1994-95 Stadium Club Basketball

The 1994-95 Stadium Club Basketball season was a memorable one for the Chicago Bulls They won the championship in an exciting seven game series against the Phoenix Suns and Michael Jordan announced his retirement from basketball.

The 1994 Topps Stadium Club basketball most Valuable Cards are the 1994-95 edition of the NBA. These cards were produced by Topps and have a set size of 890. The cards have been certified as being authentic by Upper Deck Authenticated, Inc.

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The 1994-95 Stadium Club basketball card set was released by Topps in February, 1995. This 396-card set was distributed in 12-card foil packs, with a suggested retail price of $2.49 per pack. Card fronts feature full-bleed color action photography. The horizontally formatted backs carry player information, biographical data and career statistics.The cards are numbered on the back with a ‘(ST)’ prefix, followed by the card number. For example, card number 1 is ‘ST1’ and card number 396 is ‘ST396’. A 42-card subset spotlighting the top NBA rookies of 1994-95 is inserted 1:4 packs and carries a gold foil ‘1st Day Issue’ stamp on the front. Rookies are also randomly inserted into other cello packs as well as into first series factory sets (cards 251-294). In addition, each 24-pack case contains one autographed card randomly inserted. Cards 295-396 (the last 92 cards of the regular set) were never released in packs, but they were included in first series factory sets. The Rookie subset cards are very difficult to find in high grade due to their predecimal designations (1:3 – RC58; 1:5 – RC44; etc.).

The Card

The 1994-95 Stadium Club Basketball set was released in February 1995 and consisted of 300 cards that were grouped in 30-card packs with a suggested retail price of $2. Topps also released a special Factory Set containing all 300 cards as well as nine bonus cards. Card #1 features Shaquille O’Neal of the Orlando Magic on the front andchecklists for the entire set on the back. Cards #2-#301 feature veterans and rookies with posed or action photographs on the fronts and biographical information and statistics on the backs. The player’s name appears in a gold banner at the bottom front of each card while his team logo is featured in a gold circle at lower right. The backs also include an embossed gold shooting star. rookie cards are designated by a gold foil rookie logo in the lower left front corner while veterans are identified by their year(s) of experience (1=rookie, 2=second year, etc.) in parentheses after their position designation which appears above their team name. A gold foil “Stadium Club” logo is situated above the position/experience designation while a gold stripe runs along both sides of each card. A crossed basketballs motif appears at the top of each card back. The nine additional cards that were available only in factory sets feature four players from each conference who were selected for that season’s All-Star game

The Design

The design for the 1994-95 Stadium club basketball set was pretty similar to the inaugural release. Card fronts had glossy photography with a large vignette. A gold foil “STADIUM CLUB” logo was at the top, with the player’s name and position underneath in white print. The team logo, found in a gold foil circle, was in the bottom left corner while the Topps logo occupied the bottom right portion. Backs featured a single color head shot of the player on top of a bar that carried his name and vital statistics. At the bottom were two action shots separated by small stripes. Vertical checklists were also included on card backs and featured gold foil highlights. Unlike most Topps Basketball sets of this era, cards were not numbered on the back and instead used shield shaped “TC” logos to signify how many cards were in each factory set (140).

The 1994-95 Stadium Club Basketball set consisted of 140 cards that were released in two series of 70 cards each. The first series was issued to hobby outlets while the second series was only available through retail stores. Each pack contained eight cards and 24 packs composed a box. Card numbering for this set began with #1 (Michael Jordan – Chicago Bulls) and ended with #140 (Greg Ostertag – Utah Jazz). There is also one chase card inserted into each box which featured Shaquille O’Neal on one side and Hakeem Olajuwon on the other (#Shaq/Hakeem). These cards were die cut so that only Shaq or Hakeem would be visible depending on how you held them.

The Set

The 1994-95 Topps Stadium Club Basketball set consists of 300 cards, numbered 1 through 300, featuring veterans and rookies. The Veterans subset cards (1-180) feature color action photos on the fronts with gold foil highlights and player information on the backs. TheRookie subset cards (181-300) feature black and white action photos on the fronts with gold foil highlights and player information on the backs. Card number 1 is Shaquille O’Neal of the Magic, and card number 300 is Anfernee Hardaway, also of the Magic.

The front of each card has a gold foil “1994-95 Topps Stadium Club” logo in the lower left corner. The player’s name and position are printed in white above the photo except on the Veteran subset cards where they are printed in gold foil. The backs have biographical information, career statistics, and a handwritten signature in gold ink (if applicable). Rookie subset cards also have a statistic icon next to certain categories which denote outstanding statistics.

The Checklist

The 1994-95 Stadium Club basketball set was released by Topps in February 1995. The set consisted of 300 cards, numbered 1-300. The cards were printed on thin card stock and featured full-bleed color photography on the front, with a small headshot in the upper left corner. The back of the cards featured a short biography, statistics andTopps game Card Prices.

This set is notable for its use of foil stamping on the front of the cards, as well as its “double-sided” design, with two different photos on each card (one on the front and one on the back). The set was also released in a factory set, which included an exclusive Bonus Card not available in packs.

