Basketball Wives Season 10 Episode 5: The Recap

It’s time for the Basketball Wives season 10 episode 5 recap! In this episode, the ladies continue to deal with the aftermath of last week’s fight.


In episode 5 of Basketball Wives season 10, the ladies take a trip to Puerto Rico to help Evelyn Lozada celebrate her birthday. Not everyone is happy about going on the trip, but they all go and have a good time. As usual, there is drama among the women.

One of the highlights of the episode is when Kristin cavity search Evelyn at the airport. Evelyn is not happy about this, but Kristin says she was just trying to help her avoid getting searched by the TSA. Another highlight is when Jackie Christie tells Kristen Ledlow that she needs to stop talking about her husband’s affair on social media Jackie says it’s not good for their business or their family.

Overall, it was another entertaining episode of Basketball Wives

What happened in the episode

In this episode, the wives travel to China for a basketball exhibition game. While there, they experience some culture shock and feel homesick. They also get into a fight with another team’s wives.

The cast’s reaction to the events

The Basketball Wives cast members react to the events that took place in episode 5.

The crew’s thoughts on the episode

The fifth episode of Basketball Wives season 10 aired last night, and the ladies did not disappoint. The episode started with a recap of the previous week’s events, including Jen’s shocking revelation about her relationship with Evelyn.

The ladies then met up for lunch to discuss the situation further. Evelyn started things off by telling her side of the story, and the rest of the crew followed suit. Jen was visibly upset throughout the conversation, but she managed to keep her composure.

After lunch, the ladies met up with Tami Roman to discuss the situation further. Tami had some strong words for Jen, and she made it clear that she doesn’t think Jen is being honest about her feelings for Evelyn.

The episode ended with a heated discussion between Jen and Evelyn. Jen accused Evelyn of being manipulative, and Evelyn accused Jen of being a liar. The two women ended up exchanging words, and it was clear that there is still a lot of tension between them.

The fans’ reaction to the episode

The fans have spoken, and they are not happy with the latest episode of Basketball Wives In particular, they are not pleased with the way that Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams behaved towards each other.

Evelyn Lozada kicked off the drama by calling out Jennifer Williams for notinviting her to her party. Jennifer responded by saying that she didn’t invite Evelyn because she didn’t want her to start drama with the other guests.

This led to a heated argument between the two women, with both of them exchanging some pretty harsh words. The fans were not happy with either woman’s behaviour, and they took to social media to voice their displeasure.

Some even called for Evelyn Lozada to be removed from the show, saying that her behaviour was unacceptable. Others said that Jennifer should have been more understanding, given that she knows how Evelyn can be.

Overall, it seems like the fans are pretty evenly divided on this issue. What do you think?

What to expect in the next episode

In the next episode, the ladies head to Atlanta for business and pleasure. They visit a dispensary and learn about the benefits of CBD products. Jackie is surprised when she learns that Kristen has been keeping a secret from her. Later, in an effort to make peace with Kristen, Jackie invites her to lunch but things quickly go downhill.

The producers’ thoughts on the season so far

This season of Basketball Wives has been full of drama, and the producers recently sat down to dish on some of the most explosive moments. From Tami’s explosive fight with Jen to Jackie’s tense showdown with Kristen, the producers gave their thoughts on what’s gone down so far.

The biggest bombshell came when Tami got into a physical altercation with Jen during a meetup between the two castmates. After Jen made some hurtful comments about Tami’s children, Tami lost her cool and started swinging. The fight had to be broken up by security, and it ended with both women being escorted out of the building.

The producers said that they were “surprised” by the grapefruit incident between Jackie and Kristen. During a heated discussion, Jackie threw a grapefruit at Kristen, hitting her in the face. The incident led to a lot of backlash online, with many people calling Jackie out for her violent behavior.

Despite all the drama, the producers said that they’re “loving” this season so far. They teased that there’s still plenty of drama to come, so viewers should stay tuned for more exciting episodes.

The cast’s thoughts on the season so far

The Basketball Wives season 10 episode 5 recap starts off with the cast discussing their thoughts on the season so far. Shaunie O’Neal says that she feels like the season has been good so far, but she’s not sure if it’s been great. Jennifer Williams says that the season has been okay, but she’s not sure if it’s been great either. One thing that they both agree on is that they’re both ready for the drama to start.

Tami Roman says that she feels like the season has been dragging on a bit and she’s ready for something to happen. Kristen Scott says that she’s enjoying the season so far, but she’s also ready for the drama to start. Jackie Christie says that she’s having a good time so far and she’s looking forward to see what happens next.

The crew’s thoughts on the season so far

It’s only been a few episodes in to Basketball Wives season 10, but the ladies aren’t wasting any time when it comes to drama.

In episode 5, titled “New York, New Drama,” the ladies continued to air out their grievances with one another. From Evelyn’s feud with Kristen to Jackie and Feby’s fight, there was no shortage of arguments.

Here’s a look at what the crew thought about the episode:

“I’m so over Evelyn and Kristen’s drama. Can’t we just move on?” – @BasketballWivesRecap

“Jackie and Feby need to calm down. All this back and forth is getting old.” – @BBWivesReact

“I can’t believe Tami would say that about Jenn’s mother. That was so low.” – @BWWivesGossip

The fans’ thoughts on the season so far

The fans have spoken and they are not happy with the current season of Basketball Wives Season 10 has been full of drama, and not the good kind. The main storyline this season has been the feud between Jen and Jackie, and the fans are over it.

“I’m so over this season,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “It’s just a bunch of grown women acting like children.”

Another fan echoed that sentiment, writing, “This season is a hot mess. I’m so done with it.”

Some fans are even calling for a boycott of the show, saying they will no longer watch until the drama between Jen and Jackie is resolved.

“I’m done with this show until Jen and Jackie make up,” one person wrote.

Do you agree with the fans? Are you over this season of Basketball Wives?

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