San Antonio Hockey: The Newest Sport in Town

San Antonio is the latest city to join the ranks of professional hockey towns. The San Antonio Rampage are the city’s new AHL team, and they’re ready to take the ice by storm. Get all the latest news and information on the team here.

San Antonio Hockey The Newest Sport in Town

San Antonio is well known for its minor league Hockey Team the San Antonio Rampages. But now, the city has a new Hockey Team to cheer for – the San Antonio Scorpions! The Scorpions are a professional Ice Hockey team that plays in the Central Hockey League They are based in San Antonio Texas, and their home arena is the AT&T Center.

The Scorpions were founded in 2010 and began play in the 2011-2012 season. They are owned by Spurs Sports & Entertainment, the same company that owns the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs The team’s Head Coach is Al Sims, who has coached various teams in the United States and Europe.

The Scorpions play their home games at the AT&T Center, which is also home to the San Antonio Spurs The arena seats over 18,000 people for hockey games making it one of the largest arenas in the Central Hockey League

So far, the Scorpions have been very successful on the ice, winning their division in their inaugural season. They made it to the Conference Finals ofthe playoffs but lost to eventual champions, the Missouri Mavericks.

The Scorpions are a great addition to the city of San Antonio and provide yet another reason to visit this wonderful city!

The Excitement of Hockey in San Antonio

Hockey is a fast-paced, exciting sport that has been gaining popularity in recent years The sport is played on ice, using a puck and sticks, by two teams of six players each. There are three periods of play, each lasting 20 minutes. The team scoring the most goals in each game wins.

San Antonio has been home to a Minor League Hockey team the San Antonio Rampage since 2002. The team is part of the American Hockey League and plays its home games at the AT&T Center. The Rampage have been very successful, winning the Calder Cup (the AHL’s championship trophy) in 2014.

In addition to the Rampage, San Antonio also has a Junior A hockey team the San Antonio Brahmas. The Brahmas play in the North American Hockey League and their home games are held at the Northwoods Ice Center.

Hockey is a great sport to watch and there are many ways to get involved as a fan. If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy San Antonio’s sports scene, check out hockey!

The History of Hockey in San Antonio

Hockey is a relatively new sport in San Antonio The first organized attempt to bring hockey to the city was in the early 1970s, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that a permanent team was established. The San Antonio Iguanas were founded in 1999 and quickly became one of the most popular teams in the city.

The Iguanas were originally a part of the now-defunct Central Hockey League but they joined the higher-level American Hockey League in 2002. The team enjoyed great success in its first few years in the AHL, winning two league championships. However, financial difficulties forced the team to suspend operations in 2006.

In 2010, a group of local businessmen resurrected the Iguanas as an independent minor league team The new Iguanas play in a lower-level league than the previous incarnation of the team, but they have quickly become one of San Antonio’s most beloved sports franchises.

The Fans of Hockey in San Antonio

The Fans of Hockey in San Antonio

San Antonio has a new hockey team the San Antonio Rampage, and the fans are passionate about their sport. Hockey is a fast-paced and exciting sport to watch, and the fans in San Antonio are enjoying every minute of it.

The team is currently in its inaugural season, and the fans are already making themselves known. They are loud and proud, and they love to cheer on their team. The atmosphere at the games is electric, and the fans are eating it up.

One of the best things about hockey is that it is a sport for everyone. The fans in San Antonio come from all walks of life, and they all have one thing in common: their love for hockey. Whether they are young or old, male or female, there is a place for everyone at a hockey game

So if you are looking for a new sport to check out, or if you are just looking for a fun night out, be sure to head to a San Antonio Rampage game. You won’t be disappointed.

The Rivalries of Hockey in San Antonio

San Antonio is a city with many strong sports rivalries. Football fans have the Cowboys and the Texans. basketball fans have the Mavericks and the Spurs. And now, hockey fans in San Antonio have two teams to call their own – the San Antonio Rampage and the San Antonio Stars.

