The Top 10 Hockey Goons of All Time

From Bob Probert to Tie Domi these are the 10 NHL players who racked up the most Penalty minutes in league history.

The top 10 hockey goons of all time

In the world of hockey, there are those players who are known as “goons.” These are the players who aren’t afraid to drop the gloves and trade punches with an opponent. They’re the enforcers, the tough guys, the ones who keep opposing players from taking cheap shots at their teammates.

While some goons are nothing more than fighters with little skill in other areas of the game, others have become legends for their on-ice antics. Here are 10 of the most famous hockey goons of all time.

1. Bob Probert
2. Tie Domi
3. John Kordic
4. Marty McSorley
5. Chris Nilan
6. Stu Grimson
7. Dave Schultz
8. Jesse Boulerice
9..Gordie Howe
10..Larry Zeidel

The top 10 enforcers in hockey history

In the world of hockey, there are those players who are known more for their fighting and physicality than their skill on the ice. These players, known as enforcers or goons, serve an important role in the sport. They protect their teammates from dirty plays and engagement in on-ice fights helps to fire up a team and change the momentum of a game.

Enforcers are often some of the most popular players on a team and they have a cult following among fans. Here are the top 10 enforcers in hockey history:

1. Bob Probert – Probert was one of the most prolific fighters in NHL history He played for the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks over his 16-year career and amassed 3,300 penalty minutes. He was also a skilled player, tallying 163 goals and 221 assists over his career.

2. Tie Domi – Domi played for several teams over his 16-year NHL career including the Toronto Maple Leafs New York Rangers and Winnipeg Jets He was known for his quickness and agility for a man of his size (6’0″, 220 lbs) and he was not afraid to drop the gloves with anyone. Domi racked up 2,265 penalty minutes over his career.

3. John Kordic – Kordic was an intimidating presence on the ice, standing at 6’3″ and weighing in at 260 lbs. He played for several teams during his brief NHL career but is most remembered for his time with the Montreal Canadiens where he earned the nickname “The Crazy Czech”. Kordic had several run-ins with the law off of the ice and battled substance abuse issues throughout his life. He died tragically at the age of 27 after an altercation with police officers in 1992.

4. Marty McSorley – McSorley is best known for two things: his lengthy 17-year NHL career and his on-ice assault of fellow player Donald Brashear in 2000 which landed him a criminal conviction (he was sentenced to 18 months probation). During his time in the NHL, McSorley developed a reputation as one of the league’s top enforcers and racked up 3381 penalty minutes over his career.

5. Jody Shelley – Shelley played 12 seasons in the NHL as an enforcer before retiring in 2015. He is best known for his time with the San Jose Sharks where he became a fan favorite due to his willingness to drop the gloves against any opponent (he even got into a fight with teammate Brent Burns during a practice). Shelley finished his career with 2344 penalty minutes amassed over 705 games played

6 Donald Brashear – Brashear had a long 20-year NHL career that spanned from 1992 to 2012 during which he earned himself a reputation as one of hockey’s toughest enforcers . Some memorable moments from Brashear’s career include getting into fights with Bob Probert, Tie Domi, Marty McSorley (which landed McSorley a criminal conviction), and Sheldon Kennedy . Brashear racked up 2397 penalty minutes during his time in the NHL .
7 Chris Nilan – Nilan spent 13 seasons inthe NHL , playing for several teams includingthe Montreal Canadiens , Boston Bruins , New York Rangers ,and Winnipeg Jets . Nilan was known as oneof hockey ’s fiercest enforcers ,amassing 3382 career penaltyminutes . In addition to being an excellent fighter ,Nilan could score goals ; he tallied 148 during histime in thenHL .

8 Gino Odjick – Odjick spent 9 seasons inthe NHL , playing 4 seasonswiththe Vancouver Canucksand 5 withthe PittsburghPenguins . Odjick developeda reputation as oneof hockey ’sbaddestfighters ; In 1993 -94 ,Odjick had 334penaltyminutes which is stilla Canucks franchise record .During histime inthenHL Odjickaccumulated1160penalty minutes ; heretired fromhockeyin 2002 afterbeingdiagnosedwith cardiomyopathy .

