Russian Hockey Scores: The Top 5

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KHL Scores: The Top 5

1. Traktor Chelyabinsk: 24 pts
2. Metallurg Magnitogorsk: 23 pts
3. Barys Astana: 22 pts
4. CSKA Moscow 21 pts
5. Ak Bars Kazan: 20 pts

NHL Scores: The Top 5

1. Tampa Bay Lightning (61-16-5, 127 points)
2. Boston Bruins (50-20-9, 109 points)
3. Washington Capitals (48-26-8, 104 points)
4. Pittsburgh Penguins (47-29-6, 100 points)
5. Vegas Golden Knights (43-32-7, 93 points)

Olympic Scores: The Top 5

The 2014 Sochi Olympics are in Full Swing with athletes from all over the world competing for the coveted gold medal One of the most popular events is hockey, and fans of the sport are tuning in from all corners of the globe to watch their favorite countries face off.

Although there have been some close games, no team has been able to top Russia when it comes to scoring. In fact, Russia has taken home the top spot in all five of the Olympic hockey games they’ve played so far.

With several more games left to go, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not another team will be able to take down the Russian powerhouse. However, one thing is for sure: fans are in for an exciting finish to this year’s Olympics!

World Championship Scores: The Top 5

The International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship is an annual event in which teams from around the globe compete for the title of World Champion.

The Russian team has been dominant in recent years winning the tournament in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. In 2018, the Russian team lost to Sweden in the quarterfinals.

Here are the top five scores from the 2018 World Championship tournament:

1) Russia 8, Denmark 0
2) Russia 5, Canada 4 (OT)
3) Russia 3, Czech Republic 0
4) Russia 4, Slovakia 1
5) Russia 2, Finland 1

Russian national team Scores: The Top 5

1. Russia 6, Slovakia 3
2. Russia 5, Latvia 4 (OT)
3. Russia 3, Belarus 2
4. Russia 2, Kazakhstan 1
5. Russia 5, Sweden 2

KHL All-Star game Scores: The Top 5

1. Kronwall scores in the first minute
2. Malkin scores in the second minute
3. Datsyuk scores in the third minute
4. Ovechkin scores in the fourth minute
5. Crosby scores in the fifth minute

NHL All-Star Game Scores: The Top 5

NHL All-Star Game Scores: The Top 5
1. Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Columbus Blue Jackets 8-3
2. Dallas Stars vs. Nashville Predators 6-5 (OT)
3. Colorado Avalanche vs. Chicago Blackhawks 4-3 (SO)
4. Vegas Golden Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes: 3-2 (OT)
5. Anaheim Ducks vs. Los Angeles Kings 2-1

Olympic Gold Medal Game Scores: The Top 5

Not only is hockey a popular sport in Russia, but the country has a long and successful history in the sport. Here are the top 5 Olympic gold medal game scores:

1. Soviet Union vs. Sweden, 6-0 (1988)
2. Soviet Union vs. Finland, 5-0 (1988)
3. Soviet Union vs. Canada, 3-2 (1972)
4. Soviet Union vs. Czechoslovakia, 2-1 (1968)
5. Soviet Union vs. United States 2-1 (1980)

World Championship Gold Medal Game Scores: The Top 5

In the sport of hockey, the World Championship is an annual event that is put on by the International Ice hockey Federation (IIHF). The event crowns the champion of the world and is held between countries. The 2019 World Championship was held in Slovakia.

Slovakia hosted the event for the first time ever, and it was also the first time that the event was held in two cities at once, with Bratislava and Košice splitting games. In total, sixteen nations participated in the tournament.

The format for the tournament had teams placed into two groups of eight, with each group playing seven games in a round-robin style format. The top four teams from each group then advanced to a single-elimination playoff.

The quarterfinals saw some close match-ups, including Switzerland barely getting past Latvia 2-1 in overtime. In the end, it was Russia and Finland who met in the final game with Russia winning 3-1 to claim their fourth World Championship gold medal.

To celebrate, we take a look back at five of the most memorable World Championship Gold Medal Game scores in history.

Russian National Team Gold Medal Game Scores: The Top 5

1. Russia vs. Czech Republic 2008 IIHF World Championship 3:2 in Overtime
2. Russia vs. Canada, 1972 Summit Series- 7:3
3. Russia vs. Sweden, 2017 IIHF World Championship- 2:1
4. Russia vs. Finland, 2011 IIHF World Championship- 5:3
5. Russia vs. Canada, 2009 IIHF World Junior Championship 6:5 in a Shootout

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