The Best Center in the NHL

The St. Louis Blues have the best center in the NHL. His name is Ryan O’Reilly and he’s from Canada.

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The best center in the NHL: An introduction

There is no question that Sidney Crosby is the best center in the NHL today He has led the league in scoring for the past two seasons and is a two-time Stanley Cup champion. However, there is more to being the best center in the NHL than just putting up big numbers. Crosby is also an outstanding Defensive Player and a terrific face-off man. In short, he is a complete player who makes those around him better.

While there are other centers who may put up bigger numbers than Crosby, none can match his all-around game. For example, Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos is a pure goal scorer who is not nearly as effective defensively or in the face-off circle. Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin is a gifted offensive player but he does not have Crosby’s defensive acumen or face-off prowess. Anaheim’s Ryan Getzlaf is a big, physical center who is excellent in both ends of the ice, but he does not have the same offensive production as Crosby.

In the end, it is Crosby’s all-around game that sets him apart from other centers in the NHL. He is simply the best at everything he does on the ice. And that is why Sidney Crosby is the best center in the NHL today.

The best center in the NHL: A case for Sidney Crosby

When it comes to the best center in the NHL, there is always going to be debate. However, when you look at the numbers, it is hard to deny that Sidney Crosby is the best center in the NHL. Crosby has been one of the most consistent players in the NHL over the past decade. He has averaged over a point per game in his career, and he has won multiple MVP Awards and Stanley Cups In addition, Crosby is still only 31 years old, so he should have several more years of production left in him.

The best center in the NHL: A case for Connor McDavid

As the 2017-2018 NHL season comes to a close, the search for the best hockey player in the world is once again on. And while there are many Great players in the league, there is only one that can truly be called the best: Connor McDavid.

Here are just a few of the reasons why McDavid is the best center in the NHL:

-He’s an incredible skater. McDavid has been clocked at over 30 miles per hour on the ice, which is absolutely remarkable.

-He has great vision and hockey IQ. Mcavid sees the ice very well and always seems to make the right play.

-He’s an elite goal scorer. With 41 goals this season, McDavid is one of the most deadly scorers in the NHL.

-He’s a great playmaker With 67 assists this season, McDavid has shown that he can not only score goals but also set up his teammates for success.

Simply put, Connor McDavid is a once in a generation talent and is without question the best center in the NHL today.

The best center in the NHL: A case for Jonathan Toews

In the world of professional hockey there are a handful of players who stand out above the rest. But when it comes to the best center in the NHL, there is only one clear choice: Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks

Toews is not only an incredible athlete with top-notch skating and puck-handling abilities, but he is also a master strategist on the ice. He always seems to know where his teammates and opponents are, and he uses this knowledge to make plays that often lead to goals. In addition, Toews is an outstanding leader both on and off the ice, and he has been a key factor in the Blackhawks’ successes over the past several years.

So if you’re looking for the best center in the NHL, there’s no doubt that Jonathan Toews is your man.

The best center in the NHL: A case for Auston Matthews

Auston Matthews is one of the most talented young players in the NHL today. The Toronto Maple Leafs center has already had an impressive career, including winning the Calder Memorial Trophy as rookie of the year in 2016. Here are three reasons why Matthews is the best center in the NHL today.

First, Matthews is an elite goal scorer. In his three seasons in the NHL, he has averaged over 36 goals per season. That includes a career-high 41 goals last season. He is also a great playmaker, averaging over 24 assists per season.

Second, Matthews is great at both ends of the ice. He is a plus-minus rating of plus-20 or better in each of his three NHL seasons. That means that he has been on the ice for 20 more goals scored by the Maple Leafs than their opponents when he is on the ice.

Third, Matthews is durable. He has played in all 82 games in each of his three NHL seasons. That includes last season when he played through an injury that required him to have surgery during the offseason.

All of these factors add up to make Auston Matthews the best center in the NHL today.

The best center in the NHL: A case for Jack Eichel

There is no shortage of opinions when it comes to who the best center in the NHL is, but we believe that Jack Eichel deserves serious consideration for the title. Here’s a look at why we think he’s the best center in the NHL today.

