NHL’s Biggest Hits

NHL’s biggest hits – A blog about the NHL’s biggest hits, including videos and pictures.

NHL’s most brutal hits

NHL’s most brutal hits can sometimes be the most exciting moments in a game. however, they can also lead to serious injury. In this article, we will take a look at some of the NHL’s most brutal hits, and the players who landed them.

NHL’s biggest hits of the season

As the NHL season comes to a close, we take a look at some of the biggest hits of the season. From bone-crunching open ice collisions to massive checks along the boards, these are the hits that sent shockwaves through the Hockey World

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NHL’s biggest hits of all time

Some of the NHL’s best players have also been its biggest hitters. These 10 men delivered some of the most bone-crushing, jaw-dropping hits in league history.

1. Scott Stevens, New Jersey Devils
2. Bob Probert Detroit Red Wings
3. Tie Domi Toronto Maple Leafs
4. Chris Pronger, St. Louis Blues
5. Matthew Barnaby, Buffalo Sabres
6. Donald Brashear, Vancouver Canucks
7. Darius Kasparaitis, Pittsburgh Penguins
8. Adam Foote, Colorado Avalanche
9. Gerry Missionen, Chicago Blackhawks
10. Clint Malarchuk, Buffalo Sabre

The best of NHL’s big hits

NHL’s biggest hits are a thing of beauty. They are often the result of a well-executed check, and they can change the momentum of a game in an instant.

There are many great hits in NHL history but some stand out above the rest. Here are a few of the best:

1. Scott Stevens on Paul Kariya: This hit occurred in the 2003 Stanley Cup Finals, and it was a doozy. Kariya was coming down the ice with his head down when Stevens stepped up and delivered a crushing blow that knocked Kariya out cold. It was a legal hit, but it was also one of the most brutal hits you’ll ever see.

2. Dion Phaneuf on Andrew Cogliano: This hit from 2008 is one of the most famous in recent memory. Phaneuf absolutely leveled Cogliano with a open-ice hit that sent him flying. Cogliano was able to get up and finish the game, but it was clear he was shaken up by the hit.

3. Brian Campbell on Ryan Kesler: This hit from 2010 was ruled as interference, but it was still a massive hit. Campbell caught Kesler with his head down and delivered a huge hit that left Kesler wobbly legged. Thankfully, Kesler was not seriously injured on the play.

4. John Scott on Loui Eriksson: This hit from 2013 caused a bit of controversy because Scott is not known as an enforcer and Eriksson is not known as someone who shies away from contact. Nevertheless, Scott absolutely crushed Eriksson with a blindside hit that sent him to the hospital with concussion symptoms Scott received a seven-game suspension for the hit.

5. Dustin Byfuglien on Darren Helm: This hit from 2014 was simply brutal. Byfuglien caught Helm with his head down and delivered a thunderous check that sent Helm flying into the boards head-first. Helm fortunately did not suffer any serious injuries on the play, but it was still one of the most ferocious hits you’ll ever see.

NHL’s most controversial hits

NHL’s most controversial hits can often be found in the playoffs. Some of the NHL’s biggest and most controversial hits have been delivered in the playoffs, where the physicality and intensity is at its peak. These are some of the most controversial hits in recent NHL history

NHL’s most talked-about hits

NHL’s Biggest Hits provides analysis of the most talked-about hits from around the NHL.

The most bone-crushing hits in NHL history

NHL fans love a good hit. And while there are plenty of clean, hard hits delivered during every NHL season there are also those that are downright bone-crushing.

Here are some of the most bone-crushing hits in NHL history

1. Milan Lucic on Mike Smith
2. Dion Phaneuf on Nathan Horton
3. Brooks Orpik on Loui Eriksson
4. Braydon Coburn on Sergei Gonchar
5. Ryan Reaves on Sam Gagner

NHL’s most shocking hits

The National Hockey League is full of skilled athletes that can skate, shoot and pass the puck with ease.
But these same players are also willing to lay huge hits on their opponents in order to make a play or change the momentum of a game.

Some of the NHL’s most shocking hits have occurred in recent years and they’ve left fans wondering how the league will protect its players from serious injury.

In 2011, Boston Bruins’ captain Zdeno Chara delivered a crushing hit on Max Pacioretty of the Montreal Canadiens The force of the hit sent Pacioretty crashing into a glass partition between the benches, and he suffered a severe concussion and fractured vertebra.

Chara was not suspended for the hit, but it sparked a debate about whether or not he should have been punished more severely.

In another controversial hit, Chicago Blackhawks’ forward Duncan Keith was suspended for five games after elbowing Vancouver Canucks’ forward Daniel Sedin in 2012. Sedin suffered a concussion on the play, and Keith was later criticized for his lack of remorse after the game.

These hits show that even though the NHL is working to reduce head injuries they still occur on a regular basis.

The most brutal NHL hits ever caught on camera

There is no doubt that hockey is a tough sport. Players are constantly pushing themselves to the limits, and sometimes things can get a little too physical.

Throughout the years, there have been some truly brutal hits in the NHL that have left everyone in shock. From bone-crushing bodychecks to huge fights, these are the most brutal NHL hits ever caught on camera.

The most notorious NHL hits

In today’s NHL, delivering a big hit is often celebrated by fans and teammates alike. While a clean hit that knocks an opponent off his feet can be a thing of beauty, there are also hits that cross the line and result in serious injury. Here are some of the most notorious hits in recent NHL history

On February 21, 2000, Colorado Avalanche forward Steve Moore was on the receiving end of a brutal hit from Vancouver Canucks forward Todd Bertuzzi. Bertuzzi had been upset with Moore after he delivered a head shot to Vancouver captain Markus Naslund a few weeks earlier. In retribution, Bertuzzi sucker punched Moore from behind, driving him face-first into the ice. The hit left Moore with three fractured vertebrae and ended his NHL career Bertuzzi was suspended for the remainder of the season and ended up pleading guilty to criminal assault causing bodily harm. He was sentenced to probation and community service.

In March 2011, Boston Bruins forward Zdeno Chara delivered a blindside hit to Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty that sent him flying headfirst into a partition between the benches at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Pacioretty suffered a concussion and fractured vertebrae as a result of the hit. Chara was not suspended for the hit but was later fined $2,500 by the league for “dangerous use of his elbow.”

On April 23, 2013, Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic barreled over Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller during a game at TD Garden in Boston. Lucic received a minor penalty on the play but Miller was forced to leave the game with what was later diagnosed as a concussion. Lucic was not suspended but did receive a $5,000 fine from the league.

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