9Dave Schultz– Schultzspent8seasonsinthenHL , playing4withthePhiladelphiaFlyers 3with boththeCaliforniaGoldenSealsandLos AngelesKings .SchultzholdsthenHLrecord fortotalpenaltyminutes insingle seasonwith484 ; heregularlyengagedin fightsduringhiscareerandwasinvolvedin several bench -clearingbrawls .Schultz’s aggressiveplayingstyleearnedhimthenickname “ TheHammer ” ; heretiredfromhockeyin 1980with1012penaltyminutes accumulatedover 486gamesplayed .

10 Bryan Marchment– Marchmentplayed15seasonsint

The top 10 fighters in NHL history

The National Hockey League has always been a tough sport. It’s a fast-paced, physically demanding game played by big, strong men. And while the NHL has changed a lot over the years and fighting is on the decline, there’s no denying that there have been some truly great fighters in the league’s history. Here are the top 10 fighters in NHL history

1. Bob Probert
2. Marty McSorley
3. tie – Tie Domi / Stu Grimson
5. Chris Nilan
6. Joey Kocur
7. Dave Semenko
8. Darren Langdon
9. Wilf Paiement
10. Clark Gillies

The top 10 agitators in NHL history

In the NHL, there are players who are known for their scoring ability, their skating prowess, and their play-making skills. And then there are the players who are known for their physicality and their willingness to stand up for their teammates – no matter what the cost. These players are commonly referred to as “agitators” or “goonies,” and they often find themselves at the center of on-ice altercations.

So, who are the top 10 agitators in NHL history? Here’s a look at some of the most notorious offenders:

1. Sean Avery: During his 12-year career, Sean Avery was one of the most penalized players in NHL history He was also one of the most hated players – by both his opponents and his own teammates. Avery was known for his trash-talking abilities and his willingness to stir up trouble on and off the ice.

2. Tie Domi: Tie Domi was a fan favorite during his 16 seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs He was also one of the NHL’s most notorious goons, racking up more than 3,500 penalty minutes during his career. Domi was known for his fights, but he could also score goals – he tallied 101 in his career.

3. Chris Simon: Chris Simon had a reputation as one of the NHL’s dirtiest players. He racked up more than 2,000 penalty minutes during his 15-year career and was suspended multiple times for on-ice incidents, including one in which he stomped on an opponent’s head. Simon also had a temper – he once beat up a teammate in practice with a stick.

4. Todd Bertuzzi: Todd Bertuzzi will forever be remembered for one thing – attacking Steve Moore from behind and punching him in the head, an incident that ended Moore’s career. Bertuzzi was already considered a goon before that incident – he had accumulated more than 2,500 penalty minutes in his career up to that point – but that event cemented his reputation as one of hockey’s biggest thugs.

5. Marty McSorley: Like Chris Simon, Marty McSorley developed a reputation as one of hockey’s dirtiest players during his 17 seasons in the NHL. In 2000, he was suspended for swinging his stick at an opponent’s head (an act that led to criminal charges being filed against him). He was also involved in several on-ice brawls and traded punches with former Flames enforcer Bob Probert in one of hockey’s most famous fights ever captured on video.

6. Michael Peca: Michael Peca is best known for being a two-time Selke Trophy winner (given to the NHL’s best defensive forward), but he also had a reputation as an agitator during his 15 seasons in the league. Peca racked up 1,591 penalty minutes during his career while also tallying 205 goals and 505 assists. He also got under opponents’ skin with his chirping ability – earning him the nickname “PestOca.”

7.) Darcy Tucker: Darcy Tucker was never afraid to mix it up on the ice – even if it meant going toe-to-toe with much bigger opponents like Zdeno Chara or Chris Pronger (both 6’9″). In fact, Tucker relished being considered an agitator and even once said that getting under opponents’ skin was “half the fun” of playing hockey During his 16 seasons in the NHL, Tucker racked up 2193 penalty minutes while also scoring 241 goals and 529 points.
8.) Brendan Shanahan: Brendan Shanahan is best known for being a prolific goal scorer (he ranks 14th all time with 656 goals) and winning three Stanley Cups with Detroit, but he also knew how to get under opponents’ skin – evidenced by his 2389 career penalty minutes (10th all time). Shanahan didn’t just fight – he could score goals too (evidenced bydetailed recorded above). 9.) Clark Gillies: Clark Gillies is remembered as being part of New York’s famed “Trio Grande” line with Bryan Trottier and Mike Bossy (which dominated opponents during The Islanders’ run of four straight Stanley Cup titles from 1980 to 1983), but he was also one of hockey’s toughest customers – racking up 2072 penalty minutes during 16 seasons while also tallying 241 goals and 544 points . Gillies didn’t just fight – he could Back down anyone who tried to take liberties against Islanders star goaltender Billy Smith – famously knocking out Boston’s Terry O’Reilly with one punch after O’Reilly took several swipes at Smith’s head during a goalie outburst . 10.)

