What NFL Teams Play in London?

If you’re an NFL fan, you may be wondering what teams play in London. While the NFL has not yet announced which teams will be playing in London in 2019, we can speculate based on past years.


The first NFL game was played in London in 2007, and since then, the sport has seen a huge increase in popularity in the UK. In 2012, the NFL International Series was launched, which saw two regular season games played at Wembley Stadium. The series has been hugely successful, with sell-out crowds and overflowing stadiums eagerly cheering on their teams.

Currently, there are four teams that play in London as part of the International Series: the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars and Detroit Lions. All four teams have proven to be extremely popular with fans, and have all had multiple sell-out games.

The London games are always highly anticipated events, and are some of the most exciting games of the NFL season. If you’re lucky enough to get tickets, be sure to enjoy every minute!

The History of the NFL in London

The NFL has been playing games in London since 2007, when the New York Giants and Miami Dolphins faced off in front of a sellout crowd at Wembley Stadium. Since then, the NFL has hosted at least two games in London every year, with four games scheduled for 2019.

The popularity of American football in the UK has grown steadily since that first game, with record-breaking attendance numbers and television ratings. In fact, the 2018 NFL season was the most watched ever in the UK, with an average audience of 2.5 million viewers per game.

While the British public has embraced the NFL wholeheartedly, some players have been less than enthusiastic about making the trip across the pond. In particular, many players have expressed concern about the impact that playing a game in London can have on their bodies. The time difference between London and the East Coast of the United States is five hours, which means that players who are used to playing at 1:00pm ET would be taking the field at 6:00pm local time.

This can be a tough adjustment to make, particularly for players who are already struggling with jet lag after flying across the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, playing a game on Sunday night and then flying back to the States can make it difficult for players to recover in time for their next game just four or five days later.

Despite these concerns, there is no doubt that the NFL’s presence in London has been good for business. The league has signed a contract with Tottenham Hotspur to play two games per season at their new stadium through 2028, and they are also working on plans to build a permanent stadium for an NFL franchise in London. So while some players may not be thrilled about playing in London, it looks like the NFL is here to stay.

The Teams That Have Played in London

In recent years, the National Football League has been expanding its reach beyond the United States, with games being played in such far-flung locations as Mexico City and London. And while it’s still unclear if an NFL team will ever be based in London full-time, there have been a number of teams that have played regular season games in the city in recent years.

So far, four different teams have played regular season games in London: the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons and Oakland Raiders. The first game was played in 2007, and there have been at least two games played in London every year since 2013. In 2017, there will be four games played in London, two at Wembley Stadium and two at Twickenham Stadium.

The teams that have played in London have generally been well-received by fans, with many of them selling out Wembley Stadium for their games. And while the NFL does lose some big-name stars to injury when playing overseas (such as when Odell Beckham Jr. broke his ankle while playing for the Giants in 2017), the league seems intent on continuing its international expansion.

The Future of the NFL in London

The National Football League (NFL) has been playing regular season games in London since 2007. The NFL International Series, as it is now known, was first announced in 2006, with one game per season played at Wembley Stadium. In 2012, the series expanded to two games, and in 2013 increased again to three. The current plan is to play four games per season in London through at least 2020.

In addition to the regular season games, the NFL has also staged several preseason games in London, as well as the occasional special event such as the NFL Draft. Given the popularity of American football in the UK, it is not surprising that the NFL would want to increase its presence in London. But why specifically?

The answer lies in both demographics and logistics. First, London is home to a large number of American expatriates, as well as a significant number of British citizens who have an interest in American football. This provides a built-in audience for NFL games.

Second, London is a convenient location for NFL teams to play games. It is relatively close to the United States (compared to other international cities), and there are direct flights between London and most major US cities. This makes it easier for teams to travel to and from London for games.

So far, the NFL International Series has been a success. Games have been sellouts, and TV ratings have been strong. The expanded schedule for 2014 includes two new teams playing in London: the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Atlanta Falcons. It is likely that other teams will rotate into the International Series schedule in future years.,The long-term goal of the NFL appears to be putting a franchise permanently based in London


The NFL has been playing regular season games in London since 2007. In that time, a total of 28 different teams have played in London. Of those 28 teams, 24 have played multiple times, with the New York Jets, New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, and Oakland Raiders each playing three times. The Jacksonville Jaguars have played the most games in London of any team, a total of seven.

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