What the Bates Basketball Team Needs to Improve

The Bates basketball team lost their last game by a large margin. What do they need to improve?

Overall record

The Bates Basketball team finished with an overall record of 4-20 last season. Head Coach Nick BrAnnigan will be looking to improve upon that record in his second season at the helm. The Bobcats will have to do so without their leading scorer from a year ago, as graduated senior Matt Welch is no longer with the team. Welch averaged 16.1 points per game last season, and his absence will leave a big scoring void for Bates.

Conference record

The Bates basketball team’s conference record needs to improve. The team has a losing record in conference play and this needs to be changed. The team must work on its overall defense and rebounding. Additionally, the team needs to improve its Three-point shooting

Home record

The Bates basketball team currently has a 2-7 record at home. This is something that needs to be improved if the team wants to make a run at the playoffs.

There are a few things that the team can do to improve their home record. One is to make sure that they are getting off to a good start in games. Often times, the team has fallen behind early and been forced to play catch up. This is not an ideal situation, especially when playing at home where the crowd can be a factor.

Another thing that the team can do is to make sure that they are taking advantage of their opportunities. This means not turning the ball over and making sure that they are getting good shots off. Too often, the team has shot themselves in the foot by committing turnovers or taking bad shots. If they can avoid doing this, then they will give themselves a better chance of winning games

Finally, the team needs to make sure that they re Playing with energy and passion. This is something that has been lacking at times this season. When the team is playing with energy and passion, they are able to raise their level of play and compete with anyone.

If the Bates Basketball team can improve in these areas, then they will give themselves a better chance of winning games at home and making the playoffs

Away record

The Bates basketball team has had a mediocre season so far, but there is still Room for Improvement One area that needs work is the team’s away record. The Bates basketball team has only won four out of their twelve away games. In order to improve their chances of winning in the postseason, the team needs to focus on winning more games on the road.


The NCAA Men’s Basketball RPI (Ratings Percentage Index) is a measuring stick used by the NCAA Selection Committee to compare teams and aid in selecting the field for the NCAA tournament It is also a great way for fans and media to compare teams throughout the season. The formula for RPI is simple:

RPI = (Win% x 2) + (Opponent Win% xopponent strength of schedule)

The most important part of the formula is the opponent Strength of Schedule This is based on how difficult it is to schedule games against quality opponents. The higher the number, the more difficult it was to schedule games. The schedules are not released until after the season, so there is no way to know what that number will be.

The reason RPI is important for Bates basketball is that, in order for the team to be considered for an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament they need to have a strong RPI. As of right now, Bates’ RPI is not strong enough to warrant serious consideration for an at-large bid. In order to improve their RPI, Bates needs to play more games against quality opponents. This can be difficult because many of these opponents will not want to play Bates, knowing that they are not likely to win.

One way Bates can improve their RPI is by scheduling more games against teams in their conference who are currently ranked higher than them in RPI. Another way would be to play in a holiday tournament against stronger non-conference opponents. Either way, it will be difficult for Bates to improve their RPI without adding some tough games to their schedule.

Strength of schedule

One of the big things that the Bates basketball team needs to improve is their Strength of Schedule They have a lot of games against teams that are not as good as they are, and they need to start scheduling more games against teams that will challenge them. This will help them to improve their skills and become better players.

Non-conference record

One of the Bates basketball team’s struggles this season has been their non-conference record. In order to improve next season and beyond, the team needs to focus on getting stronger non-conference wins.

The team’s record in conference play has been much better, but their non-conference record is what has been holding them back. In order to improve, they need to get stronger wins against non-conference opponents. This will help them prove that they can compete with the best teams in the country and help them get into the NCAA tournament

Conference tournament record

The Bates basketball team has a conference tournament record of 0-5. The team needs to improve its conference tournament record in order to be successful in the postseason.

NCAA tournament record

In order to improve their NCAA tournament record, the Bates Basketball team needs to focus on their overall shooting percentage and Three-Point Shooting percentage. In the past five years, the team’s shooting percentage has hovered around 30%, while their three-point shooting percentage has hovered around 25%. If the team can improve these percentages, they will be more successful in the NCAA tournament

Post-season record

The Bates Basketball Team has not had a winning record in the post-season since 2009. In order to improve their chances of success in the future, the team needs to focus on recruiting players who are exceptional shooters and defenders. The team also needs to improve its overall conditioning and strength.

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