NHL Mascots Ranked: The Best of the Best

We rank the NHL’s best mascots, from the Florida Panthers’ Stanley C. Panther to the Winnipeg Jets’ Mick E. Moose.

The NHL’s best mascots

hockey mascots are the unsung heroes of the NHL. These lovable, furry (or feathery) creatures provide endless entertainment for fans of all ages, whether they’re dancing on the sidelines or engaging in hijinks on the Jumbotron.

But which mascots reign supreme? We’ve ranked all 31 NHL mascots from worst to first, based on criteria including originality, name recognition, overall appearence and fan interaction.

Why these mascots are the best

1. Gritty (Philadelphia Flyers)
2. Rocky the Mountain Lion (Colorado Avalanche)
3. Blades the Bruin (Boston Bruins)
4. Fin the Whale (Vancouver Canucks)
5. Tommy Hawk (Chicago Blackhawks)
6. Howler the Coyote (Arizona Coyotes)
7. Nordy the Wolverine (Detroit Red Wings)
8. If Rasmus Dahlin is going to be a star for the Sabres, their new mascot has to be good too, right? Introducing Sabretooth, who has an intimidating presence and is just plain cool looking.
9. Bailey (Los Angeles Kings)
10. Bernie the St. Bernard (Buffalo Sabres)

How these mascots entertain fans

Talking about how these mascots entertain fans
NHL mascots are more than just oversized foam costumes. They are the embodiment of team spirit source of entertainment and captain of hijinks. They perform for fans of all ages during intermissions, at special events and in schools. Their job is to get everyone involved and cheering for their team.

There are some seriously talented performers out there, so we decided to rank the best of the best. These are the NHL mascots that always bring the fun, whether they’re doing flips off the trampoline or leading a chorus of “Let’s Go (Team Name)!”

Top 10 NHL Mascots
1. Gritty (Philadelphia Flyers)
2. Youppi! (Montreal Canadiens)
3. Tommy Hawk (Chicago Blackhawks)
4. Iceburgh (Pittsburgh Penguins)
5. Fin the Whale (Vancouver Canucks)
6. Bailey (Los Angeles Kings)
7. Krazy George (San Jose Sharks)
8. Spartacat (Ottawa Senators)
9. Al the Octopus (Detroit Red Wings)
10. ThunderBug (Tampa Bay Lightning)

What makes a good NHL mascot

There are a few things that make a good NHL mascot. First, they must be unique to their team and add to the game day experience. Second, they should be interactive with fans, both young and old. Third, they should be able to get the crowd pumped up and ready for action.

With those criteria in mind, here are our rankings for the best NHL mascots:

1. Bernie, St. Louis Blues
2. Gnash, Nashville Predators
3. Tommy Hawk, Chicago Blackhawks
4. Carlton the Bear, Toronto Maple Leafs
5. Fin the Whale, Vancouver Canucks
6. Bailey, Los Angeles Kings 7. Youppi!, Montreal Canadiens 8. ThunderBug, Tampa Bay Lightning 9. Iceburgh, Pittsburgh Penguins 10. Samson & Goliath, Nashville Predators

The history of some of the NHL’s best mascots

NHL mascots are some of the most entertaining, beloved, and recognizable figures in all of professional sports They perform at hockey games and actively engage with fans of all ages, promoting the sport and generating excitement. While each mascot has its own unique personality and style, some have become more popular than others. This ranking will take a look at the history of some of the NHL’s best mascots.

1. Gritty: The Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot is one of the newest in the NHL, but he has quickly become one of the most popular. Gritty is a 7-foot-tall orange monster with an intimidating appearance but a friendly disposition. He is known for his mischievous antics and his outrageous outfits, which often include a nightgown or a tutu.

2. Spartacat: The Ottawa Senators’ mascot is a large white tiger who made his debut in 1992. Spartacat is one of the most recognizable mascots in the NHL thanks to his unique appearance and his outgoing personality. He is known for his high-energy performances and his interactions with fans, which often involve him getting down on all fours to play fetch with them.

3. Youppi!: The Montreal Canadiens’ mascot is a large orange creature who was originally introduced as the team’s official logo in 1979. Youppi! is one of the most beloved mascots in hockey history thanks to his outgoing personality and his numerous appearances at charity events around Montreal. He was even inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2006!

4. Fin: The Vancouver Canucks’ mascot is a large killer whale who made his debut in 1997. Fin is one of the most popular mascots in the NHL thanks to his Friendly demeanor and his interactions with fans, which often involve him giving high-fives or Playing catch with them. He is also known for his impressive acrobatic skills, which he often showcases during on-ice performances.

5.[Boomer:]The Arizona Coyotes’ mascot is a large coyote who made his debut in 2003.[2] Boomer is one of the most popular mascots in the NHL thanks to his outgoing personality andhis interactions with fans, which often involve him giving high-fives or playing catch with them.[3] He is also known for performing stunts on trampolines during halftime shows [4]

How these mascots interact with fans

Mascots are weird. They’re grown men and women dressed in furry costumes, running around and acting like idiots to entertain children. But for some reason, we can’t get enough of them. And when it comes to professional sports there’s no shortage of these costumed characters.

But not all mascots are created equal. Some are better than others. Some are Jumbo the Elephant while others are more like Slapshot the Clown. So we decided to rank the NHL mascots to see which ones come out on top.

1) Gritty, Philadelphia Flyers
The newest NHL mascot made his debut this season and quickly became a sensation. He’s a 7-foot tall orange monster with googly eyes and an unkempt beard, and he looks like he’d be more at home in a horror movie than an arena. But that’s what makes Gritty so great. He’s weird and he doesn’t care what you think of him. He sings “Fly Eagles Fly,” shoots t-shirts into the crowd, and falls down a lot. He also got into a fight with a little girl and somehow won our hearts even more. Gritty is everything we want in a mascot and more.

