How Long Are Nhl Games?

A typical NHL game lasts 60 minutes, with three 20-minute quarters. If a regular-season game is deadlocked, the game is decided by a five-minute overtime session in which the first side to score wins. If no side scores in that time, the game goes to a shootout.

Similarly, How long is an NHL game in real time?

The game is broken into three 20-minute segments. If the game is tied at the conclusion of regulation, the teams will play an extra 5 minutes of overtime, which will be followed by a shootout if the game is still tied. This game does not take 60 minutes to complete in real time; rather, it takes 2.5 to 3 hours.

Also, it is asked, How long is a hockey game total?

The length of an NHL game is 60 minutes, divided into three periods. The 20-minute periods do not include any stoppages in play, like as the puck leaving the ice, or the fifteen-minute NHL intermissions. If the score is tied, both sides will play a five-minute extra period.

Secondly, How long does an ice hockey game last?

Three 20-minute quarters and two intermissions make up an NHL game. When the puck is in play, the time starts ticking. If the game isn’t tied at the conclusion of regulation, you’re looking at 2.5 hours, plus or minus a few minutes.

Also, What was the longest OT in NHL history?


People also ask, Why are hockey intermissions so long?

How Long Does a Hockey Intermission Last? Teams may plot as supporters stretch and buy additional beverages and food thanks to the break-in activity. Furthermore, some spectators appreciate seeing the Zamboni wipe the ice in one smooth motion.

Related Questions and Answers

How long is intermission in NHL?

thirty minutes and fifteen seconds

How many minutes are in hockey?

Procedure for the competition. A typical game is made up of three 20-minute minutes separated by a 15-minute halftime between the first and second periods. Each period, the teams switch ends. A five-minute sudden-victory extra session is played if a medal-round game ends in a draw.

How many quarters does a hockey game have?

In hockey, how many periods are there? Ice hockey games are broken into three periods of twenty minutes each, with two fifteen-minute intermissions in between. If the game is tied after three periods in the regular season, a five-minute extra session is played, followed by (potentially) a shootout.

What are the three main rules of hockey?

Hockey players can only use the flat side of their stick to strike the ball. Hockey players (save the goalie) are not permitted to control the ball with their feet or any other part of their body at any moment. A field goal, a penalty corner, or a penalty stroke are the only ways to score a goal.

What time does a 7pm hockey game end?

A hockey game scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. will conclude at 9:30 p.m. Expect the game to run significantly longer, particularly if overtime, a shootout, or on-ice delays are involved (injuries, broken glass, surface problems).

How long was the longest ice hockey game?

The Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Maroons played the longest game in NHL history in 1936. The two sides went into overtime after three shutout quarters. The score remained 0-0 after five quarters. Mud Bruneteau won the game for the Red Wings in the sixth extra session after a remarkable 116 minutes of overtime.

Can NHL end in a tie?

The new shootout rule ensures that each game has a winner; ties are no longer allowed. If the game is still tied after the five-minute, four-on-four extra session, the sides will play a shootout, in which three skaters face off against the opposing goalkeeper in alternating penalty shots.

Do NHL players sharpen their skates between periods?

For every game in the NHL, players will have newly sharpened skates, but not in between periods.

Is there halftime in hockey?

In hockey, there are intermissions. In the NHL, the first two intermissions last fifteen and a half minutes (seventeen minutes for broadcast games), and the game timekeeper records the time and displays it to the spectators on the scoreboard. Players exit the ice via doors in the boards at intermission and go to the changing rooms.

How thick is NHL ice?

The jersey is frequently referred to as a sweater since, in the early days of hockey, players wore sweaters rather than the mesh-like jerseys of today. What is the thickness of the ice? Ice is about 3/4 inch thick and frozen to 16 degrees Fahrenheit. The ice grows softer and slower as it thickens.

Are hockey players allowed to fight?

Participating in a fight has a lot of restrictions, and breaking them may result in harsh penalties, fines, and bans. Fighting is permitted in hockey, despite this. In hockey, a fight happens when players get into an argument during a game. They are free to fight without their gloves on.

How should I dress for a hockey game?

Begin with a T-shirt and work your way up to a loose-fitting long-sleeve shirt. Over that, put your hockey shirt on. Bring a lightweight jacket or hoodie if you don’t think it will keep you warm for a couple of hours. You’ll be OK if you need to remove a layer or two.

What do NHL players eat before a game?

What Is The Best Pre-Hockey-Game Meal? A high-carbohydrate, high-protein, low-fat pre-game meal for hockey would be excellent. 6 oz chicken breast, 1-2 cups brown rice, and 12 – 1 cup green veggies, for example.

Why are hockey sticks taped?

There are clear reasons for this: Tape makes it simpler to grasp a stick. Tape “softens” the blade, allowing you to collect a pass, keep the puck in your cagey control, or snap a crisp wrister into the five-hole. The blade is protected by tape, which helps it withstand the impact of your cannonading slap strokes.

Why does hockey have 2 intermissions?

The level of play improved almost immediately, although only partially due to the ice. Players were also well rested after the second interval.

What is the difference between NHL and Olympic ice?

Even while 15 more feet of width may not seem like much, the extra room allows hockey to become considerably more open on international rinks, which range from 17,000 square feet in the NHL to 20,000 square feet in the Olympics.

What sports have 3 periods?

Games of floorball and ice hockey are usually split into three quarters. In the case of a tie at the completion of the third period, a fourth session of overtime may be played.

How much does it cost to go to a hockey game?

Ticket Prices in the NHL The average price of a ticket to an NHL game is $94. This fee fluctuates depending on seat position, and rates for more in-demand games, like as rivalries and playoff games, are frequently higher, while events like midweek matches might be more reasonable.

What should I know before going to a hockey game?

Before the Game Even Begins Prepare for a stressful situation by dressing appropriately. A layer of ice, perhaps approximately 20-24 degrees (-4 degrees Celsius), is chilling the whole structure. Arrive early to avoid disappointment: Allow yourself one hour before the first puck is dropped. Arrive famished: This is a great event, so go all out.

Can I wear shorts to a hockey game?

For added warmth and to show off your team passion, you may also wear a hockey jersey or team shirt from your favorite team. Shorts are a no-no, and you should always match them with a pair of slacks or jeans.

How much do NHL players make?

As of the 2019/2020 season, the average wage for an NHL player is $2.69 million per year, however this varies greatly across clubs and individual players.

Why are hockey games 3 periods?

They used to play two 30-minute halves before 1910. However, the ice was so rutted and coated with snow at the conclusion of each half that it significantly delayed the game. So they altered it to three 20-minute intervals to give them another opportunity to clean the ice. It also provided greater rest time for the athletes.

Why is icing illegal in hockey?

In ice hockey, icing occurs when a player shoots the puck over the center red line and the opposing team’s red goal line in that order without scoring a goal.


The “how long do nhl games last on tv” is a question that many hockey fans have been asking. The average length of an NHL game is 3 hours and 30 minutes. However, the game can last as long as 5 hours or more if it goes into overtime.

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