlain will almost certainly be included in any debate about iconic basketball players since he was a real pioneer who paved the path for today’s NBA stars.

Does Lebron James like Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan was a childhood hero for LeBron James. In the annals of NBA history the two are inextricably intertwined. From the beginning, King James has strived to forge his own path. James succeeded Jordan and Kobe Bryant as the NBA’s leading ambassadors.

Who missed the most 3 pointers?

Harden, James

Who has never missed a free-throw?

Brandon Ingram of the Los Angeles Lakers claims he never missed a free throw in high school Brandon Ingram was a multi-talented player for the Duke Blue Devils eventually rising to become the No. 2 overall choice in the 2016 NBA draft

Has anyone ever shot 100% from the free-throw line in a season?

The free throw percentage leader in the National Basketball Association (NBA) is the player with the highest free throw percentage in a particular season. In the 2008–09 NBA season José Calderón set the record for highest free throw % in a season with the Toronto Raptors


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