2) Youppi!, Montreal Canadiens
Youppi! is one of the most iconic mascots in all of sports, not just the NHL. He became the first mascot in professional sports to be inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame back in 2006 and he was also immortalized with his own bobblehead night by the Canadiens back in 2011. Youppi! is everything you could want in a mascot: he’s big, he’s hairy, he wears a jersey, and he loves giving high-fives to kids (and grownups). He also knows how to put on a show, whether it’s leading the crowd in “The Wave” or hanging from the rafters at the Bell Centre. Youppi! is truly one of a kind and deserves to be at the top of this list.

How these mascots represent their teams

There are a lot of things that go into making a good mascot. They have to be intimidating but not too scary, they have to be unique but still recognizable, and they have to be a good representation of their team. And while there are a lot of great mascots out there, there are also a lot of terrible ones. Here is a ranking of the best NHL mascots, from worst to first.

30. WebsterFrom the Rochester Americans comes Webster, a giant anthropomorphic dictionary who is somehow even uglier than his name would suggest. He looks like he was designed by someone who had never seen a real live human being before and was just working off of vague descriptions.

29. BernieBernie from the St. Louis Blues is supposed to be an anthropomorphic Blues note, but instead he looks like an angry old man who’s been dipped in blue paint. He’s also been known to make some less-than- flattering comments about other teams’ fans, which is never a good look for a mascot.

28. GrittyGritty, the newly- minted mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers, is… well, he’s something. He’s got googly eyes, matted hair, and seems to be perpetually sweating. He’s also been known to get into fights with other mascots and run around the arena with nary a stitch of clothing on. He’s certainly unique, but that doesn’t necessarily make him good.

27. DeweyDewey is the Phoenix Coyotes’ mascot, and he is… not good. He looks like he was designed by someone who had never seen a real live human being before and was just working off of vague descriptions (sound familiar?). And while his name might be cute, it doesn’t make up for his overall strangeness.

26. Youppi!Youppi! is the Montreal Canadiens’ mascot, and while he might be one of the most famous mascots in all of sports, that doesn’t mean he’s one of the best. He looks like he was put together by someone who had no idea what they were doing – which might explain why he was actually created by Jim Henson’s Muppet Workshop.

25. BarclayBarclay is the Calgary Flames’ mascot, and while he might not be as bad as some of the other mascots on this list, that doesn’t mean he’s good either. He looks like an overgrown hamster who got into one too many fights at the local dog park – not exactly what you want your team to be known for

What these mascots do off the ice

To many, they are warriors on the ice. To others, they are lovable creatures that provide support and encouragement from the stands. No matter what you think of them, NHL mascots play an important role in the sport.

But what do these mascots do when they’re not performing at ice level? Here’s a look at what some of them do to stay busy during the offseason.

Blake, the Carolina Hurricanes’ mascot, spends his summers working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In addition to granting wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses, Blake also makes regular visits to hospitals and schools in the Raleigh area.

Harvey, the Tampa Bay Lightning’s mascot, is also very active with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. During his time off from hockey duties, Harvey participates in a number of fundraisers and events for the organization. He also makes regular visits to local hospitals and schools.

Slapshot, the Washington Capitals’ mascot, spends his summers working with Special Olympics Virginia. In addition to volunteering at a number of events, Slapshot also makes regular visits to local schools and hospitals.

How these mascots are used in marketing

NHL mascots are used in a variety of marketing initiatives to help promote both the team and the league. As an important part of the team’s overall branding, these furry (and sometimes not so furry) ambassadors make appearances at community events, schools, hospitals and corporate functions. In addition to making public appearances, some mascots also perform stunts during intermissions or at special events.

While all NHL mascots are special in their own way, there are a few that stand out above the rest. Here is a ranking of the best NHL mascots, based on a variety of factors including originality, innovation, appeal and overall execution.

The future of NHL mascots

NHL mascots are becoming increasingly popular and more elaborate, as teams look to engage fans of all ages. Mascots are now an important part of team branding and are often used to promote ticket sales merchandise, and team merchandise. With so many mascots now in the NHL, it can be tough to keep track of them all. Here is a ranking of the best NHL mascots, based on popularity, creativity, and overall appeal.

1. Gnash – Nashville Predators
Gnash is the official mascot of the Nashville Predators and was introduced in 1998. He is a saber-toothed cat, which is fitting given the Predators’ name. He is also one of the most popular mascots in the NHL, as evidenced by his several appearances on national television shows.

2. Spartacat – Ottawa Senators
Spartacat is the official mascot of the Ottawa Senators, and was introduced in 1992. He is a large black cat with a red Mohawk haircut, inspired by the Senators’ original logo. He is a popular figure in Ottawa, appearing at hundreds of events each year.

3. Youppi! – Montreal Canadiens
Youppi! is the official mascot of the Montreal Canadiens and was introduced in 1979. He is an orange furred creature with an oversized head and hands. He was originally created for the Montreal Expos baseball team but became the Canadiens’ mascot when the Expos relocated to Washington DC in 2005.

4. Fin – Winnipeg Jets
Fin is the official mascot of the Winnipeg Jets and was introduced in 2011. He is a white beluga whale with blue markings on his body, inspired by the Jets’ logo and color scheme Fin has become a popular figure in Winnipeg, appearing at events throughout the city.

5.(Tie) Bailey – Los Angeles Kings / Iceburgh – Pittsburgh Penguins
Bailey is the official mascot of the Los Angeles Kings, and was introduced in 1988. He is a large anthropomorphic lion with a mane of red hair, inspired by both King Lions from “The Lion King” franchise and LA Kings’ Hall of Fame defenseman Larry Robinson. Iceburgh is the official mascot of

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