Eichel has been one of the most productive centers in the NHL since he came into the league in 2015-16. In fact, among players who have played at least 200 games since then, only Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon have more points per game than Eichel. And, when you adjust for the fact that Eichel has played on some less-than-stellar Sabres teams during his career, his production looks even more impressive.

But it’s not just his raw point totals that make Eichel a great player; it’s also the way he generates offense. Eichel is an elite playmaker, and his vision and passing abilities are among the best in the NHL. He also has a great shot, which makes him dangerous both off the rush and on the Power play In short, there’s not much Eichel can’t do offensively, and that makes him a nightmare for opposing defenses.

Defensively, Eichel is also one of the best centers in the NHL. He’s not often lauded for his defensive play, but he’s actually a very good two-way player He’s strong on the puck and very good at winning face-offs (he was among the league leaders in face-off percentage last season). He also does a good job of back-checking and is always aware of where his teammates are on the ice. In other words, Eichel is solid defensively and can be trusted to play against other teams’ Top Players

So, what does all this mean? Well, we believe it means that Jack Eichel is currently the best center in the NHL. He’s an elite offensive player who can also be relied upon to play well defensively against other teams’ top players In our opinion, that makes him deserving of serious consideration for the title of best center in the NHL today.

The best center in the NHL: A case for Nathan MacKinnon

Nathan MacKinnon is one of the best young players in the NHL today. The Halifax, Nova Scotia native was the first overall pick in the 2013 NHL Draft and he has more than lived up to the hype. In his six seasons with the Colorado Avalanche MacKinnon has established himself as one of the league’s premier playmakers, scoring at least 20 goals in each of his last five campaigns. He is also a very good two-way player, and he has won the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy (given to the league’s most gentlemanly player) in two of the last three seasons. MacKinnon is still just 25 years old, and there is no doubt that he will be a perennial All-Star for years to come. If you are looking for the best center in the NHL, look no further than Nathan MacKinnon.

The best center in the NHL: A case for Evgeni Malkin

In terms of production, no center in the NHL has been better than Evgeni Malkin over the last decade. The 31-year-old has averaged 1.18 point per game since the start of the 2008-09 season, a mark that ranks him first among all centers who have played at least 500 games over that span.

The best center in the NHL: A case for Claude Giroux

There is no clear-cut answer when asking who the best center in the NHL is. However, when looking at the numbers and considering all aspects of the game, Claude Giroux stands out as one of the best in the league.

Giroux is near the top of the league in multiple statistical categories. He is tied for fourth in points with 87, and his 1.14 points per game ranks sixth. He is tied for 11th in goals with 32, and his 0.45 goals per game are tied for 15th. He also has 55 assists, which ranks him fifth in the NHL. His 1.69 assists per game are good for third place. In terms of plus/minus, Giroux is tied for sixth with a plus-25 rating.

Giroux also plays a key role on both special teams units for the Flyers. He has eight power play goals and four short-handed goals, which both rank him second on the team. He also logs a lot of minutes, as he is averaging 21:13 of ice time per game, which ranks him seventh among all NHL forwards.

In addition to his strong offensive numbers, Giroux is also a strong Defensive Player He ranks second on the Flyers in takeaways with 50 and fourth in hits with 112. He is also good at faceoffs, winning 52 percent of his draws this season.

When considering all these factors, it is clear that Claude Giroux is one of the best centers in the NHL today.

The best center in the NHL: A case for Brayden Point

In recent years the NHL has seen a tremendous influx of young, talented centers. But who is the best of them all? In this article, we make the case for Brayden Point of the Tampa Bay Lightning

Point is still just 24 years old, but he’s already established himself as one of the league’s premier playmakers. Last season, he posted 92 points in 79 games, good for fourth in the NHL. He’s also an excellent two-way player; among centers who averaged at least 20 minutes of ice time per game last season, Point was fifth in the NHL in relative Corsi (a measure of puck possession).

What separates Point from other great centers is his versatility. He’s just as comfortable setting up goals as he is scoring them; last season, he had 34 goals and 58 assists. He’s also an excellent skater; his speed and agility make him a tough matchup for opposing defenders.

There are other great centers in the NHL (Nathan MacKinnon and Connor McDavid come to mind), but none are as well-rounded as Brayden Point. He’s a superstar in every sense of the word, and he’s only getting better with each passing year.

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