5 Hockey Movies You Can Watch on Netflix Right Now

If you’re a hockey fan you’re in luck! There are a number of great hockey movies you can watch on Netflix right now. Here are five of our favorites.

The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty Ducks is one of the most popular hockey movies of all time. It tells the story of a young team of misfits who come together to win the championship. The movie is available on Netflix.

Slap Shot

slap shot ” starring Paul Newman, is perhaps the most popular Hockey Movie ever made. It tells the story of a minor league Hockey Team that resorts to violence to increase attendance. The film was released in 1977 and is rated R.


Goon is a 2011 Canadian sports comedy film directed by Michael Dowse and written by Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg. The film stars Seann William Scott as Doug “The Thug” Glatt, a bouncer who becomes a celebrated enforcer in the minor Hockey League The film also stars Liev Schreiber as Ross “The Boss” Rhea, a veteran enforcer whose NHL career is coming to an end.

Goon was released on DVD and Blu-ray on June 5, 2012.


Miracle is a 2004 American sports drama film directed by Gavin O’Connor. The film stars Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks the Head Coach of the United States men’s national Ice Hockey team, and Patricia Clarkson as his wife, Patti. Miracle was released by Walt Disney Pictures on February 6, 2004.


Youngblood is a 1986 American sports film directed by Peter Markle and starring Rob Lowe Patrick Swayze and Cynthia Gibb. The film follows the story of a young ice hockey player Dean Youngblood (Rob Lowe), who is recruited to play for a Canadian team, the Hamilton Mustangs. The film was released in the United States on December 25, 1986.

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