1994-95 Topps Basketball

In the early 1990s, Topps was a company that had been around for over 100 years. The company had a monopoly on trading cards and was one of the most profitable companies in America. But in 1994, their sales plummeted by $100 million and they needed to make drastic changes. They did so by introducing an entirely new product line called “Topps Basketball”.

The 1994-95 Topps Basketball checklist is a great resource for anyone who is looking to collect the 1994-95 Topps Basketball cards The checklist includes every card, including rookies and inserts.

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The 1994-95 Topps Basketball set consists of 396 standard size cards. The cards were released in hobby shops and card shops in early February, 1995. The retail set was also released in Factory Set form. This was the first time that Topps had released a basketball set in factory set form. The cards were packaged in 36 count boxes with 10 cards per pack. Each box had two 12 card plastic packs wrapped together with one 24 card cello pack. The suggested retail price for each box was $14.99. This was also the first time that Topps had printed suggested retail prices on their wax wrappers and box lids. Cards number 1-270 make up the base set while cards 271-340 make up the draft picks subset. Cards 341-396 make up the all-rookie subset which features the top rookies from the 1994 Draft Class

What made the 1994-95 Topps Basketball set special?

The 1994-95 Topps Basketball set is one of the most special, and sought-after trading card sets ever produced. The set was released in the midst of the NBAs 50th anniversary season, and Topps commemorated the occasion with a special gold-plated anniversary card of each NBA player included in the set. In addition, each box of cards contained one randomly inserted gold-plated Golden Anniversary card of an NBA legend The set is also notable for its sleek design and for being the first Topps Basketball set to include player photos on the front of the cards.

The cards themselves

The 1994-95 Topps Basketball Set consists of 264 cards, each measuring 2-1/2″ by 3-1/2″. The fronts feature full-bleed color action player photos with white and silver borders. The card backs are printed on silver foil, and contain career statistics, biographical information, and a play-by-play account of a key moment in the player’s season.Card 102 features Anfernee Hardaway on the front, and is entitled “Rookie Dominance.”

The checklists are arranged by team, and there are two cards for each team. There is also a subset of cards featuring the league’s top rookies. Each rookie card is numbered to 2300 copies. Rounding out the set are cards 201-264, which feature League Leaders in various statistical categories. Card 264 is a checklist card.

The players in the set

The 1994-95 Topps Basketball Set consists of 396 cards. The cards are numbered from 1 to 396. The set was released in two series, each of which contains 198 cards. Series one cards were released in November 1994 and series two cards were released in February 1995.

The set is arranged in chronological order, with the earliest releases at the beginning of the set and the most recent releases at the end of the set. There are a variety of different card types in the set, including player cards, team cards, rookie cards and All-Star cards. The vast majority of the cards in the set are player cards, but there are also a small number of team cards and rookie cards

The set includes several notable players, such as Michael Jordan Shaquille O’Neal, Anfernee Hardaway, Hakeem Olajuwon Scottie Pippen Magic Johnson and Jerry West

The rookies in the set

The rookies in the set are:

-Rookie of the Year Candidates: Grant Hill Glenn Robinson, and Jason Kidd

-All-Star Rookies: Bryant Stith, Jamal Mashburn, Chris Gatling, and Eric Montross.

-Future Stars: Anfernee Hardaway, Donyell Marshall, and Juwan Howard

The Hall of Famers in the set

The 1994-95 Topps Basketball Set was released in two series of 264 and 252 cards, respectively, for a total of 516 cards. The cards were packed in 10-card foil packs with 36 packs per box and 12 boxes per case. As was customary with most Topps Basketball sets of the era, the first series focused on the leagues veterans while the second series introduced the rookie class. Notable rookie cards in the set include #361 Jason Kidd and #365 Grant Hill

The set is highlighted by numerous Hall of Famers including Michael Jordan (#1), Magic Johnson (#150), Larry Bird (#300), Karl Malone (#325) and Scottie Pippen (#400). Other notables include Shaquille ONeal (#1), Anfernee Hardaway (#250) and Hakeem Olajuwon (#400).

The All-Stars in the set

The All-Stars in the set are |Michael Jordan Shaquille O’Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon, Anfernee Hardaway, Magic Johnson David Robinson Patrick Ewing Clyde Drexler Scottie Pippen Dominique Wilkins Charles Barkley Joe Dumars | Karl Malone and John Stockton

The key cards in the set

The key cards in the set are Michael Jordan (#1), Charles Barkley (#122), Hakeem Olajuwon (#150), and Shaquille O’Neal (#250). The most Valuable Cards in the set are the Michael Jordan cards. A Complete Set of Topps basketball from 1994-95 can be worth up to $5,000.

The value of the cards today

Topps basketball cards are some of the most popular on the market. The 1994-95 Topps Basketball set is one of the most highly sought after by collectors. A complete set in mint condition can be worth up to $1,500. A box of 36 packs can sell for $200 or more. Check your local card shop or search online to find the value of your 1994-95 Topps basketball cards


Topps offers a wide selection of basketball cards Their 1994-95 set features NBA Stars in exciting game action. The cards are prints of actual photographs, and many of the cards are autographed. You can find Topps basketball cards in many shops that sell sports cards The set is reasonably priced, and the cards are well made.

The 1994-95 Topps Basketball set is a great way to start collecting NBA Cards The set includes all of the NBA’s Top Players and the cards are reasonably priced. If you’re a fan of basketball or collect NBA memorabilia this set is a must-have.

The “1994 topps basketball cards most valuable” is a set of Trading Cards from the NBA. The set includes cards from the 1994-95 season.

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