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This question is about the NBA in the 1970s.

The 70s players NBA is a blog that discusses the best players from the 70s. The blog includes a list of all the player’s statistics, as well as their career highlights and accomplishments.

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The 70s NBA- a time of Great players and teams

The 70s NBA was a decade of great players and teams. Some of the teams that dominated the league were the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks These teams had some of the greatest players to ever play the game Some of the players that defined this era were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Bill Russell Julius Erving Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson The 70s was a time when the NBA was on the rise and becoming one of the most popular sports in America. However, this decade was also marked by lack of parity and some off-court issues.

The rivalries that made the 70s NBA so great

The 1970s decade was full of legendary NBA players teams, and rivalries. The decade was filled with excitement and anticipation for what each new season would bring. There were a number of newsworthy story lines that kept fans engaged throughout the decade. Some of the most significant events in NBA history took place during the 1970s.

One of the things that made the 70s NBA so great was the intense rivalries between teams and players. These rivalries added an extra layer of excitement to games and made them must-see TV. Some of the most iconic rivalries in NBA history were born in the 70s, including the Lakers-Celtics rivalry and the Willis Reed-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar feud. These intense battles both on and off the court helped make the 70s NBA one of the most exciting decades in Basketball History

The 70s NBA Finals some of the greatest ever

The NBA Finals in the 1970s were some of the greatest ever. The decade was full of talented teams and players. The news | lack of time ‘ has been cited as one of the reasons why the NBA is not as popular as it once was.

The greatest players of the 70s NBA

The 1970s were a decade of great change in the NBA. The league introduced the three-point line allowed players to wear short shorts and implemented the “Red, White & Blue” basketball. The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers dominated the decade, winning a combined eight championships.

As the decade came to a close, there was a changing of the guard. The Celtics dynasty came to an end and the Lakers dynasty began. The 1970s also saw the rise of star players like Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Julius Erving, and Dave Cowens.

Here are the 10 greatest players of the 1970s NBA:

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

2. Julius Erving

3. Dave Cowens

4. John Havlicek

5. Elvin Hayes

6. Walt Frazier

7. Connie Hawkins

8. George Gervin

9. Bob Lanier

10 Rick Barry

The greatest teams of the 70s NBA

The 1970s were one of the most definitive decades in NBA history Many great players, teams, and moments defined the decade, making it one of the most memorable in terms of basketball.

One of the most iconic moments of the decade was when the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers met in the NBA Finals for what would be one of the greatest rivalries in sports history. The two teams met a total of seven times in the Finals, with the Celtics winning five championships.

Another great moment was when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, then with the Milwaukee Bucks made a skyhook shot to win Game 6 of the 1974 NBA Finals against the Celtics. The game is often considered one of the greatest Finals games ever played.

The 1970s also saw some great individual players. Players such as Abdul-Jabbar, Julius Erving, Bob Lanier, and Elvin Hayes were some of the best in the league and are often considered some of the greatest players of all time.

The decade was also marked by some great teams. The New York Knicks won two championships in 1970 and 1973 behind players such as Willis Reed and Walt Frazier. The Los Angeles Lakers won five championships behind stars such as Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson And finally, the Boston Celtics won three championships led by legends such as Bill Russell and John Havlicek.

The most controversial moments of the 70s NBA

The 1970s were a decade of change in the NBA. Teams were beginning to move to larger cities, players were becoming more outspoken, and the league was growing in popularity. However, not everything was positive. There were several controversial moments during the decade that caused divisions among teams, players, and fans.

One of the most controversial moments came during the 1977 playoffs. The Los Angeles Lakers were facing off against the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference Finals. In the final seconds of the game, Lakers player Norm Nixon was fouled by Suns player Gar Heard. Nixon made both Free throws to give the Lakers a one-point lead. The Suns then inbounded the ball and Heard made a basket at the buzzer to win the game. However, officials ruled that the basket did not count because Heard had stepped on the baseline re shooting The basket would have given the Suns a three-point win and a chance to go to the finals, but instead, they lost the series to the Lakers 4-2.

The 1970s also saw players becoming increasingly vocal about their rights and demanding more compensation from team owners. In 1974, several players formed a union called The National basketball players Association (NBPA). The NBPA began bargaining with owners for better salaries and working conditions for players. One of their first demands was for players to be able to have input on decisions made about their contracts. This led to several high-profile contract disputes between owners and players, including Julius Erving and George Gervin in 1976, both of whom threatened to sit out games if they did not get new contracts from their teams.

