The New Harvard Basketball Arena is a Must-See

The new Harvard basketball arena is a must-see for any fan of the sport. The arena is state of the art, and the fans are passionate.

The New Harvard basketball Arena

The New Harvard basketball arena located in Allston, is a must-see for all basketball fans The arena seats 9,000 fans and has a state-of-the-art sound system. The arena also has a concessions area that serves up food from local Boston restaurants.

The History of Harvard Basketball

The New Harvard basketball arena is a must-see for any fan of the sport. The history of Harvard Basketball is long and storied, and the new arena is a tribute to that history. Built on the site of the old Boston Garden, the new arena is a state-of-the-art facility that houses both the men’s and women’s basketball teams With a capacity of over 10,000 fans, it is one of the largest arenas in the country.

The Importance of the New Arena

The new Harvard Basketball Arena is a must-see for any college basketball fan. The arena is home to the Harvard men’s and women’s Basketball teams and it is one of the premier facilities in the country. The arena was built in 2016 and it has a capacity of 2,000 people. The arena is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and it is one of the most beautiful buildings on campus. The exterior of the arena is made of brick and glass, and it has a modern design. The interior of the arena is just as impressive as the exterior, and it features state-of-the-art locker rooms training facilities, and offices for the Coaching Staff The arena also has a spacious concourse that offers views of the court from every angle.

The Arena’s Design and Features

The New Harvard basketball arena is a must-see for any fan of the sport. The arena’s design and features are truly unique, and it offers a great experience for both spectators and players alike. Here are some of the highlights of the New Harvard basketball arena

-The arena has a capacity of over 9,000 people, making it one of the largest in the country.
-The court is made of Maple Wood and the seats are arranged in a way that ensures everyone has a great view.
-There are numerous restaurants and concessions available, as well as plenty of merchandise shops.
-The arena is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video systems, ensuring that everyone can follow the action no matter where they’re sitting.

The Arena’s Location and Accessibility

The new Harvard Basketball Arena is located in Allston, just across the river from the main campus in Cambridge. The area is easily accessible by public transportation, and there are several parking options nearby. The arena is also adjacent to a number of restaurants and other attractions, making it a Great Place to visit even if you’re not attending a game.

The Arena’s Sustainability Features

The new Harvard Basketball Arena is a must-see for any fan of sustainable architecture. The building was designed to be as energy efficient as possible, and features a number of sustainable features.

The arena was built with a steel frame, which is highly recyclable. The walls are made of insulated concrete panels, which are also recyclable. The roof is covered with vegetation, which helps to insulate the building and reduce the urban heat island effect.

The building has a green roof, which helps to reduce stormwater runoff and the Urban Heat Island Effect. The landscaping around the arena is drought tolerant, and the parking lot has electric vehicle charging stations.

The new arena is also home to a number of other sustainability features, including an on-site composting facility, rainwater harvesting barrels, and waterless urinals.

The Arena’s Economic Impact

The new Harvard basketball arena is more than just a place to watch basketball games The arena is part of a larger effort by Harvard to revitalize its Allston campus, and the economic impact of the arena is already being felt in the local community.

The Arena is not only attracting new businesses to Allston, but it is also helping to create new jobs. According to the Boston Globe, the Arena has created more than 1,000 new jobs, including full-time positions for Harvard employees and part-time jobs for student workers. The Arena has also generated millions of dollars in economic activity for the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts.

The Arena is not just an economic boon for Allston; it is also a cultural destination. The Arena hosts a variety of events, including concerts, sporting events, and conferences. The Arena has also become a gathering place for the Allston community, with a number of public art installations and a spacious plaza that hosts farmers markets and other community events.

The New Harvard basketball arena is not just a place to watch basketball games it is an economic engine for the city of Boston and a cultural destination for the Allston community.

The Arena’s Role in the Community

The new Harvard basketball arena is not just a place for sports fans to catch a game. It’s also becoming a hub for the community, with a variety of events and activities taking place there on a regular basis.

From concerts and comedy shows to holiday celebrations and community service projects, the arena is quickly becoming a go-to destination for residents of all ages. And with its convenient location in the heart of Harvard Square, it’s easy to get to and from.

Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or a way to give back to the community, the Harvard basketball arena is worth checking out.

The Arena’s Future

The new Harvard Basketball arena is a must-see. The state-of-the-art facility will be the home of the Crimson Basketball Teams and will also serve as a venue for many other events. The arena is being built to replace the aging Lavietes Pavilion, which has been the home of Harvard basketball since 1974.

The new arena will be located in Allston, just across the Charles River from Harvard’s main campus in Cambridge. The Arena is slated to open in the fall of 2020, just in time for the start of the 2020-21 Basketball season

The new arena will have a capacity of about 2,000 people, which is about double the capacity of Lavietes Pavilion. The extra space will be used for premium seating, suites, and club seating. The arena will also have new amenities such as a concourse, concessions, and restrooms.

The estimated cost of the project is $180 million. Harvard is currently in the process of raising money for the project through private donations.

The new arena is sure to be a great addition to Harvard’s campus and will provide a much needed update to the Crimson’s facilities.

The Bottom Line

The new Harvard Basketball Arena is a must-see. The court is brand new and the fans are already raving about it. The atmosphere is electric and the experience is unlike any other. If you’re a fan of college basketball this is a must-see.

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