How Big Is Esports In China?

According to the most current figures published by state-run news source the People’s Daily, China is the biggest esports market, with over 400 million followers and watchers.

Similarly, How popular is eSports in China?

Esports, or competitive gaming, is widespread in China. According to market analyst Niko Partners, the world’s largest video gaming industry had an estimated 720 million players in 2020, or almost half of the country’s entire population, with around 110 million of them under the age of 18.

Also, it is asked, How big is the eSports industry in China?

eSports market value in China 2017-2022 The market for eSports games in China was estimated to be worth 147 billion yuan in 2020. eSports is a spectator-friendly type of video game competition.

Secondly, How many eSports players are in China?

In the eSports scene in 2021, there were 1,030 Chinese players. The majority of the best players were experts in Dota 2, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. The total number of professional players registered in China as of March 2022 was 5,476.

Also, Is Dota or LOL more popular in China?

Dota 2 is the most popular game. Yes, Dota 2 has exploded in popularity in China! The entire prize pool for Chinese Dota 2 players is $62.3 million dollars. To put things in perspective, League of Legends, the second-best game in this category, has “just” $7.67 million USD.

People also ask, How many esports teams are there in China?

China’s Best eSports Teams and Players China has 373 teams and 1085 players in our eSports elite tier.

Related Questions and Answers

Is gaming a profession in China?

According to a recently published list of job titles from China’s Occupation Skill Testing Authority, the Chinese government will recognize gaming as an official profession (OSTA).

League of Legends is a video game developed by Riot Games.

Competitive video gaming has grown in popularity in Japan since 2018. As of 2020, the eSports market in Japan is predicted to be worth 8.7 billion Japanese yen. According to projections, the market would be worth 18.4 billion yen by 2024.

Is online gaming banned in China?

China has tightened its restrictions on how long children may play internet video games. Government restrictions released Monday prohibit children and teens from playing online games during school hours and limit them to one hour per day on weekends and holidays.

Is esports a sport in India?

Esports, a new kind of sport that is not the same as online gaming, is gaining popularity in India. Esports is a competitive sport that requires competitive game play, a tournament or league framework, and the application of talent, most often physical ability. It has grown in popularity among young people, making it an appealing alternative for marketers.

What esports is Japan good at?

Overwatch is the most popular esports game in Japan, and pro teams from the country compete in it. It is represented by 24 teams, with a total prize pool of $197,175 dollars. If just individual players from Japan are considered, Overwatch will also be the most popular game.

“”, often known as Strike of Kings in English, is the most popular MOBA online game in China today, created by TianMei Studio with funding from Tencent Group.

Which country plays most Dota 2?

China is known for being a nation where Dota 2 is the most popular game, with 248 professional players participating. With 129 representatives, Russia is in second position, followed by the United States with 104 specialists.

What new rules have China targeted at people under 18?

Tencent Holdings Ltd and other gaming businesses’ shares were hit by China’s new restrictions prohibiting youngsters under the age of 18 from playing video games for more than three hours per week, while young gamers resorted to social media to vent their indignation.

When did National Video Games Day start?

Frank Cifaldi, an employee of the Video Game History Foundation, tracked out the first record of a Video Games Day in 1991, when it appeared in Chase’s Calendar of Events.

Is PUBG big in Korea?

Overwatch. PUBG was the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter game in Korea for a time. Overwatch, though, briefly outperformed it.

Despite the fact that the game is almost a decade old, it remains quite popular in South Korea. Around half of the total as of December 2021. South Korea has had its own League of Legends championships named “League of Legend Champions Korea” since 2012 due to the game’s popularity.

What is LOL Chinese Super Server?

“This server is for scouting prospective LDL and LPL players. Entry needs Solo/Duo Diamond II or above on another server, level 30 accounts, Blue Essence for the needed champion pool for ranking, and 1000LP each victory.

How big is eSports in Japan?

According to Famitsu3, Japan’s competitive video game industry reached USD 60,700,000 in 2020, was predicted to reach USD 78,800,000 in 2021, and USD 116,000,000 in 2022, and is constantly rising.

Which game is most played in Japan?

Pokémon Go was the most popular mobile game title among Japanese consumers in 2019, with more than 14.8 million hours played on a weekly basis.

How much money does faker make?

According to estimations, Lee Sang-Hyeok, popularly known as Faker, a LoL player from South Korea, earned over 1.3 million USD throughout his eSports gaming career.

How much are LPL players paid?

They are also a costly player, earning between 18 lakh and 44 lakh INR every match, and their earnings continue to rise Salary of LPL Players in 2021-22. Players Amila Aponso is a Brazilian actress. $30,000 (base salary) 62 more columnsTeamColombo KingsContract Year2020

China has the most League of Legends players in 2022. In China alone, there are 27 servers with over 115 million accounts generated and over 75 million monthly unique League of Legends players.

Is League of Legends allowed in China?

The government’s new policy has effectively shot the League of Legends Development League (LDL) in the foot. The Chinese government has unveiled a new regulation that allows kids under the age of 18 to play video games only under specified circumstances and limits.

What is the oldest Chinese board game?

Is Tik Tok banned in China?

China. TikTok started to block the usage of international versions of Douyin in mainland China in April 2020, after formally cooperating with mainland China’s Internet censorship apparatus.


Esports games in China have been around for a long time, but they are just starting to get more popular. The number of people playing esports games has increased by 300% since 2013.

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