How Much Does It Cost to Get Sports Cards Graded?

Similarly, Is it worth getting cards graded?

The only time you should have your cards graded is if it would raise their value or make it simpler to sell them. You should not get your card graded only because you believe it will increase its worth. It’s not cheap to grade cards.

Also, it is asked, How much money does it cost to get a sports card graded?

According on the worth of the card, its age, how many cards you’re submitting at once, how quickly you want a turnaround and other criteria, PSA grading prices may vary from $20 per card to $10,000 per card.

Secondly, How can I get cards graded for free?

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) has launched PSA PhotogradeTM Online, a new free online tool that takes collectors on a visual tour of the PSA Grading Standards and how they relate to their cards. PSA’s main website,, has a link to it.

People also ask, What is the cheapest way to grade cards?

CGC is the most cost-effective (and fastest) choice for grading your cards at this time. At a minimum of 50 cards, they charge $8 each card. They have a 60-day turn-around time

Related Questions and Answers

What is the cheapest card grading company?

Well-known in the business, Beckett Grading Services (BGS) is a long-time rival of PSA. The price varies from roughly $20 in the economy with no sub-grades to $250 premium with sub-grades. Price

Will PSA prices go down?

Recently, PSA re-opened its Standard grading service to collectors at a new price of $100 per card. Remember that PSA shut down everything save for their premium grading services in early 2021.

How do you grade your own sports cards?

Grading companies and even individual graders may decide the precise weight of each component, however the following is a general ranking: Scattered print dots and other imperfections may be seen on the surface of the document. Soft, round, fluffy corner wear. Damage to the edges of a piece of paper or its color.

Who is the best card grading company?

Beckett Grading was founded in 1999 and is one of the world’s leading grading firms. Yorba Linda, California is where the corporation is based: In the world of trading cards, Beckett Grading Services is a household name. The fourth of February in the year 2022.

Is there an app for grading sports cards?

EZ Grade is a pocket-sized card grading tool. Using this tool, you may either “pre-grade” your cards or choose the ideal set to submit. You can get a card’s worth in seconds thanks to an app that evaluates corners and centering on each one.

Where is PSA grading located?

Collectibles Universe has offices in the United States, France, Hong Kong and Tokyo. The PSA section of Collectors Universe is known as PSA. For trading cards and other collectibles, PSA has emerged as the only third-party grading firm to give a guarantee on its services.

Is PSA grading worth it?

When it comes to authenticating a card, PSA card grading services are a fantastic resource for spotting fakes and reproductions. As long as you remember, it’s impossible for PSA to be 100% accurate all the time.

Can I get cards graded in person?

In normal circumstances, in-person grading may be seen as convenient and speedy, but with so much uncertainty, it’s hard to tell for sure. Please come back to see the resume when it’s available in person!

Where can I get my hockey cards graded in Canada?

Hall of Fame Grading is a Toronto, Canada-based, reasonably priced sports card grading firm. Help us grade your cards so that they may be sold at a better price.

Is PSA better than Beckett?

It’s true that there are some tiny variances between the two. First and foremost, PSA is more costly and takes longer to grade your cards than the other grading services. BGS cards, on the other hand, tend to go for less money. BGS, on the other hand, is quicker, cheaper, and has a more complicated grading system than the other two.

Is CGC grading worth it?

CGC has a good reputation and has had no serious grading concerns. CGC’s grading guidelines are based on anecdotal information from a variety of collectors. Their Pristine 10 score is right up there with Beckett’s Black Label’s grade.

Is PSA grading cards again?

As of now, PSA is only offering its Regular grading service level for $100 per card, which is twice the amount it was charging in March, when the firm halted most of its grading services.

Is PSA grading open?

PSA is reinstating one of its most popular service levels after confronting a grading backlog of 13-14 million cards. PSA is reinstating one of its most popular service levels after confronting a grading backlog of 13-14 million cards.

Is CGC better than PSA?

Most CGC/BGS 9.5/10/10 are better than average PSA 10, while most 9.5/9.5/9.5/9.0 are weak. Is the CGC card grading system legitimate, or is it? If you’re looking for a comic book grader, CGC is your best option.

Are PSA Cards closed?

Due to a surge of trading cards in 2020, PSA has been obliged to temporarily halt submissions for card grading. For the time being, the firm has halted its services and plans to relaunch them on July 1.

How many cards does PSA grade a day?

About 26,000 cards are being examined daily by PSA, which has already graded over 600,000 this month.

How do I track my PSA submission?

Customers may check on the progress of their orders by logging into their PSA Account and going to the My Account section of the website. Customers may monitor where their order is in the eight-stage process from there

Does PSA clean cards before grading?

Your cards are not cleaned when they arrive at PSA or any other grading service. You should pay special care to the hygiene of your cards before sending them to these providers, since they will grade them as they arrive.

What does a PSA 6 look like?

In the case of a PSA EX-MT 6 card, there may be obvious surface wear or a printing flaw that does not diminish its overall attractiveness. Only a detailed examination will reveal even the tiniest scratch. Slightly gradual fraying is possible in the corners. It’s possible that the picture’s focus is a little off.

What does PSA look for when grading cards?

When you get your card graded by PSA, a group of graders examines it to ensure its validity. The card is next examined for any indications of tampering or “card doctoring.” This is followed by an examination of the card’s condition, which results in a PSA grade of 1-10 being assigned. In 2020, on May 8th.


The “where to get cards graded in person” is a question that has been asked before. There are many stores that offer the service, but some of them may be more expensive than others.

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