PSU Basketball Staff: Who’s Who and What They Do

Get to know the staff of the Portland State University Men’s Basketball Program


The PSU Basketball staff is made up of individuals with various roles and responsibilities. This guide will introduce you to the staff and help you understand what they do.

Head Coach: The Head Coach is the leader of the team and is responsible for its overall performance. He sets the strategy for the team and makes decisions on player personnel

Assistant Coach: The Assistant Coach works under the head coach and helps with game strategy, scouting, and practice planning. They may also be responsible for special projects or player development

Strength & Conditioning Coach: The strength & conditioning coach is responsible for developing and managing the players’ Workout Routines They work with the players to improve their physical fitness and help prevent injuries

Athletic Trainer: The Athletic Trainer works with the team to prevent and treat injuries. They are also responsible for providing first aid and emergency care, if needed.

Head Coach

Under Head coach Pat Chambers, the Nittany Lions have posted a 113-122 record in his seven seasons at the helm. During that time, Chambers has led the team to one NCAA tournament appearance (in 2018) and one NIT appearance (in 2019). He was named the Big Ten Coach of the Year in 2018.

Assistant Coaches

The PSU Basketball Staff is made up of four assistant coaches and one head coach The Assistant coaches are responsible for recruiting, scouting, and player development They also provide support to the head coach in game preparation and strategy.

Director of Operations

The Director of Operations manages and oversees all day-to-day operations of the men’s Basketball Program including but not limited to:
-Supervising the operations staff and managing the department budget
-Coordinating all team travel
-Overseeing team meals and nutritional needs
-Organizing on and off campus recruiting visits
-Monitoring academic progress of student-athletes

Graduate Assistants

There are three graduate assistants who work with the men’s basketball team at Portland State University These GAs are integral members of the staff, each with different roles and responsibilities. Read on to learn more about who they are and what they do.

Greg Heister is in his first season as a graduate assistant coach with the men’s Basketball team He works closely with head coach Barret Peery on game strategy and scouting opponents. He also helps with practice planning and player development Prior to coming to PSU, Heister spent four years as an assistant coach at Lewis & Clark College.

Sean Levin is in his second season as the men’s basketball team’s video coordinator. He is responsible for breaking down film of PSU’s games and opponents, and creating scouting reports and highlight reels. Levin also assists with practice planning and on-court player development. He joined the PSU basketball staff after spending two years as a video intern with the Portland Trail Blazers

Tyler Windle is in his second season as the men’s basketball team’s strength & conditioning coach. He works with players on individualized workout programs to help them improve their strength, speed, agility, and power. Windle also coordinates team travel and handles all logistics for home games Prior to coming to PSU, he worked as a strength & conditioning coach at Oregon State University

Video Coordinator

The video coordinator is responsible for breaking down game and practice film for the Coaching Staff and players. This involves logging every play of every game and creating a database of tagged moments that the coaches can easily search and review. The video coordinator also edits highlights and compiles scouting reports on upcoming opponents.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

PSU’s Strength and Conditioning Coach is Mike Clark. He is responsible for designing and supervising the Training Programs for all of the basketball team’s athletes. He also works with the team’s medical staff to ensure that the athletes are healthy and physically able to perform at their best.

Athletic Trainer

The athletic trainer is responsible for the prevention, assessment, and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries sustained by the student-athletes. They create and implement rehabilitation programs aimed at returning athletes to their prior level of performance. The Athletic Trainer also provides coverage for home athletic events.

Director of Player Personnel

The Director of Player Personnel is responsible for managing all aspects of the recruiting process for the team. This includes identifying and evaluating potential recruits, building relationships with High School and AAU coaches, and coordinating all official and unofficial visits. The Director of Player Personnel reports directly to the head coach

Basketball Analyst

Basketball Analyst is a position on the staff of the men’s basketball team at Penn State University. The analyst is responsible for scouting opponents, breaking down game film, and helping the coaching staff prepare for upcoming games.

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