Where Can I Sell Sports Trading Cards?

Similarly, How can I sell my sports cards?

Ebay is one of the best places to sell sports cards. eBay is a popular destination for many forms of trading cards, including sports cards. Adams and Dave are a couple. SlabStox. Facebook Groups are number four. Craigslist. Shows with cards. Beckett. Sports Card Shops are a kind of store that sells sports cards.

Also, it is asked, Where can I sell my sports cards for the most money?

To get extra money, these are the 12 best places to sell sports cards online. eBay. The three stages to selling on eBay are as follows: Comc. The following steps will guide you through the process of selling your card collection on the Comc website. PSA Card Discussion Forums Kruk Cards are a kind of playing card. TonyeTrade. StockX.Instagram. Forums for Blowout.

Secondly, Are sports cards going up in value?

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the hobby exploded in popularity. In February 2021, eBay announced that sports card sales on the site in 2020 surged by 142% over the previous year, with over 4 million cards sold.

Also, How do I get rid of baseball cards?

Cards Aren’t That Expensive? There are ten things you can do with them. Give them away. Put them up for sale at a garage or yard sale. Put them in a classified ad on the internet. Put them up for auction to benefit a good cause. Give them to a few of your neighbors. Place an ad in your local newspaper or shopper. Barter. Put them in a bag and give them out for Halloween.

People also ask, How can I sell my basketball cards for top dollar?

You may sell your basketball cards on online markets like eBay and Craigslist. You get to determine how much you want to charge for your cards when you sell them online. Just make sure the price you’re asking is fair, otherwise you may not receive any buyers.

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How do you find out how much my trading cards are worth?

Search for your PSA card at PSAcard.com/auctionprices. The results are more accurate the more focused the query is. In your search, be sure to include the year, maker, and topic of your card. Expect All-Star outcomes if you mention the card number.

What are Michael Jordan basketball cards worth?

All Jordan rookie cards are valuable, but some of them might be for $25,000 or more depending on the card and its condition.

How do I know if my sports cards are worth money?

Examine the Cards’ Ages The majority of cards from that period are now worthless. Cards that are older (particularly pre-1980) or contemporary are what you want to seek for (say, five years old or less). To double-check, search for a year someplace on the card fronts or a copyright date on the card backs.

Are Michael Jordan cards a good investment?

He’s also a five-Ime Nba MVP, a 14-time NBA All-Star and a Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductee. Your portfolio will benefit from MJ’s rookie card investments. For starters, we’re talking about Michael Jordan An MJ rookie card is nearly always a safe bet in the sports card business.

How can I sell a lot of baseball cards?

Sell Your Old Sports Cards For Money Look for statistics, the maker, and the copyright expiration date. To determine the year, use Google (and brand) Determine the period in which your cards were created. Identify the collection’s shining stars. Keep your cards in a secure location. On eBay, you may sell your items. Craigslist is a Great Place to sell things. Selling to a dealer is a good option.

Can I recycle trading cards?

Baseball cards may be salvaged and used as decorative crafts. They may be worth a lot of money as an investment.

Where do you sell baseball cards?

Where are the best locations to sell baseball cards? eBay. EBay is one of the first and most well-known internet markets, and it is still active today. Etsy. Etsy is another online marketplace where you can sell your baseball cards. Collect just what you need. Reddit. Dean’s Cards is a deck of cards created by Dean. eBid, Bonanza, and DA Card World are just a few examples of online auction sites.

Are basketball cards worth anything?

Basketball cards of LeBron James are among the most valued in any sport. In the previous year alone, some James rookie cards have sold for more than $1 million.

How do I know if my Football Cards are worth money?

The state of your football cards plays a big role in deciding their value. Mailing cards to a professional grading firm that can best analyze them is the most accurate approach to assess their condition.

What brand of baseball cards are worth money?

Your favorite player’s most valued card is almost certainly one from Topps. If you think about your father’s favorite player, you’ll probably find that their most valued card is from Topps. Topps debuted its red and blue backs series in 1951, and Bowman was bought in 1955.

How can I sell thousands of baseball cards?

What Is The Most Effective Method For Selling A Sports Card Collection? eBay is the most convenient way to sell your cards, but there are costs associated with it. You may post 50 things for free every month on eBay, but there is a 10% fee on the final value when selling baseball cards

How much is Zion Williamson rookie card worth?

The 2019 Panini Prizm Zion Williamson Rookie Card (base) was valued at $715 in January 2021. Collectors/investors recently paid $220 for the identical card as of January 2022.

How much are Lebron James rookie cards worth?

Collectors are still looking for LeBron James cards that are uncommon and pricey. A 2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite Rookie Patch Autograph sold for almost $2 million dollars at Goldin Auctions, setting a new record price.

How much is a 1990 NBA Hoops Michael Jordan card worth?

In our database, Michael Jordan appears on at least 120 basketball cards including this 1990 Hoops Base. This card is graded in five different ways: PSA 10, PSA 9, BGS 10 Pristine, BGS 9.5, and BGS 9. Michael Jordan’s 1990 Hoops Base currently has a high price of $5,000.00 and a low price of $30.00.

How much is a 1989 Michael Jordan card worth?

A 1989 Fleer Jordan is worth anywhere between $1 and $1,250, depending on a few factors: 8PSA 91989 Fleer CardPSA 8PSA 91989 Fleer CardPSA 8PSA 91989 Fl $45$300 Fleer All-Star 1989 $20$70

Are sports cards good investments?

Long-term sports card investment seems to be comparable to short-term sports card investing. You’ll still purchase potential rookie cards but you’ll keep them for a longer period of time. Instead of purchasing for $200 and selling for $500 at the conclusion of a successful season you may sell for $1,200 if you purchase for $200 and sell for $500 after five excellent seasons.

Is there still a market for baseball cards?

Many baseball hall of fame cards, such as those of renowned outfielder Willie Mays, have increased in value in the last year on the sports card market. As prices hit new highs, the card market continues to attract national media attention.

How do I get rid of bulk trading cards?

Donating commons to a nonprofit with federal tax-exempt status, such as Goodwill, is another method to get rid of them while still making a profit. They will accept your cards without hesitation and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt.


The “where to sell trading cards” is a question that many people ask. There are many places to sell them, but the most common place would be on eBay or Ebay Classifieds.

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