Gophers Hockey Game: Minnesota vs. Michigan

The Gophers take on the Wolverines in a heated battle for conference supremacy. Who will come out on top?


It’s rivalry game time! The Minnesota Gophers are taking on the Michigan Wolverines in a battle for college hockey supremacy. Who will come out on top?


The Gophers will take on the Michigan Wolverines in a matchup of two of the best teams in the nation. Pregame begins at 6pm CT, with the game beginning at 7pm CT.

1st Period

The first period of the Gophers hockey game against Michigan was very evenly matched. Both teams had several good scoring chances, but neither team was able to take advantage. The period ended in a 0-0 tie.

2nd Period

In the second period, Minnesota took the lead with a goal by Gopher captainCaitlyn Reilly. But Michigan quickly answered back with a goal of their own. The Gophers had several good scoring chances in the period, but Michigan’s goalie made some great saves to keep the score close. The period ended with Minnesota leading 2-1.

3rd Period

The game is currently in the third period with a score of 3-2, Minnesota leading. The crowd is electric, cheering on the home team as they fight to maintain their lead against their long-time rivals, the Michigan Wolverines

The Gophers re Playing with determination and intensity, determined to come out on top in this highly anticipated match-up. The fans are behind them every step of the way, chanting and cheering them on to victory.

It’s going to be a close one, but the Gophers have what it takes to win. Go Gophers!


The game is tied at two and we’re heading into overtime. The Gophers are looking to take down their biggest rivals, the Michigan Wolverines and they need your support! Stay tuned to see who comes out on top in this nail-biting matchup.


After a closely-fought battle, the Gophers came out on top with a 3-2 victory over the Michigan Wolverines It was a what-a game, with neither team giving an inch. In the end, though, the Gophers’ superior skills prevailed.


The Gophers and Wolverines battled it out on the ice today in a hard fought game. The Gophers started the scoring early in the first period, but Michigan quickly answered back with a goal of their own. The score remained tied until late in the third period when Minnesota scored the go-ahead goal. The Gophers held on to win the game 2-1.

Player of the Game

In yesterday’s Gophers Hockey Game the player of the game was freshman forward Blake Wheeler. Wheeler had two goals and one assist in the game, leading the team to a 3-2 victory over Michigan.


Gopher hockey fans are passionate about their team and love to see them win. If you’re lucky enough to get tickets to a game, you’ll be in for a treat. The atmosphere is electric and the fans are very knowledgeable about the game. You’ll see a lot of Gopher gear being worn and people cheering enthusiastically for their team.

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