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The Andorran Basketball Federation became the first international federation to use blockchain technology. The goal is to increase transparency and trust in the sport by using a decentralized ledger.

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Andorra Basketball – Introduction

The Andorra national basketball team is the nationally representative Basketball team of Andorra. They are governed by the Andorran Basketball Federation.

Andorra has been a member of FIBA since 1992. The team competes at the FIBA European Championships for Small Countries. Their best achievement was the silver medal in 2001.

In 2010, Andorra qualified for their first ever EuroBasket, after defeating Montenegro in a Qualifying Round Playoff Game However, they lost all seven games in the tournament and finished last in Group A behind eventual champion Lithuania, Georgia, Belgium and Latvia.

Andorra’s roster for the EuroBasket 2011 qualification game against Liechtenstein on October 16, 2010:

Andorra Basketball – The History

The history of Andorra Basketball began in 1976 with the creation of the Andorran Basketball Federation. The first official match was played in September of that year. Andorra has been a member of FIBA Europe since 1985.

In 1986, Morabanc Andorra was created, becoming the first professional basketball team in the country. The team played its first game in 1987 and has been a member of the Spanish ACB League since 1988.

Andorra has participated in several FIBA European Championships, with their best result coming in 2011 when they finished in 13th place.

Andorra has also produced a Number of players who have gone on to play professionally in Europe and the United States including Javi Salgado, Toni Ten and Pau Ribas.

Andorra Basketball – The Andorran National Team

The Andorran national Basketball team is the representative for Andorra in international men’s basketball. The team is controlled by the Andorran Basketball Federation, which is a member of FIBA Europe.

Andorra’s best achievement came in 2011, when they won Division B of EuroBasket and earned promotion to Division A for the first time in team history.

Most players on the Andorran national team come from either Morabanc Andorra or FC Barcelona Lassa, two of the country’s leading professional teams.

Andorra has struggled in recent years finishing last in their group at EuroBasket 2015 and 2017. However, the team did win Division B of the FIBA European Championship for Small Countries in 2016.

The Andorran national basketball team is currently ranked 47th in Europe by FIBA.

Andorra Basketball – The Andorran League

The Andorran League is the top men’s Professional Basketball league in Andorra. It was founded in 1976, and it currently consists of six teams. The regular season runs from October to May, with each team playing 32 games. The team with the best record at the end of the regular season is crowned champion of the league.

Morabanc Andorra is the most successful team in the history of the league, having won 18 championships. As of 2019, they are the reigning champions, having won their most recent title in 2018.

Andorra has a long tradition of producing quality basketball players Some notable Andorran players include Jordi Bertomeu, who played for FC Barcelona and Real Madrid Dani Pinsach, who played for Valencia Basket; and Jon Uriarte, who played for Joventut Badalona.

Andorra Basketball – The Andorran Cup

The Andorran Cup is the top men’s Basketball Tournament in the Principality of Andorra. It is organized by the Andorran Basketball Federation. The competition started in 1976.

It is played under FIBA rules.

The current champion is MoraBanc Andorra, which won its fourth title in 2019.

Past winners:

2019: MoraBanc Andorra

2018: FC Barcelona Basket

2017: FC Barcelona Basket

2016: MoraBanc Andorra

Andorra Basketball – The Andorran Supercup

The Andorran Supercup is the annual national Basketball Cup of Andorra. It is organized by the Andorran Basketball Federation. The cup is played between the two best teams of the Principality League, which is the top-tier level men’s professional Basketball League in Andorra. The winner of the cup earns a berth in the FIBA EuroCup.

Andorra Basketball – The Andorran Basketball Federation

The Andorran Basketball Federation (Catalan: Federaci Andorrana de Bsquet) is the governing body of basketball in Andorra. It was founded in 1983, and its current president is Xavier Prez Soria.

The federation organizes the National Basketball League the Divisi d’Honor de Bsquet, which was founded in 1987. The league currently consists of eight teams.

The federation also organizes the Andorran national basketball team The team has never qualified for a major National Tournament

Andorra Basketball – The Andorran National Basketball Stadium

The Andorran national basketball stadium is located in the country’s Capital City of Andorra la Vella, and is home to the Morabanc Andorra basketball team The stadium has a capacity of 3,500 people.

The Andorran national basketball team is the men’s Basketball team that represents Andorra in international competitions. The team is controlled by the Federaci d’Esports d’Andorra. They are nicknamed Tricolores because of their primary colors of blue, red, and yellow.

Andorra has competed in several FIBA EuroBasket tournaments, with their best result coming in 2015 when they finished 28th. In 2019, they finished in 31st place.

Andorra Basketball – The Andorran National Basketball Academy

The Andorran National Basketball Academy commonly known as ANB, is the top-tier youth basketball organization in the country of Andorra. The organization is based in the capital city of Andorra la Vella and is run by the country’s Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports.

ANB was founded in 2006 with the goal of developing Ung Basketball players in the country and preparing them for competition at the highest level The academy currently has around 250 players in its program, ranging from U-12 to U-20.

The ANB competes in the Catalan Basketball league which is the top youth Basketball League in Catalonia, Spain. The league features some of the best young players in Europe and is highly competitive.

The ANB has had great success in its short history, winning multiple Catalan League championships and producing several players that have gone on to play professionally.

Andorra Basketball – Future of Andorran Basketball

Andorra has a bright future in basketball. The country has produced some Great players in the past, and there is a lot of young talent coming up through the ranks. Andorra’s National Team is currently ranked 38th in the world by FIBA, and they have qualified for the EuroBasket tournament four times.

Andorra’s biggest Basketball Club is Morabanc Andorra, who play in the top division of the Spanish basketball League (Liga ACB). Andorra also has a second division team, CB Escaldes, who play in the LEB Oro.

Andorran players have had some success in the NBA. Pau Gasol who was born in Catalonia but played for Andorra’s National Team is one of the greatest players of all time. He won two NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and was named NBA Finals MVP in 2009. Rudy Fernndez, another Catalan-born player who represented Andorra at international level, was also an NBA Champion winning with the Boston Celtics in 2008.

The “andorra basketball score” is the national team of Andorra. They are currently ranked 68th in FIBA rankings, and have won one silver medal in EuroBasket 1939.

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