The partnership between the Dallas Stars and the San Antonio Spurs brought Professional Hockey to San Antonio in 2002 with the San Antonio Rampage. The team was an instant hit with fans, selling out their first Home game In just their second season, the Rampage won the Calder Cup, the championship trophy of the American Hockey League

The San Antonio Stars joined the Central Hockey League in 2010, giving San Antonio two professional Hockey teams for the first time. The Stars are affiliated with both the Chicago Blackhawks and Dallas Stars, giving them a distinctly different flavor than their AHL counterparts.

With two professional hockey teams in town, there is sure to be some friendly competition between them. Who will be crowned champion of San Antonio hockey? Only time will tell!

The Teams of Hockey in San Antonio

San Antonio has two hockey teams the Rampage of the American Hockey League and the Iguanas of the Central Hockey League

The Rampage are the top minor league affiliate of the Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League They play their home games at the AT&T Center in San Antonio. The Iguanas are a defunct minor professional Ice hockey team that last played in the Central Hockey League

The League of Hockey in San Antonio

San Antonio hockey is a relatively new sport, but it’s quickly gaining popularity. The league is made up of six teams, each representing a different area of the city. The teams are the North Stars the South Stars, the East Stars, the West Stars, the Central Stars, and the Downtown Stars. Each team plays twenty games throughout the season, ten at home and ten on the road.

The league is currently in its third season and it’s getting more competitive each year. This year, the North Stars are in first place, followed closely by the South Stars. The East Stars are in third place, followed by the West Stars and Central Stars. The Downtown Stars are currently in last place.

San Antonio hockey is a great way to get involved in a new sport and support your local team If you’re looking for a fun and competitive way to spend your evenings, look no further than your Local Hockey league!

The Future of Hockey in San Antonio

San Antonio hockey fans have a lot to be excited about these days. The San Antonio Rampage, the city’s American Hockey League team, is currently in its inaugural season, and the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive.

In addition to the Rampage, there are now two other Hockey Teams in San Antonio: the San Antonio Senators of the Federal Hockey League and the San Antonio Scorpions of the Indoor Professional Hockey League With three professional hockey teams now calling San Antonio home, it’s safe to say that hockey is here to stay in the Alamo City.

So what does the future of hockey in San Antonio look like? It’s certainly bright. All three of the city’s professional teams are off to a great start, and with each team averaging over 3,000 fans per game, it’s clear that there is a strong demand for hockey in San Antonio.

The future of hockey in San Antonio is certainly exciting. With three professional teams now callin

How to Get Involved in Hockey in San Antonio

San Antonio has a new Hockey Team the San Antonio Rampage, and hockey is quickly becoming a popular sport in the city. If you’re interested in getting involved in hockey in San Antonio, there are a few things you can do.

First, you can buy tickets to watch the San Antonio Rampage play. The team just joined the American Hockey League this season, so they’re still trying to make a name for themselves. However, they’re already off to a great start and they’re sure to be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

Second, you can join a local Hockey League There are several leagues in the city, including adult leagues and youth leagues. This is a great way to get on the ice and learn how to Play Hockey

Lastly, you can volunteer with or donate to one of the many Youth Hockey programs in San Antonio. These programs are working to grow the game of hockey in the city and they need all the help they can get. By volunteering or donating, you can help these programs succeed and ensure that more kids have an opportunity to learn and Play Hockey

Tips for Enjoying Hockey in San Antonio

San Antonio is a diverse and growing city, and that diversity is reflected in the many sports fans who call this city home. One of the newest and most popular sports in town is hockey, and fans are flocking to the San Antonio Rampage games at the AT&T Center. If you’re new to hockey or just looking for some tips on how to enjoy the game, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Dress for the occasion: hockey games are held indoors, so dress for the weather outside. That means layers if it’s cold and shorts or a light jacket if it’s warm. You want to be comfortable since you’ll be sitting for long periods of time.

Arrive early: If you want to catch all the pre-game excitement, arrive early and watch warm-ups from your seat. This is also a good time to buy souvenirs or snacks if you plan on eating during the game.

Know the basics: Hockey is a fast-paced sport with a lot of rules. Before you go to your first game, take some time to learn the basics so you can follow along with the action. A great resource is, which has an extensive section on hockey 101.

Cheer on the home team The San Antonio Rampage are our local NHL team so show your support by wearing their colors and cheering them on throughout the game.

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