How Many Academy Sports Locations Are There?

Today, Academy Sports + Outdoors has 260 locations in 16 states, employing over 22,000 people in the South, Southeast, and Midwest. For fiscal year 2021, sales surpassed $6.77 billion.

Similarly, Is Academy in every state?

There are no Academy Sports + Outdoors outlets in 40 US states and territories.

Also, it is asked, How many Academy locations are there?

In the United States, Academy is a prominent full-line sports goods and outdoor recreation shop. Academy, which began as a small family company in Texas in 1938, has expanded to 259 locations in 16 states.

Secondly, Who owns Academy Sports and Outdoors?

Academy Sports and Outdoors, situated in Katy, Texas, and owned by KKR & Co Inc KKR. N, was valued at $1.1 billion in the first public offering.

Also, Does Florida have Academy Sports?

There are 12 Academy sites in Florida.

People also ask, Where is the Academy Sports headquarters?

Academy Sports + Outdoors / Headquarters Katy, TX

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Is Academy a franchise?

What is the cost of an Academy Leadership franchise? Academy Leadership offers a $20,000 franchise fee and a $39,500 to $58,500 total initial investment range.

How many police academy are there in the US?

In the United States, how many police academies are there? In the United States, there are eight types of police training academies, with federal and state training academies being the most encompassing.

When did Academy Sports go public?

October 2020

What does BCG academy mean?

Stalley of MMG is releasing his Blue Collar Gang apparel collection, which includes hoodies, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. “The brand BCG symbolizes blue collar hardworking folks,” the Ohio rapper said when asked about the company’s inspiration and beliefs.

Is Magellan Outdoors owned by Academy?

Academy Sports + Outdoor’s Magellan brand is an exclusive brand. Whataburger was founded in 1950 and has evolved to become one of the country’s biggest burger chains, with over 850 stores in 14 states and annual sales of more than $2.8 billion.

Is Academy Sports and Outdoors only in Texas?

Today, Academy Sports + Outdoors has 260 locations in 16 states, employing over 22,000 people in the South, Southeast, and Midwest.

Does KKR own academy?

KKR bought a 20% stake in Academy Sports for an unknown sum in 2011 and has remained the retailer’s biggest stakeholder since then. Academy Sports shows no signs of slowing down, despite the news. In 2020, the corporation signed a multiyear deal with the Big 12 Conference.

Did academy get bought out?

KKR, a private equity company headquartered in Katy, is buying an outdoor retailer. The news that David Gochman is selling Academy Sports + Outdoors to private equity company Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. is bittersweet for him. His family has held the company for 73 years.

Is Academy Sports privately owned?

Academy Sports & Outdoors is the fourth biggest network of retail sports goods “megastore” locations in the United States, owned by the Gochman family.

Is Academy Sports coming to Panama City FL?

(WMBB) — PANAMA CITY, Fla. Academy Sports + Outdoors has announced the establishment of a new branch in Panama City this year. Officials in Panama City verified the company’s move into the former Hobby Lobby facility on 23rd Street on Tuesday afternoon.

Who is the CEO of Academy Sports?

Ken C. Hicks (May 2018–) is the CEO of Academy Sports + Outdoors.

When was Academy Sports and Outdoors founded?

Founded in 1938, San Antonio, TXAcademy Sports + Outdoors

How do I email academy sports?


What state has the shortest police academy?

In the bordering southern states, the average is 547 hours. North Carolina requires the most training for peace officers, with 903 hours, while Mississippi requires the least training, with 400 hours.

How long is the police academy in Florida?

Police Training Institute The Basic Recruit Training curriculum at the Law Enforcement Academy is a 22-week (770-hour) program that prepares students for the physical and mental rigors of a career as a Florida police officer or deputy sheriff.

How long is Louisiana police academy?

All cadets will get 17 weeks of basic recruit training in order to pass the Louisiana Police Officers Standardized Training Exam. Firearms, control techniques, physical training, classroom instruction, and scenario-based training are some of the courses offered.

Where did Academy originate?

Athens in antiquity

Who bought Academy?

11:53 a.m. Updated: 11:53 a.m. Academy Sports + Outdoors’ 1.5 million-square-foot distribution facility and headquarters complex at 1800 N. Mason Road in Katy was purchased by Mirae Asset Global Investments.

Is Academy Sports stock a buy?

The analyst consensus for Academy Sports & Outdoors is a ‘Strong Buy.’

What does BCG tennis shoes stand for?

Boston Consulting Group, 2022

Who owns Magellan’s?

Magellan’s is now owned by Potpourri Group Inc. (PGI). PGI, based in North Billerica, Massachusetts, has grown from a single catalog title released in 1963 to become one of the country’s leading multi-channel direct marketers.

Is game winner an Academy brand?

Academy Sports + Outdoors and are the only places to get Game Winner. Thanks to its many technical advancements, Game Winner produces creative and long-lasting goods.

Does Magellan have a website? | Your Trusted Travel Source | Clothing, Bags, and Travel Accessories

Can you return worn shoes to academy?

Except in the case of a product defect, in-transit product damage, or a real product performance problem, returned items must be resalable (no evident wear or use), in original packing, and complete with all documentation, components, and accessories.

How many Academy stores are in Georgia?

There are currently 11 Academy sites in metro Atlanta and 19 in Georgia.

Is Academy Sports coming to Conyers GA?

CONYERS, GA — Academy Sports + Outdoors, a major full-line sports goods and outdoor recreation retailer, has opened a shop at 1448 Old Salem Road in Conyers.

How much did KKR pay for Academy Sports?

In 2011, KKR completed a leveraged takeover of Academy Sports. At Friday’s closing stock price of $45.74, the investment was worth $852.85 million, making KKR the company’s biggest stakeholder with 20.1 percent of the outstanding shares.

How much is Academy worth?

The Company’s cash and cash equivalents were $377.6 million at the end of fiscal 2020, compared to $149.4 million at the end of fiscal 2019.


The “where is academy sports headquarters” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer to the question is that there are currently over 3,000 locations worldwide.

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There are a total of 25 locations that offer Academy Sports. The stores are open from 10:00am to 9:00pm, Monday through Saturday and 11:00am to 7:00pm on Sunday. Reference: academy sports hours.

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