The top 10 pests in NHL history

NHL Hockey is a tough, physical game and there have always been players who like to dish out punishment as much as they like to score goals. These so-called “goons” often find themselves in the Penalty Box for infractions like fighting, elbowing, high-sticking, and cross-checking. Sometimes they’re even suspended from the league for their on-ice antics.

In honor of these tough guys, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 pests in NHL history Some of these players were known more for their scoring abilities than their fighting skills, but all of them loved to get under their opponents’ skin.

1. Bob Probert
2. Tie Domi
3. Larry Robinson
4. Chris Nilan
5. Dave Schultz
6. Stu Grimson
7. Joey Kocur
8. Todd Bertuzzi
9. Marty McSorley
10. Pascual Perez

The top 10 dirty players in NHL history

In the NHL, there have always been players who were willing to sacrifice their bodies and go to great lengths to protect their teammates. These players are often referred to as “goon” or “enforcer,” and they play an important role in the sport.

While some goons are nothing more than fighters who offer little else on the ice, others are gifted athletes who use their physicality to benefit their team. These players are the ones who truly earn the title of “goon.”

To compile this list, we looked at a variety of factors, including on-ice performance, fighting ability, popularity, and so on. Here are the top 10 goons in NHL history

10. Tie Domi
9. Bob Probert
8. Dave Semenko
7. Joey Kocur
6. shale Staios
5. Wendel Clark
4. Chris Nilan
3. Marty McSorley
2. Tie between enforcers Donald Brashear and Dale Hunter

The top 10 most hated players in NHL history

1. Chris Simon
2. Tie Domi
3. Donald Brashear
4. Marty McSorley
5. Bob Probert
6. Gino Odjick
7. edge= “0”>Theo Fleury
8. Craig Berube
9. Stu Grimson
10. Joey Kocur

The top 10 goons of the modern era

In the world of professional hockey there have always been players who make a living by being tough and intimidating opponents. They are the enforcers, the ones who stand up for their teammates and take on all comers, often with their fists.

These players are not often the most skilled or talented on their teams, but they are the ones who can change the momentum of a game with a big hit or a fight. They are the goons.

And while goonery is not as common in the modern NHL as it once was, there are still plenty of players who fit the bill. Here are the top 10 goons of the modern ERA

The top 10 enforcers in the NHL today

The NHL is home to some of the toughest players in professional sports These players are known as enforcers, and their job is to protect their teammates and stand up for them when they are on the ice.

Enforcers have been a part of hockey since the early days of the sport. In the early 1900s, players who were willing to fight on the ice were recruited by teams because they could intimidate opponents and make them think twice about taking liberties with other players.

Today, enforcers are still an important part of hockey. While they don’t fight as often as they did in the past, they are still expected to stand up for their teammates and be willing to fight when necessary.

Here are 10 of the top enforcers in the NHL today

1. Milan Lucic,Boston Bruins
2. Shawn Thornton, Boston Bruins
3. John Scott Buffalo Sabres
4. Zenon Konopka, Columbus Blue Jackets
5. Cam Janssen, New Jersey Devils
6. Arron Asham, New York Rangers
7. Eric Godard, Pittsburgh Penguins
8. Jody Shelley, San Jose Sharks
9. Kevin Westgarth, Los Angeles Kings
10. Chris Neil, Ottawa Senators

The top 10 fighters in the NHL today

The top 10 fighters in the NHL today are:

1. Kris Letang
2. P.K. Subban
3. Brad Marchand
4. Jamie Benn
5. Evander Kane
6. Dustin Byfuglien
7. Tom Wilson
8. Nazem Kadri
9. Ryan Reaves
10.Jordin Tootoo

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