When Does the NFL Pre-Season Start?

The National Football League Pre-Season typically starts in early August. This year, the Pre-Season will start on August 1st.


The National Football League (NFL) pre-season is a period each summer when professional American football teams play exhibition games before the regular season begins. For most NFL teams, the pre-season lasts about four weeks. During this time, each team plays several other teams in their league in order to prepare for the coming season.

The NFL pre-season typically begins in early August and ends in late August or early September. The first game of the pre-season is typically the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, which is played between two teams that will be participating in the annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony the following weekend. The NFL pre-season then continues with each team playing four more exhibition games.

What is the NFL Pre-Season?

The National Football League preseason is the period each year during which NFL teams play several not-for-the-record exhibition games before the regular season starts.

Preseason gives new players an opportunity to show their talents and give coaches a better idea of their strengths and weaknesses. It also serves as a tune-up for the more experienced players and gives them a chance to work out any kinks in their game before the real action starts.

When Does the NFL Pre-Season Start?

The official answer for when the NFL pre-season starts is that there is no official answer. The NFL schedule is not released until late April, so the exact dates and times are not known until then. However, the pre-season typically starts in early August.

How Long Does the NFL Pre-Season Last?

The NFL preseason is the period each year during which NFL teams play several not-for-the-record exhibition games before the actual “regular” season starts.

The NFL regular season typically runs for 17 weeks, from early September through late December. The preseason is typically four or five weeks long, beginning in mid-August and ending in early September.

During the NFL preseason, each team plays four games, all of which are against other NFL teams. These exhibition games are used by coaches to help determine which players will ultimately make the team’s 53-man roster for the regular season.

While the outcome of these games is not nearly as important as it is during the regular season or playoffs, there is still some element of competition involved, as players are seeking to impress coaches and secure a spot on the roster.

Additionally, many starters do play significant minutes during at least one of the preseason games, so there is still some level of intensity and importance even though the games don’t count towards a team’s record.

What Happens During the NFL Pre-Season?

During the NFL pre-season, teams play four exhibition games. These games do not count towards the regular season. The purpose of the pre-season is to allow NFL coaches to evaluate players, specifically rookies and new additions to the team. It is also a time for players to knock off any rust from the previous season and get back into game shape. Finally, pre-season games give fans a chance to see their favorite teams in action before the regular season starts.


Pre-season starts the weekend after the Hall of Fame game, which is usually the first Thursday in August. Most teams play four pre-season games, with some playing three and others playing five.

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