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Basketball in the County is a blog about the sport of basketball. The blog covers topics such as the history of the sport, the rules of the game, and famous players.


Basketball is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages across the globe. From the NBA to playground pick-up games the popularity of basketball seems to know no bounds. As a result, many governing bodies have begun to invest in the infrastructure necessary to support the game at all levels – including county-level organizations.

This document will provide an overview of basketball in the county, with a focus on competitive league play. It will cover topics such as organization and structure, game rules, player eligibility, and common terms used in basketball.

The County’s Basketball Program

The County’s Basketball Program is a chance for the youth of the county to come together and compete. The program is open to all county residents ages 8-18. The program is divided into two seasons, Fall and Winter, with each season culminating in a tournament. The Fall season runs from September to November, while the winter season runs from January to March.

The County’s Basketball Facilities

The County has a wide variety of facilities for enjoying basketball. From professional courts to outdoor pick-up games, there is something for everyone.

The County has a wide variety of facilities for enjoying basketball. From professional courts to outdoor pick-up games, there is something for everyone.

The County is home to the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets and the WNBA’s Charlotte Sting. The Hornets play their home games at the Spectrum Center, while the Sting used to play at the Charlotte Coliseum.

There are also several college basketball teams in the County, including the UNC Charlotte 49ers, Davidson Wildcats, and Johnson & Wales Wildcats. The 49ers and Wildcats both play their home games at on-campus arenas, while the Johnson & Wales Wildcats play their home games at a local High School

In addition to these organized options for playing basketball there are also many public parks and playgrounds with hoopsters of all ages shooting some hoops.

The County’s Basketball Teams

The County’s basketball teams are a source of great pride for the community. The teams compete in the County Basketball League which is made up of teams from all over the County. The teams in the County are:

-The City team
-The State team
-The Local team
-The Ivy League team
-The National team

The County’s Basketball History

Basketball has a long and storied history in the county. The game was first played here in 1892, and the sport quickly gained popularity. By the turn of the century, there were dozens of organized Basketball teams in the county, including both men’s and women’s teams.

Basketball continued to grow in popularity throughout the early twentieth century. In 1924, the county’s first professional basketball team was formed, and in the years that followed, several other professional teams would call the county home.

The county was also home to one of the nation’s first college basketball programs. The team was started in 1906 at what is now known as State University

Today, basketball is still very popular in the county. There are dozens of amateur and professional teams, and State University remains one of the top college programs in the country.

The County’s Basketball Rivals

The County’s basketball rivals are a huge part of the County’s culture. Every year, the two high schools in the County compete against each other in a basketball game that is broadcasted on television. This game is one of the most important events in the County, and it is always a close match.

The County’s Basketball Fans

The County is home to some of the biggest basketball fans in the country. From die-hard college fans to NBA diehards, there is no shortage of love for the game here. And with so many great teams in the area, it’s no wonder why!

Whether you’re cheering on the Tar Heels the Duke Blue Devils or the Charlotte Hornets you’re sure to find a Basketball Fan base that’s passionate and vocal. So if you’re looking for a place to catch all the action, whether it’s live or on TV, you’ll find plenty of options in the County.

The County’s Basketball Media

Basketball Media in the county is some of the best in the state. The coverage is outstanding, with a wide variety of options for following the sport.

The primary outlet for news and information on basketball in the county is the County Basketball Association website. The site features scoreboards, standings, statistics, and information on all County Basketball teams. In addition, the site has a blog with posts from coaches and players, as well as links to audio and video highlights from games.

In addition to the County Basketball Association website, there are a number of other great sources for basketball news and information in the county. The County Sun Times has a dedicated reporter who covers basketball, and their website features game stories, player profiles, and stats. The County Register also has excellent coverage, with a reporter who covers basketball as well as other sports. Their website features game stories, player profiles, photos, and videos. Lastly, sports radio 1340 AM offers live broadcasts of county basketball games as well as post-game interviews with coaches and players.

The County’s Basketball Future

The County’s basketball future looks bright. With the recent successes of the County’s Basketball team it is clear that the County has what it takes to compete at a high level. The team’s success has inspired many young players to pursue basketball as a career, and the County has the potential to produce many Great players in the future.

The County’s Basketball Legacy

Basketball has a rich tradition in the county, with some of the greatest players in history hailing from the area. The county’s basketball legacy began with players like Lew Alcindor and Magic Johnson who both went on to have hugely successful NBA careers. In recent years the county has continued to produce top basketball talent, with players like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James coming from the area. Basketball is a hugely popular sport in the county, and there is a strong sense of pride among residents for the area’s basketball heritage.

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