A Tennis Player Swings And Hits The Ball Away?

Similarly, What is a newton ?( 1?

It is defined as the force required to supply a mass of one kilogram with a one metre per second per second acceleration. In the centimetre-gram-second (CGS) system, one newton equals 100,000 dynes, or around 0.2248 pound in the foot-pound-second (English, or customary) system.

Also, it is asked, How does the force of the tennis racket affect the motion of the ball?

The friction between the ball and the strings of the racquet causes the ball to spin ahead. (1) To add topspin to their strokes, professional tennis players often glide their racquets over the ball. Players, on the other hand, may use a slicing action to add backspin to their strokes.

Secondly, Which statement is the best description of force?

A force is a push or pull on an item caused by the interaction of the thing with another object.

Also, When no net force is applied to a moving object Which statement best describes the effect of the force?

The following are the three laws: If there is no net force acting on an item, its velocity will stay constant. The item is either stationary with no velocity or moving in a straight line at a constant pace.

People also ask, How much does an astronaut weigh out in space far from any planets?

In space, distant from any planets, how much does an astronaut weigh? Nothing because nothing is pressing down on him. What type of course would the planets take if the sun’s gravitational pull suddenly ceased operating on them?

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How many Newtons can a human push?

At the greatest reach at the above site, the strongest push strength was always present. In the sitting position, males’ maximal push strength was 227 N, while in the standing position, it was 251 N. In the sitting position, females’ maximal push strength was 96 N, while in the standing position, it was 140 N.

What type of motion is a tennis ball?

Rotational Motion, Center of Mass, and Moment of Inertia: In tennis, rotational motion is very important. A tennis ball’s rotating motion, or spin, influences its trajectory through the air as well as how it bounces.

What type of collision occurs when a tennis racket hits a ball?

When the ball strikes the tennis racquet and bounces off of it, the concept of elastic collision is shown.

How are strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force alike?

The strong force is responsible for binding protons and neutrons together and has a range of around the width of an atomic nucleus. The weak force has a significantly narrower range, much less than the width of a proton.

What do you call the movement of object brought about by force?

A push or pull on an item is defined as force. Gravity, friction, and applied force are examples of forces. Changes in the speed or direction of motion are caused by force. Acceleration is the term for these developments.

Which action results the combination of gravity and inertia working on the moon?

The moon’s gravitational attraction draws the ocean’s waters toward it on the “near” side of the Earth (the side facing the moon), resulting in a bulge. Inertia rules on the other side of the planet, causing a second bulge. Gravity and inertia combine to form two bulges of water in this fashion.

What would happen to the motion of a moving object if a force opposite the direction of its motion is applied into it?

When a force is applied in the opposite direction of motion, it opposes the object’s motion and reduces its speed.

What is term used to describe a force which tries to pull two objects toward each other?

Gravity is a force that seeks to attract two things together. Anything with mass has gravitational attraction. The greater an object’s gravitational attraction is, the more massive it is. The gravitational pull of the Earth holds you on the ground and causes items to fall.

Which statement best describes the motion of an object that is being subjected to two forces of equal magnitude in opposite directions?

Which of the following statements best depicts the motion of an item exposed to two equal-magnitude forces acting in opposing directions? The item is speeding up in the direction of travel.

What would happen if gravity stopped acting on the planets?

The same thing would happen to the Sun, all stars, planets, and black holes if there was no gravity everywhere in the Universe. The whole Universe would dissolve into a soup of atoms and molecules floating in space. That would signal the end of civilization as we know it.

What will happen if I throw a ball in space?

Yes, gravity will ultimately cease to exist in space, as determined by the gravity formula, which uses two values: the mass of the item and the distance between the measured thing and another object.

How heavy is the Earth?

Earth / Mass: 5.972 1024 kg

How many newtons is a punch?

Amateur boxing punching forces are roughly 2500 N. If you weigh 70 kg (154 lbs) and stand stationary, you will exert around 700 N of force on the earth. Punching force is around 3.5 times body mass.

How many newtons is gravity?

In terms of gravity, a 1 kilogram mass experiences a downward force of 9.81 Newtons (I purposefully published just three significant figures). This indicates that the acceleration due to gravity is 9.81 N/kg, which translates to 9.81 m/s2 with correct dimensional analysis.

What is a spin in tennis?

The Science of Tennis|Spin Effect A ball’s spin is a trait that allows it to rotate while travelling in a specified direction (see Magnus effect). Because of its contact with the air, topspin on a tennis ball pushed through the air provides a downward force that causes the ball to dive to the opposite side of the court.

How is physics used in tennis?

They utilize methods like adding weight to the racquet and expanding the “sweet spot” to increase the racquet’s momentum and create greater power. tennis players use the physical laws of momentum, which are defined as an object’s mass multiplied by its velocity, whether they realize it or not.

What are the forces that act on the ball?

Weight, drag, and lift are the forces at work. Lift and drag are two parts of a single aerodynamic force that acts on the ball. Drag works in the opposing direction of motion, whereas lift acts perpendicular to it.

How does Newton’s 3rd law apply to tennis?

The third law of Newton describes how many sports injuries occur. When you hit a tennis ball with greater power, your arm gets more response force from the racket. When you run, the earth strikes your feet with an equal and opposite force each time.

How does Newton’s 2nd law apply to tennis?

Force equals mass times acceleration, according to the second law of motion. Acceleration refers to how quickly a ball picks up speed rather than how rapidly it travels. The second law of Newton may be used to a serving in tennis. The tennis ball’s mass stays constant throughout your serve.

How does inertia apply to tennis?

The moment of inertia controls how much spin the ball gets for a given angular impulse supplied by the racket’s strings, as well as how the ball bounces. The friction between the ball and the court surface causes a significant torque as it bounces.

Is momentum conserved in tennis?

The player will softly throw the ball into the air and extend their arm to make contact with the ball, resulting in a quick shot into their opponent’s half of the court. As a result, the racquet loses a lot of momentum while the system keeps the same amount of momentum.

What common particles are made of quarks?

Protons and neutrons, which make up an atom’s nucleus, are made out of quarks. There are three quarks in each proton and neutron. A quark is a fast-moving energy point.

How are gravity and electromagnetic force similar?

The two protons are attracted to each other by gravity since they each have mass. They repel each other electromagnetically because they both have a positive electric charge. They also have an inherent “color” charge, which attracts them through the strong nuclear force.

Which subatomic particles are affected by electromagnetic force?

The electromagnetic force attracts negatively charged electrons to positively charged atomic nuclei, causing atoms to join together to create bulk matter.


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