NHL Pro Set 1990/91 Series II – The Best Hockey Cards of the Early

Looking to add some early 1990s hockey cards to your collection? Then you’ll want to check out the NHL Pro Set 1990/91 Series II. These cards are some of the best from the era and feature some of the game’s biggest stars.


The NHL Pro Set 1990/91 Series II was the second series of hockey cards released by the NHL Pro Set company. The set consisted of 396 cards, which were released in early 1991. The set featured many of the league’s Top Players including Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux, and Steve Yzerman. The cards were printed on thin, flimsy paper and were prone to curling and creasing. Despite these faults, the set is highly regarded by collectors and is considered to be one of the best hockey card sets of the early 1990s.

What made the NHL Pro Set 1990/91 Series II the best Hockey cards of the early 1990s?

There were several reasons why the NHL Pro Set 1990/91 Series II cards were considered the best hockey cards of the early 1990s. First, the design was sleek and modern, making them stand out from other hockey cards of the time period. Second, the cards featured both veterans and rookies, giving collectors a wide range of players to collect. Finally, the cards were printed on high-quality card stock, making them durable and long-lasting.

The card designs

The card designs for the NHL Pro Set 1990/91 Series II were created by Richar St. Laurent, who was the primary artist for the set. The front of the cards feature a color photo of the player with a framed action shot inset on a white or off-white background. The NHL logo and the Pro Set logo appear in the top left and right corners of the card respectively, with the player’s name and position appearing at the bottom of the card. The backs of the cards feature biographical information and statistics about the player in both English and French.

The player selection

In terms of the player selection, the NHL Pro Set 1990/91 Series II Hockey cards feature some of the best players from the early 90s. Players like Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux, and Steve Yzerman are all featured in this set, which helped to make it one of the more popular sets among collectors.

The photography

The photography is outstanding, and the cards are printed on good-quality stock. The player selection is very good, with nearly all of the NHL’s top stars represented. There are also several well-chosen rookies, such as Jaromir Jagr and Martin Brodeur. My only complaint is that the set doesn’t have any checklists or other means of organizing the cards, which makes it somewhat difficult to keep track of what you have and what you need. But overall, this is a very nice set, and a great way to get started in collecting hockey cards

The statistics

NHL Pro Set was a Canadian company that produced trading cards from 1990 to 1991, during the early years of the National Hockey League’s expansion. The company’s first set, simply titled “NHL Pro Set”, was released in the fall of 1990. A second set, “NHL Pro Set Series II”, was released in the spring of 1991.

Lakovic had NHL experience, having played parts of two seasons with the Vancouver Canucks before being claimed by the expansion Tampa Bay Lightning in the 1992 NHL Expansion Draft He would play 47 games for Tampa Bay over two seasons before being claimed by the Flyers in the 1994 NHL Waiver Draft.

The foil stamping

The highlight of the set is, without a doubt, the foil stamping. On the front of each card is a silver or gold foil stamp with the team logo. The effect is stunning, and really makes the cards pop. The back of each card has a small photo of the player, with their complete stats from the 1990-91 season.

The die-cut cards

The cards that were die-cut were some of the most visually appealing cards of the early ‘90s. They featured big, bold images of NHL stars like Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky and Patrick Roy in a variety of action poses. These cards were so popular that they spawned a number of imitators in subsequent years.

The holograms

hockey cards The set features 300 cards depicting the top NHL players of the time, as well as 30 holographic cards. These holograms are among the most popular and collectible aspects of the set, and they help make it one of the most desirable sets for Hockey Card collectors.

The autographed cards

In addition to the basic autographed cards, there were two chase cards in the set. These were very tough to find, as they were only inserted one in every 720 packs. The first chase card was of Wayne Gretzky and was black and white on the front with a color photo on the back. The second chase card was of Mario Lemieux, and was similar to the Gretzky card except that it was entirely in color.

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