Princeton Women’s Ice Hockey: A Team on the Rise

The Princeton Women’s Ice Hockey Team is definitely on the rise! With their strong performances this season, they are definitely a team to watch out for in the future. Make sure to follow their progress here on the blog!


The Princeton women’s Ice Hockey team is a team on the rise. The team has seen tremendous success in recent years reaching the NCAA tournament in three of the last four seasons. The team is led by Head Coach Jeff Kampersal, who has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the program. Under his guidance, the team has become one of the premier women’s Ice hockey programs in the country.

The team is comprised of talented players from all over the United States and Canada. These players have come together to form a close-knit group that is committed to winning. The team’s hard work and dedication has paid off, as they have won two Ivy League championships in the last four years.

The Princeton women’s ice Hockey Team is a special group of athletes who are committed to excellence. The team has a bright future and we are excited to see what they will achieve in the years to come.

The Team’s History

The Princeton Women’s ice hockey team first took to the ice in 1977. Since then, the team has gone through ups and downs, but in recent years they have been on the rise. In 2015, the team won the Ivy League Championship and made it to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in program history. The team has continued to improve since then, and they are now one of the top teams in the country.

The team is led by head coach Jeff Kampersal, who has been at the helm since 2002. Under his guidance, the team has seen a steady increase in success. He has helped to turn Princeton into a national powerhouses and a program that is respected by all.

The future is bright for Princeton Women’s ice hockey With a talented roster and a Great Coach they are poised to continue their ascent up the ranks of college hockey

The Team’s Roster

The Princeton women’s ice Hockey team is on the rise, and its roster is packed with talented players.

Forwards Cassie Sharp and Kelsey Koelzer are both seniors and have been key members of the team for four years. Sharp is the team’s captain and has been a top scorer throughout her time at Princeton, while Koelzer is a versatile player who can contribute both offensively and defensively.

Junior goaltender Kimberly Newell has also been a key player for the team, posting impressive numbers in both her freshman and sophomore seasons. Newell was named Ivy League Defensive Player of the Year in 2018, and she will be looking to lead the team to even more success in her junior year.

With a core group of experienced and talented players, the Princeton women’s ice hockey team is poised for continued success in the coming years.

The Team’s Schedule

The Princeton Women’s ice hockey team has an exciting season ahead of them! Here is a list of their upcoming games:

-Saturday, November 9th at Yale
-Sunday, November 10th at Brown
-Friday, November 15th vs. Dartmouth
-Saturday, November 16th vs. Harvard
-Friday, November 22nd vs. Quinnipiac
-Saturday, November 23rd vs. Princeton

The Team’s Results

In the 2016-2017 season, the Princeton Women’s ice hockey team had a record of 12-13-4. They started off strong, with a record of 6-2-2 in their first 10 games. However, they struggled in the second half of the season, going 6-11-2. Despite this, the team finished 3rd in the Ivy League standings and made it to the semifinals of the ECAC tournament, where they lost to eventual champion Cornell.

The team has seen a marked improvement in recent years In the 2015-2016 season, they finished 8th in the Ivy League with a record of 5-13-4. In 2014-2015, they finished 7th with a record of 5-16-3. And in 2013-2014, they were last in the Ivy League with a record of 4-19-3.

There is no doubt that the Princeton Women’s Ice hockey team is on the rise. With strong recruiting classes and experienced upperclassmen leading the way, they are poised to have success in future seasons.

The Team’s Fans

The Princeton Women’s Ice Hockey Team has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to the team’s on-ice success. But the team’s fans are just as important to its success as its players.

The fans of the Princeton Women’s Ice Hockey Team are some of the most passionate and loyal in all of college hockey They travel to every game, cheering loudly for their team no matter the score. They are also some of the most knowledgeable fans in college hockey and they are always ready to give opposing teams (and their own players) a hard time.

If you’re looking for a team to get behind, the Princeton Women’s Ice Hockey Team is a Great Choice You won’t be disappointed by their fans!

The Team’s Rivals

While Princeton may not have the same kind of traditional hockey rivalries as some of the other top teams in the country, there are a few teams that the Tigers always get up for.

chief among them are Brown and Dartmouth. Brown, in particular, has been a thorn in Princeton’s side in recent years, with the Bears winning four of the last five meetings between the two teams.

But there is reason to believe that Princeton is starting to turn the tide in this matchup. The Tigers have won two of the last three meetings between the two teams, and they will be looking to continue that trend when they take on Brown later this season.

Dartmouth is another team that has had success against Princeton in recent years, but again, there are signs that the Tigers are starting to turn things around. After losing six straight games to the Big Green Princeton has won three of the last four meetings between the two teams.

So while Princeton may not have any traditional rivals at this point in time, there are certainly a few teams that the Tigers always get up for when they hit the ice.

The Team’s Media Coverage

Since its inception in 2001, the Princeton women’s Ice hockey team has seen a gradual increase in media coverage. This is due in part to the team’s on-ice success, as well as the growing popularity of women’s Ice Hockey in general.

In recent years, the team has been featured in a number of major media outlets, including ESPN, The New York Times and USA Today This increased coverage has helped to raise the profile of the team and its players, and has brought more attention to women’s ice hockey as a whole.

The Princeton women’s ice Hockey team is a prime example of a team that is on the rise, both on and off the ice. With continued success, and more media coverage be sure to follow their story.

The Team’s Legacy

Since its formation in 1967, the Princeton women’s ice hockey team has been a consistently strong competitor in the Ivy League The team has won multiple conference championships and has made several appearances in the NCAA Division I Women’s ice hockey Championship tournament.

The team is currently coached by Jeff Kampersal, who has led the Tigers to some of their most successful seasons in recent years. Under his leadership, the team has won back-to-back Ivy League championships and made three consecutive appearances in the NCAA tournament

With a rich history of success and a bright future ahead, the Princeton women’s ice hockey team is a team on the rise.


The Princeton Women’s Ice Hockey team has come a long way in recent years. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the coaches and players, the team has improved its record and is now a force to be reckoned with. The team’s success is a testament to the dedication of the players and the Coaching Staff and we can’t wait to see what they’ll accomplish in the future.

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