Outdoor Hockey Games: The Pros and Cons

Many people love outdoor hockey games but there are also some drawbacks to playing in cold weather Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of outdoor hockey games


Differentiated from indoor hockey by the presence of fresh air and sunlight, outdoor hockey games are a growing trend in the sport. The most notable outdoor game in recent years was the NHL Winter Classic held annually on or around New Year’s Day since 2008. While there are many benefits to playing hockey outdoors, there are also a few drawbacks that should be considered.

The Pros of Outdoor Hockey Games

While there are some drawbacks to playing hockey outdoors, there are also many advantages. One of the biggest advantages is that it allows players to enjoy the game in a more natural setting.

Being outdoors also gives players a chance to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. It can also be a great bonding experience for teammates, as they spend time together in an informal setting.

Another big advantage of outdoor hockey games is that they tend to be more relaxed and less competitive than indoor games. This can be a great way for players to destress and have fun without feeling the pressure of having to win.

The Cons of Outdoor Hockey Games

Although outdoor hockey games can be a lot of fun, there are also some disadvantages that should be considered. First, depending on the location, weather conditions can be a major factor. If it’s too cold, windy, or wet, the game can be cancelled or postponed. Second, because the rink is not enclosed, there are more opportunities for errant puck to injure spectators. Finally, outdoor games are often more expensive than regular season tickets because they are considered a “special event”.

The Pros of Indoor Hockey Games

Many people argue that playing hockey outdoors is a more authentic experience. After all, the game was invented on frozen ponds. But there are several advantages to playing hockey indoors. First, the playing surface is more consistent. The ice in an indoor rink is kept at a constant temperature and thickness, which makes for a better playing surface.

Second, the game is faster indoors. The fast pace of the game is one of the things that makes hockey so exciting to watch. Because the playing surface is more consistent in an indoor rink, the puck moves faster and there is less chance for stoppages in play.

Third, there are fewer weather-related delays with indoor Hockey Games If it’s snowing or raining outside, you can still play indoors. This means that games are less likely to be cancelled or postponed due to weather conditions.

Fourth, indoor Hockey Arenas are typically located in cities, which makes them more accessible for fans. If you live in a rural area, you may have to drive several hours to get to an outdoor hockey game But if there’s an indoor arena in your city, you can just hop on the bus or take a short drive to get there.

Finally, indoor arenas are generally newer and nicer than outdoor rinks. They often have better facilities and amenities, such as concessions stands and restrooms. This can make for a more enjoyable experience for fans and players alike.

The Cons of Indoor Hockey Games

While there are many benefits to playing hockey indoors, there are also some drawbacks that should be considered. One of the biggest cons is the cost. Indoor arenas are expensive to rent and the cost of ice time can quickly add up, especially for families with multiple children playing hockey

Another downside to indoor hockey is the lack of fresh air. For many kids, hockey is a way to get some exercise and fresh air. Playing indoors means being cooped up in a stuffy arena with no ventilation. This can lead to respiratory problems for some children, particularly those with asthma or allergies.

Finally, indoor hockey can be more dangerous than outdoor hockey. With concrete floors and walls, there is a greater risk of injury if players fall or collide with each other. The constant contact can also lead to fighting and other forms of violence.

The Final Verdict: Which is Better?

After analyzing the pros and cons of both outdoor and indoor Hockey games we have come to the conclusion that outdoor hockey games are the better option. While indoor games may be more convenient and have better protection from weather conditions, outdoor hockey games offer a more classic experience that fans cannot get enough of.


It’s evident that there are both pros and cons to playing hockey outdoors. For some players, the fresh air and natural scenery are a huge draw, while others find the cold weather and lack of amenities to be a deterrent. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual player to decide whether an outdoor game is right for them.

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