Most Goals In Nhl Playoffs: How Does Your Team Stack Up?

The NHL playoffs are in Full Swing and we’re already seeing some Great Hockey Wondering how your team stacks up in terms of goals scored in the playoffs? Check out our blog post to find out!


Since the NHL expanded to a best-of-seven format for all playoff rounds in 1987, there have been many memorable series that have ended with a team winning four games. Here is a look at some of the most goals scored by teams in NHL Playoff history:

Most goals in the NHL playoffs

The Stanley Cup is the most prestigious trophy in all of professional hockey and winning it is a lifelong dream for many players. But what does it take to hoist Lord Stanley’s mug? A lot of things, of course, but one of the most important is scoring goals

In the history of the NHL playoffs there have been some truly great offenses that have led their teams to glory. The ’77 Canadiens, led by Guy Lafleur scored an astounding 132 goals in 20 games. The ’91 Penguins, led by Mario Lemieux, scored 119 goals in 23 games. The ’01 Avalanche, led by Joe Sakic and Milan Hejduk, scored118 goals in 23 games. All three of those teams went on to win the Stanley Cup

So which team has scored the most goals in a single postseason? That would be the 1995-96 Detroit Red Wings who lit the lamp 158 times in 28 games on their way to a Stanley Cup victory. That’s an average of 5.64 goals per game!

Of course, not every team is built the same way and some just don’t have the offensive firepower to keep up with the league’s best. So how does your team stack up? Here are the top 10 goal-scoring teams in NHL Playoff History

1) 1995-96 Detroit Red Wings – 158 goals in 28 games (5.64 G/GP)
2) 1977-78 Montreal Canadiens – 132 goals in 20 games (6.60 G/GP)
3) 1983-84 Edmonton Oilers – 130 goals in 18 games (7.22 G/GP)
4) 1982-83 New York Islanders – 129 goals in 19 games (6.79 G/GP)
5) 1991-92 Pittsburgh Penguins – 119 goals in 23 games (5.17 G/GP)
6) 1988-89 Calgary Flames – 118 goals in 22 games (5.36 G/GP)
7) 2000-01 Colorado Avalanche – 118 goals in 23 games (5.13 G/GP)
8 1994-95 Detroit Red Wings – 116 goals in 22 games (5.27 G/GP)
9 1986-87 Edmonton Oilers – 115 goals 23 games(5 GP) 10 1985-86 Montreal Canadiens – 114 goals in 20 games(5

How does your team stack up?

The most goals in one NHL Playoffs was 73, set by the Edmonton Oilers in 1985. The record for most goals in a Stanley Cup Final is 28, set by the Montreal Canadiens in 1957.

Here’s a look at how some recent Stanley Cup winners stack up against those marks:

-The Chicago Blackhawks have scored 58 goals in 21 Playoff Games over the last two seasons, an average of 2.76 per game. They would need to increase their scoring rate by almost a full goal per game to catch the Oilers.

-The Los Angeles Kings have scored 49 goals in 27 playoff games over the last two seasons, an average of 1.81 per game. They would need to nearly triple their scoring rate to catch the Oilers.

-The Boston Bruins have scored 62 goals in 33 playoff games over the last three seasons, an average of 1.88 per game. They would need to more than double their scoring rate to catch the Oilers.

The top teams in the NHL

When it comes to the Stanley Cup playoffs there are a few teams that always seem to find their way to the top. The Pittsburgh Penguins Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings have all been near the top of the standings in recent years and it’s no surprise that they’re among the teams with the most goals in NHL Playoff history.

But how do other teams stack up when it comes to goals scored in the playoffs? We took a look at all 30 NHL Teams and ranked them by goals per game in the playoffs. The results may surprise you.

The bottom teams in the NHL

NHL teams that have scored the fewest goals in the playoffs since the 2005-06 season:
Washington Capitals – 52
New York Islanders – 54
Chicago Blackhawks – 57
Boston Bruins – 63
New York Rangers – 63
Pittsburgh Penguins – 65

The teams in between

The teams in between are the ones who have a chance to make a run at the Stanley Cup but they’ll need to go through some tough competition to get there. Here’s a look at the teams who are in the mix for the Stanley Cup Playoffs

What to expect from the playoffs

Although the NHL regular season has ended, the real excitement is just beginning. The Stanley Cup playoffs are upon us, and anything can happen.

In the playoffs, it’s all about which team can step up their game and rise to the occasion. We’ve seen underdog teams make amazing runs to the Stanley Cup Final, and we’ve seen top seeds fall early. anything can happen.

So, what can you expect from your team in the playoffs? Here’s a quick look at how each team stacks up:

Boston Bruins: The Bruins are one of the top seeds in the Eastern Conference and they have home-ice advantage throughout the playoffs. They’re a well-rounded team with a strong Offense and defense They should be able to make a deep run in the playoffs.

Buffalo Sabres: The Sabres are a bit of a dark horse in the East. They’re not one of the top seeds, but they have a strong team that could make some noise in the playoffs. They’ll need to be at their best to advance far in the tournament.

Detroit Red Wings The Red Wings are always a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs. They’re one of the top teams in the league and they have a ton of experience winning playoff games. They’re always a tough opponent, and they should be able to make a deep run again this year.

Florida Panthers: The Panthers are an interesting team. They’re not one of the top seeds, but they have home-ice advantage in the first round. They’ll need to take advantage of that if they want to make it far in the playoffs. Their offense will need to be clicking if they want to advance deep into the tournament

The playoffs are a crapshoot

The playoffs are a crapshoot. Every team is good and anything can happen. That’s why it’s important to know which teams have the most goals in the playoffs. Here’s a look at how each team stacks up:

Team Goals
Boston Bruins 12
Columbus Blue Jackets 10
Calgary Flames 9
New York Islanders 8
Vegas Golden Knights 7
Washington Capitals 6
Pittsburgh Penguins 5
Carolina Hurricanes 4

As you can see, the Boston Bruins have the most goals in the playoffs so far. They’re followed by the Columbus Blue Jackets Calgary Flames, and New York Islanders

The importance of goaltending

In the Stanley Cup playoffs, anything can happen. An underdog team can come out of nowhere and make a deep run, while a favorite can crumble under the pressure. A hot streak by a player can make all the difference, as can a cold streak.

But there is one factor that consistently determines success in the playoffs: goaltending.

The team with the better goaltender usually wins. That’s why teams that win the Stanley Cup often have an elite goaltender who put up stellar numbers throughout the playoffs.

Take a look at some of the most successful teams in recent years The Chicago Blackhawks won three Stanley Cups in six years thanks to the play of goaltender Corey Crawford. The Los Angeles Kings won two Cups in three years with Jonathan Quick between the pipes. And the Pittsburgh Penguins have won two Cups in the past three years thanks to Matt Murray’s play in goal.

If you want to win a Stanley Cup you need good goaltending. Period.


In conclusion, while the Tampa Bay Lightning have the most goals in the NHL playoffs so far, it is important to remember that the playoffs are still ongoing and anything could happen. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the playoffs unfold and which team ultimately comes out on top.

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