Kim Jong Un Loves Basketball

Who would have thought that the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is a big fan of basketball? It turns out that he loves the sport, and he even has a personal basketball court at his residence.

The Basketball Fan

Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea is a big fan of basketball. He loves the game so much that he had a regulation-size basketball court built in his palace. He has even reportedly met with former NBA player Dennis Rodman to discuss the game.

The die-hard fan

Kim Jong Un is a huge fan of the sport of basketball, and he has been known to show up to games dressed in full Lakers gear. He even had a personal meeting with former Lakers player Dennis Rodman who he is said to be a big fan of. Rodman gifted Jong Un with a signed basketball from the team, which is now on display in his office.

The player

Kim Jong Un is a big fan of basketball, and he particularly loves the player Michael Jordan He has even been known to mimic Jordan’s style of play on the court.

The coach

The coach of the North Korean basketball team says that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is a big fan of the sport.

Ri Myong Hun, who is in charge of the North Korean men’s national Basketball team told CBS News that Kim Jong Un “Loves Basketball

“He always attends our matches and gives us valuable feedback and guidance,” Ri said through a translator.

The referee

When North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was a boy, he loved basketball. He played the game every chance he got, and dreamed of one day being a professional player.

Now that he’s in charge of his country, he’s making sure that everyone has the opportunity to play the game he loves. In fact, basketball is one of the only sports that is truly cherished by the North Korean people.

Of course, with such a love for the game comes a high level of scrutiny for the referees. Kim Jong Un has been known to berate officials who make poor calls, and has even fired them on occasion.

Despite the pressure, being a referee in North Korea is still considered a great honor. After all, it’s one of the few ways to get close to the nation’s leader and see him in action.

The fan’s perspective

As a fan of basketball, it is exciting to see Kim Jong Un’s love for the sport. I hope that this leads to more international cooperation and sportsmanship.

The player’s perspective

As a professional basketball player I have a unique perspective on the game of basketball I have played the game at the highest level and I have seen firsthand the impact that it can have on people’s lives.

I believe that basketball can be a force for good in the world, and I am proud to be a part of that. I am excited to share my love for the game with the people of North Korea, and I hope to see the game grow in popularity in the country.

The coach’s perspective

Basketball is a special game to North Korea. When American Dennis Rodman helped coach the North Korean national basketball team in 2013, it was a moment of hope and goodwill for the two countries, who have been locked in a Cold War for over half a century.

But the game of basketball has a dark history in North Korea. In the late 1990s, when North Korea was struggling to feed its people and grappling with a devastating famine, the country’s leader, Kim Jong Il, is said to have ordered the execution of a top basketball player who dared to challenge him.

Kim Jong Un, the current leader of North Korea, is said to be a big fan of basketball. He even invited NBA Star Dennis Rodman to visit Pyongyang in 2013 and play with him on an exhibition team.

But while basketball may be seen as a symbol of hope and diplomacy by some, it also has a dark history in North Korea.

The referee’s perspective

In basketball, the referee is the one who has the final say on all calls and decisions. They are responsible for making sure that the game is played fairly and within the rules. When it comes to Kim Jong Un, it is no different.

Kim Jong Un loves basketball and is known to be a big fan of the sport. He has even been seen playing himself. However, when it comes to officiating a game, he takes a much different approach.

While Kim Jong Un’s love for basketball is well known, his views on officiating are not as clear. It is believed that he favors a more lenient approach when it comes to calling fouls and awarding Free throws This perspective could be due to his own personal experiences as a player, or simply because he wants to see more scoring in games.

Whatever the reason, it is evident that Kim Jong Un’s views on officiating basketball games are quite different from the traditional perspective. This could lead to someinteresting results if he were ever to referee a game himself.

The game

Basketball is a popular sport all around the world, and Kim Jong Un is no exception. The North Korean leader is known to be a big fan of the game, and he even has his own personal basketball court at his residence.

Kim Jong Un first developed an interest in basketball when he was a student in Switzerland, where he watched Michael Jordan play on TV. He was so impressed with Jordan’s skills that he decided to try the sport himself. After returning to North Korea, he built his own Basketball Court and started playing with his friends.

Kim Jong Un’s love for basketball was further cemented when he met former NBA star Dennis Rodman during a trip to Pyongyang in 2013. The two men bonded over their shared love of the game, and they even played a friendly game of horseshoes together. Since then, Rodman has made several more trips to North Korea, and he has even helped train the country’s national Basketball team

It’s clear that Kim Jong Un is a big fan of basketball, and it seems like the feeling is mutual among NBA players Several stars have voiced their support for the North Korean leader, including Lebron James and Steph Curry So next time you’re watching your favorite team play, remember that there’s at least one fan in Pyongyang cheering them on as well!

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