The Players

The 1994-95 Stadium Club basketball set was released in two series of 200 and 220 cards, respectively, in November 1994 and March 1995. Card designs were the same for both series except for the inclusion of a gold foil “Topps” logo on the first series cards #1-200. The fronts feature full-bleed player photos printed on hologram foil paper. The card backs carry50C277 player biographies, statistics, and career highlights printed silver on a black background. rookie cards in this set include Michael Finley and Rasheed Wallace. A 22-Card Team Stadium Club subset is sprinkled throughout the 200-card first series. Each Team Stadium Club card has color action shots of five players from that team on the front with complete career statistics printed in silver on a black back ground. Also randomly inserted in packs were 18 Joe Dumars Coaches Court Cards featuring up close color photos of head coaches along with their career accomplishments (1:11 packs). The nine members of the Dream Team II are spotlighted in the 50C277 second series Checklist Card subset (1:6 packs). inserts not mentioned are described as follows: Icon Autographs (21 cards) – Hologramm33ed Autograph Cards with serial numbered to 2400; Icon Previews (22 cards) – serial numbered to 7000 and found one per box; porrofile Previews (74 cards) – subset introduced half-way through each 200 card production run; Beam Team Gold Cards(7 cards + 1 gold enamel charm) – 1:365 packs; Beam Team Silver Cards(47 cards + 1 silver enamel charm) – 1:144 packs; All-Rookies HoloFoils Cards(13 cards + 1 parallel card)- 1:48 retail packs only, 1/100 mail away order only; Beam Team CharmmaniaDie Cut Cars(23 charms + 1 keychain)- box topper available at 3 per box case; Flair Wave of The FutureHolday Prismatic Stickers Letters(5 sets=- found 1 set per cello pack); Flair Wave of The FutureLocker room(20 keychains = found 5 per 240 ct. case).

The Prices

The 1994-95 Stadium Club Basketball Set was released in two series, each containing 132 cards. Series one was released in October 1994 and series two followed in February 1995. The set was released exclusively through Topps’ Stadium Club mail-order service and each card was individually numbered on the back. The fronts feature a glossy photograph of the player with a colored border, while the backs display biographical information and statistics.

Series one cards are numbered 1-132 and feature players from all 29 NBA teams Series two cards are also numbered 1-132 but only feature players from 14 of the 29 teams. This second series was released after several trades had been made during the season, resulting in many players appearing on multiple teams throughout the course of the set. In addition to the standard cards, there were also 20 checklists (two per series) and four information cards included in the set.

The 1994-95 Stadium Club basketball set is notable for being one of the first sets to include rookie cards of future superstars Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett. Each card from both series is considered equally scarce and therefore, the prices for individual cards do not fluctuate based on series. However, due to their desirability, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett cards typically sell for a premium above other cards from the set.

The Variations

The 1994-95 Stadium Club Basketball Set was released in two series, each containing 220 cards. The first 220 cards comprise the base set while cards 221-440 make up the second series. For collectors looking to complete their set, there are many different variations of each card. The following is a list of some of the most popular variations:

Topps released two versions of the base set, one with gold foil and one without. In addition, there are four different subsets: All-Star Rookies (1-10), All-Star Veterans (31-40), USA Basketball (121-130), and“ ’95 Hall of Fame Inductees (421-430). Each subset has a gold foil and non-foil version as well.

The prices for 1994-95 Stadium Club basketball cards vary depending on the card and its condition, but a Complete Set in mint condition can fetch upwards of $2,000.

The Error

The Error:

There is an error in the 1994-95 Stadium Club Basketball Set Card number 279 features Lonnie Shelton of the Cleveland Cavaliers but Shelton’s name is misspelled “Lenny.” The error was corrected in future printings of the set.

The 1994-95 Stadium Club Basketball set was produced by Topps and released in two Series. Series one consisted of 220 cards and Series two had 180 cards. The 400-card set featured color action player photos on the front with biographical information and statistics on the back. The cards were numbered 1-400 andChecklists were included on the card backs for each Series as well as a complete master checklist card (#381).

One of the more popular subsets in the set was “Team MVP” which featured one player from each NBA team who was considered that team’s Most Valuable Player for the 1993-94 season. The subset cards were numbered 221-240 in Series one and 381-400 in Series two. Othersubsets included “Club Tricolor” (#1-10), “Golden Touch” (#211-215), “Champ’s” (#216-220), and “Rookie Checklists” (cards #241-254 and #401-414). Each subset had its own unique design which differentiated it from thebase cards.

Prices for individual 1994-95 Stadium Club basketball cards have remained strong over the years with many key rookie cards selling for several hundred dollars or more. The Lonnie Shelton Error card listed above has sold for over $200 on several occasions. A complete set in mint condition is worth around $2,000.

The Conclusion

The conclusion of the 1994-95 Stadium Club Basketball set was relatively straight-forward as Topps had released a full 576 card set a few months before the end of the NBA season The final checklist was included on the back of card #575, Shawn Bradley, and there were no other insert cards or special offers included in packs at the very end. Interestingly enough, card #576, Hakeem Olajuwon All-Star, is usually considered part of the base set by many collectors although it was technically an insert card. Prices for unopened boxes from this era have held up well and a mint condition box can still be purchased for around $80.

The “1993-1994 Topps Stadium Club basketball cards value” is a card set released in 1994-1995. It has a total of 100 cards and includes the Top Players from that year.

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