5 Hockey Skills Every Player Must Have

Every player on a Hockey Team has a specific role to fill, but there are some essential skills that every player must have in order to be successful. Check out this list of the 5 must-have skills for hockey players!


Skating is undoubtedly the most important skill in hockey. Players with good skating ability will have an advantage over those who don’t, plain and simple.

There are a few different aspects to skating that players need to master in order to be successful on the ice. Speed, balance, and agility are all important, but the key is being able to put all of those together and use them effectively.

Players need to be able to skate quickly so they can get to the puck first or beat their opponents to open ice. They also need to have good balance so they can make quick stops and starts, as well as change directions quickly And finally, agility is important for making tight turns and avoiding checks.

If you want to be a successful hockey player you need to make sure your skating is up to par. work on all aspects of your skating ability and you’ll see a big difference in your game.


Every player on the ice needs to know how to pass the puck. A good pass can lead to a scoring opportunity, while a bad pass can result in a turnover. There are two main types of passes in hockey – forehand and backhand.

Forehand passes are made by holding the stick in your strong hand and passing the puck from your back foot to your front foot. Backhand passes are made by holding the stick in your weak hand and passing the puck from your front foot to your back foot.

Both types of passes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Forehand passes are generally more accurate, but backhand passes can be less predictable for the receiving player.

When you’re passing the puck, it’s important to focus on two things – accuracy and timing. The puck should be passed to the stick of the player you’re passing to, not just in their general direction. And, you should try to pass the puck when the receiver is in a position where they can take an immediate shot or make a play without having to control the puck first.


One of the most important skills in hockey is shooting. Shooting is how you score goals and it’s a skill that every player must have.

There are many different types of shots in hockey, but the most important thing is to get the puck on net. The three most common shots in hockey are the Wrist Shot the Snap Shot and the backhand shot.

The wrist shot is the simplest and most common type of shot To take a wrist shot you simply snap your wrists while holding the stick with both hands. This type of shot is good for close range shots and for taking quick shots without time to wind up for a bigger swing.

The snap shot is similar to the wrist shot, but instead of snapping your wrists, you snap your whole arm. This gives you more power, but it’s harder to control. Snap shots are good for taking quick shots from farther away from the net.

The backhand shot is when you shoot the puck with the back of your Stick Blade Backhand shots are good for close range shots when there isn’t time to wind up for a wrist or snap shot. They can also be used to surprise goalies who are expecting a different type of shot.

Puck Control

Puck Control is one of the most important skills for any hockey player It is the ability to keep the puck close to your body while skating at high speeds. There are many different ways to control the puck, but the most important thing is to be able to do it quickly and without losing speed.

There are two main types of puck control: forehand and backhand. Forehand is when you control the puck with the front of your stick, and backhand is when you use the back of your stick. You can also use your skates to control the puck, but this is usually only done when you are trying to protect it from an opponent.

The best way to improve your puck control is to practice as much as possible. Get a friend or family member to shoot the puck at you while you skate around, or set up cones or other obstacles and try to weave in and out of them while controlling the puck. As you get better, you will be able to do it more quickly and with more confidence.


One of the most important skills a Hockey Player can have is checking. Checking is a defensive technique used to disrupted an opponent’s progress and take away their time and space. It’s important to learn how to properly check so you don’t cause injury to yourself or your opponent. Here are five tips for proper Checking in hockey

1. Keep your elbows and shoulders down.
2. Hit with the flat part of your stick.
3. Keep your head up at all times.
4. Transfer your weight onto your skates before making contact
5. Follow through with your check after making contact.

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