The Whalers are Back in the NHL!

The Hartford Whalers are back in the NHL and better than ever! Follow our blog for all the latest news and updates on the team.

The NHL’s newest team

The NHL’s newest team is the Whalers, and they’re ready to take the ice by storm! The Whalers are a expansion team that will be playing their inaugural season in the 2020-2021 NHL season They are based out of Hartford, Connecticut, and their home arena is the XL Center. The Whalers are owned by Tom Dundon, and their General Manager is Ron Francis. The Head Coach of the Whalers is Rod Brind’Amour.

The Whalers’ return to the NHL

After a 20-year absence, the Hartford Whalers are back in the NHL!

The Whalers left Hartford in 1997 to become the Carolina Hurricanes but fans in Connecticut never forgot their team. Now, thanks to a partnership between the NHL and the state of Connecticut, the Whalers are back and ready to take on the best teams in the league!

The Whalers’ return is great news for hockey fans in Connecticut, and it’s sure to bring a boost to the state’s economy. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this iconic team!

The Whalers’ new home

Proudly unveiled today, the Hartford Whalers’ new home will be the XL Center – a state-of-the-art arena that will provide the perfect setting for NHL Hockey The move comes as the team seeks to return to its former Glory Days when it was one of the most successful franchises in the league.

The arena, which is located in downtown Hartford, Connecticut, is just a short drive from the team’s former home in North Carolina The move is sure to please Whalers fans, who have been clamoring for their team’s return to the NHL ever since it left for greener pastures back in 1997.

The Whalers’ new home is sure to be a hit with fans and players alike, and it will no doubt help the team recapture some of its lost glory. Here’s hoping that the next time the Whalers take to the ice, they’ll be raising a Stanley Cup banner to celebrate their long-awaited return to prominence in the NHL.

The Whalers’ new look

After a 24-year absence, the Hartford Whalers are back in the NHL! As one of the original six teams, the return of the Whalers is a huge moment for not only Hartford fans but for hockey fans around the world. The team has undergone a bit of a makeover since their last appearance in the league, and we’re here to give you a rundown of the changes.

First and foremost, the team’s name and logo have been updated to better reflect their Connecticut roots. The new logo, a whale tail encircling a blue H, is a nod to both the state’s rich maritime history and the team’s original mark. And while there was some debate about whether or not to keep the “Whalers” name, in the end, it was decided that it was too important to the team’s identity to let it go.

In terms of on-ice changes, perhaps the most significant is that the Whalers will now be playing in Hartford’s newly renovated Downtown Arena. The arena, which underwent an $85 million renovation prior to the Whalers’ return, features updated facilities and amenities that will provide a major boost to both player development and fan experience.

Speaking of fan experience, another big change for the Whalers is their partnership with ticketing platform Ticketmaster. Through this partnership, fans will now be able to easily purchase tickets online or through Ticketmaster’s mobile app. This is a huge convenience for fans, as it will eliminate many of the headaches associated with traditional ticket buying methods.

The final change we want to touch on is perhaps the most exciting: The Whalers’ new jerseys! Designed by adidas Hockey in collaboration with Hartford-based fashion brand J. Press, these jerseys are truly something special. With their clean lines and timeless color palette (navy blue white and green), they perfectly capture both the team’s tradition and its modern identity. We can’t wait to see them on ice!

The Whalers’ new name

The Hartford Whalers are back in the NHL! After a 23-year absence, the team has been revived and will now be known as the Connecticut Whale.

The new name is a reference to the state’s rich maritime history. The original Whalers franchise was founded in 1971 and played in Hartford until 1997, when it relocated to Carolina and became the Hurricanes.

The new Whale will play its home games at the XL Center, which is also home to the Hartford Wolf Pack of the AHL.

The Hartford Whalers are returning to the NHL as an expansion team in the 2021-22 season The team revealed their new logo on July 1st, 2020, which features a whale tail and the word “Whalers” in a green, white, and blue color scheme The logo is a update to the original Whalers logo, which was used from the team’s inception in 1972 until they left for Carolina in 1997.

The Whalers’ new colors

When the Hartford Whalers announced they were returning to the NHL, fans were ecstatic. One of the most iconic teams in hockey history was coming back, and they looked better than ever.

The Whalers’ new colors are a modern take on their classic logo. The Navy blue and green are brighter and more vibrant, and the white adds a fresh look. The Home Jersey is a traditional white with green and blue stripes, while the away jersey is green with navy blue stripes.

The Whalers’ new colors are a great way to start their return to the NHL. They are sure to be a hit with fans old and new.

The Whalers’ new mascot

Sincerely, everyone who grew up in the ‘80s — the Hartford Whalers are back in the NHL! And, just like the old days, they come complete with a new mascot: Pucky the Whale.

The Whalers’ new rivals

The Hartford Whalers are set to return to the NHL next season, and their new rivals will be the Boston Bruins The two teams will meet for the first time in over 20 years when they face off in the season opener on October 3rd.

The Whalers left the NHL in 1997 and became the Carolina Hurricanes but they will be returning to their original home next season. The team’s owner, Tom Dundon, announced the news at a press conference on Tuesday.

“We are excited to welcome the Whalers back to the NHL,” said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman “The team has a rich history and tradition, and we are looking forward to them writing a new chapter in that history.”

The Whalers’ return to the league will bring the number of NHL Teams back up to 31. The Bruins will be the only team in Massachusetts with an NHL franchise.

The Whalers’ new fans

Since the NHL announced that the Hartford Whalers were coming back as an expansion team, there has been a lot of excitement amongst hockey fans in Connecticut. Many of the team’s new fans are children who were not even alive when the Whalers left for Carolina in 1997. For these kids, the Whalers are a new and exciting team to support.

The return of the Whalers has also brought back some old fans who supported the team when they were originally in Hartford. These fans are excited to see the team back in their home state and to be able to support them once again.

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