The NBA was also growing in popularity globally during the 1970s. In 1979, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird joined forces on the Boston Celtics creating one of basketball’s most iconic rivalries. Their first meeting quickly became known as “the greatest game ever played” due to its evenly matched competition and thrilling finish

The biggest changes in the 70s NBA

The National Basketball Association (NBA) saw many changes in the 1970s. This decade was a time of transition for the NBA. The biggest changes in the league were the formation of new teams, the addition of players from overseas, and the integration of African-American players

In 1970, the NBA welcomed two new teams to the league, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Portland Trail Blazers This brought the total number of teams in the NBA to 14. The league would see two more expansion teams in 1974, when the Kansas City Omaha Kings and San Diego Conquistadors joined.

The 1970s also saw a rise in the Number of players from overseas joining NBA teams Players such as Drazen Petrovic and Vlade Divac became some of the first European players to find success in the NBA. This trend would continue into the next decade and beyond, as more International Players began to make their mark on the league.

African-American players also made a big impact on the NBA in the 1970s. Players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Elvin Hayes, and Wes Unseld changed the face of the league. In 1975, Washington Bullets player Ashley McElroy became the first African-American woman to play in an NBA game

The 1970s was a decade of change for the NBA. These changes would shapethe league into what it is today.

The most dominant players of the 70s NBA

The 70s NBA was a decade of great players and even greater teams. Among these was the Los Angeles Lakers led by future Hall of Famers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson The team won five championships in the decade, including three in a row from 2000 to 2002. Other great teams of the era include the Boston Celtics who won two championships in the 70s, and the Philadelphia 76ers, who won one.

The 70s were also a decade of great individual players. Abdul-Jabbar, Johnson, and Julius Erving were all dominant forces in the league. Other great players of the era include George Gervin, Dave Cowens, Pete Maravich Bob Lanier, Connie Hawkins, and Elvin Hayes. These players helped make the 70s one of the most memorable decades in NBA history

The most dominant teams of the 70s NBA

The 1970s were considered by many to be the best decade in NBA history The league was filled with talented players and dominant teams. The Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks were some of the most successful franchises of the decade. These teams had great players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, Willis Reed, Jerry West Oscar Robertson Wilt Chamberlain Julius Erving, Rick Barry, Walt Frazier, Larry Bird Magic Johnson and John Havlicek.

The 70s NBA was also a decade of change. In 1976, the ABA and NBA merged, which resulted in four new teams being added to the league (the Indiana Pacers New York Nets San Antonio Spurs, and Denver Nuggets). The merger also resulted in an influx of talented players from the ABA (such as George Gervin and Julis Erving). The merger changed the landscape of the NBA and made it even more competitive.

Another change that occurred in the 70s was the advent of Free agency In 1975, forward John Havlicek became the first player in NBA history to sign a multi-year contract with a team other than his former team (the Celtics). This set a precedent that would change the way teams assembled their rosters and created more parity in the league.

The 70s were a golden era for the NBA. The level of competition was high and there were many great players and teams. It is hard to compare any other decade to what happened in Basketball during the 1970s.

The legacy of the 70s NBA

In the 1970s, the NBA was a decade of change. The league expanded, adding new teams and players. The game was changing, too, as players became more skilled and the style of play became more fast-paced.

The 1970s were also a decade of transition for the NBA. In 1976, the NBA ABA merger took place. This added four new teams to the league: the New York Nets, the Indiana Pacers the San Antonio Spurs, and the Denver Nuggets The merger also brought in some of the most talented players in NBA history including Julius Erving, George Gervin, and Moses Malone.

The late 1970s were dominated by two teams: the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics These two teams met in the NBA Finals four times in five years, with each team winning twice. The Lakers were led by superstar center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and guard Norm Nixon. The Celtics had a star-studded lineup that included forwards Larry Bird and Kevin McHale and center Robert Parish

The rivalry between these two teams was intense, and it helped to make the 1970s one of the most exciting decades in NBA history

The “best NBA players 70s and 80s” was a time when basketball had rules that were different from today. There are many great players from this era, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird Magic Johnson John Havlicek.

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