Field Hockey Rankings: The Top 10 Teams

We take a look at the top 10 teams in the field hockey rankings and what they bring to the table. These are the Teams to Watch out for in the upcoming season!


In the world of field hockey there are a handful of teams that consistently rank among the best. Here is a look at the top 10 Field hockey teams, based on their recent performances.

The Top 10 Field Hockey Teams

1. United States
2. Argentina
3. Australia
4. Germany
5. Netherlands
6. China
7. Great Britain
8. Japan
9. New Zealand
10. Italy

The United States

The United States has been a powerhouse in Field Hockey for years, with the women’s team winning eight Olympic gold medals and the men’s team winning two. The U.S. women’s team is currently ranked first in the world by the international hockey Federation, and the men’s team is ranked seventh. Here are the top 10 field hockey teams in the world, according to the latest rankings.

1. United States
2. Argentina
3. Australia
4. Belgium
5. China
6. England
7. Germany
8. India
9. Ireland
10. Netherlands


India has consistently been one of the top teams in the world in Field hockey They are the current Olympic champions, having won the gold medal in both the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics India is also a five-time winner of the Hockey World Cup with their most recent victory coming in 2014. In addition to their Olympic and World Cup success, India has also won the Asian Games on eight occasions.


Australia is currently ranked first in the world in Field Hockey The Australian women’s national team is nicknamed the “Hockeyroos,” and they have won the Women’s World Cup three times and the Champions Trophy six times. They are currently coached by Adam Commens.

Some of Australia’s most notable players include Jamie Dwyer, Mark Knowles, and Madonna Blyth. Australia is a strong team with a lot of experience, and they are always contenders for the top spot in any competition.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands, who are also the defending World Cup champions, are currently ranked first in the world by the International Hockey Federation The Netherlands has won the World Cup three times, most recently in 2018. The team is coached by Neil Blake and captained by Matthijs Brouwer.


Argentina is currently ranked as the number one field Hockey Team in the world. This is a title they have held for many years and they show no signs of giving it up any time soon. They are a force to be reckoned with on the field and their skills are undeniable. If you are looking for a team to root for, Argentina is definitely the team to watch


England is currently ranked first in the world in Field Hockey They have held this ranking since 2016, when they defeated Argentina in the Olympic final. As of July 2019, England has an impressive record of 16 wins and 3 losses. Some of their most recent results include a 5-0 win against Ireland, a 3-1 win against China, and a 5-2 win against Australia.

The English field Hockey Team is made up of 23 players, all of whom are passionate about the sport. The team’s captain is Kate Richardson-Walsh, who has played over 375 times for her country. Other Key Players include Alex Danson (who has scored over 100 goals for England), Ellie Rayer (who plays in midfield), and Sarah Haycroft (who is the team’s goalkeeper).

England’s coach is Mark Hager, who is originally from New Zealand. Hager has been in charge of the team since 2014, and he has led them to great success. Under his leadership, England won gold at the Commonwealth Games in 2018 and also reached the final of the World Cup in 2018 (where they were narrowly beaten by the Netherlands).

The English team trains full-time at Bisham Abbey, which is located in Buckinghamshire. The Abbey has excellent facilities, including a state-of-the-art gym and a hockey pitch that meets all international standards. The team also uses nearby venues such as Milton Keynes and Loughborough for training and matches.

If you want to support England’s field Hockey team you can do so by attending their matches or by buying merchandise from their online store. You can also follow them on social media (they have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).


As of August 2019, China is ranked first in the world in field hockey The team has consistently been one of the top performers in the sport, with a first-place finish at the FIFA World Cup in 2002 and a second-place finish in 2006. The team has also won Olympic gold medals in 1984 and 1996.


Germany is currently ranked first in the world for field hockey They are the most successful team in the history of the sport, with eight Olympic gold medals, seven World Cup titles, and nine European championships. The German team is known for its disciplined and methodical style of play, as well as its strong work ethic. Some of the team’s most notable players include Mortiz Fuerste, Jan-Marco Montag, and Christopher Wesley.

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