14th Region Basketball Kentucky

The Kentucky Wildcats are one of the most successful basketball teams in NCAA history. If you’re a fan of this team, then you’ll love to know that they have won three national titles and made it to nine Final Fours. They also hold the record for winning the most games in a season with 38 wins.

The khsaa regions map is a map of the 14th Region Basketball Kentucky.

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14th Region Basketball – Kentucky

The 14th Region is a region in southeastern Kentucky. It is home to Breathitt County, Knott County, Lee County Owsley County, Perry County and Wolfe County. The 14th Region Tournament is a boys’ and girls’ Basketball Tournament held annually in Hazard, Kentucky. It is one of 16 region tournaments held throughout the state and one of five in the Eastern Kentucky Athletic Conference The tournament determines the regional champions of the 14th Region, who then advance to the Sweet Sixteen State Tournament

The 14th Region has been one of the most successful regions in the state in terms of basketball success. The region has produced two State Champions (Breathitt County in boys’ basketball and Knott Central in girls’ basketball), five Sweet Sixteen runners-up (Lee County in boys’ basketball and Breathitt County, Knott Central, Hazard and Perry County Central in girls’ basketball) and numerous other successful teams.

The region has also been home to some of the best players in the state’s history, including Basketball Hall of Famer Sam Perkins, who played his High School ball at Jessee Wells Community Center; former University of Kentucky star Jody Conradt; former University of Louisville star Darrell Griffith; and current NBA player Jamal Murray, who played his high school ball at Beacon Academy.

The 14th Region Tournament

The 14th Region Tournament is an annual high school Basketball Tournament in the U.S. state of Kentucky. The tournament determines the regional champion, who advances to the Kentucky Sweet Sixteen State Tournament It is one of 16 tournaments held across the state each year.

The 14th Region consists of schools from Breathitt, Floyd, Knott, Lee, Magoffin, Morgan, and Wolfe counties.

The boys’ tournament has been held every year since 1949; the girls’ tournament started in 1977. (There was no girls’ tournament from 1987 to 1990 due to a flood.)

The Kentucky Basketball Tournament

The Kentucky Basketball Tournament is a annual tournament held in the 14th region of the state of Kentucky. The tournament is for both boys and Girls Basketball teams. The tournament is normally held in late February or early March, but due to the great flood of 2019, the tournament was pushed back to late April.

The Sweet Sixteen

Every year in the state of Kentucky, high school Basketball teams compete in a tournament to determine who will be the regional champion. The tournament is divided into four regions, each representing a different area of the state. The 14th Region, which includes Breathitt County, is one of the most competitive regions in the state.

In recent years the 14th Region has been represented by both boys’ and girls’ teams in the Sweet Sixteen, the round of sixteen teams in the statewide tournament. This year, both the boys’ and girls’ teams from Breathitt County are once again competing for a spot in the Sweet Sixteen.

The boys’ team is coached by Jason Brown, who has led the team to a record of 27-3 so far this season. The girls’ team is coached by Kathy White, who has led her team to a record of 25-5.

The 14th Region Basketball Tournament will be held at Breathett Memorial High School on March 15th-17th.

The Elite Eight

The Elite Eight is the third round of the Kentucky High School Basketball Tournament The top two teams from each of the four regions in the state advance to this round.

The 14th Region is made up of Breathitt, Clay, Floyd, Johnson, Knott, Magoffin, Martin, and Perry counties. In the boys’ tournament, there have been five 14th Region teams to advance to the Elite Eight: Breathitt County in 1976, Hazard in 1978 and 1979, Knott Central in 2002, and Perry Central in 2003 and 2004. In the girls’ tournament, there have been three 14th Region teams to reach the Elite Eight: Betsy Layne in 1998 and 1999 and Floyd Central in 2005.

The Final Four

It’s that time of year again! The Boys and Girls Basketball Tournament is in Full Swing and the 14th Region is well represented with several teams still in the hunt for a state championship

The boys tournament got underway on Wednesday, March 6th with Breathitt County taking on Floyd Central in the first round. The Bobcats pulled off the upset and advanced to play top-seeded Prestonsburg in the second round. Unfortunately, their run came to an end as they fell to the Blackcats by a score of 65-59.

The girls tournament started on Thursday, March 7th with Letcher County Central facing off against Estill County. The Lady E-girls came out on top with a final score of 63-51. They will take on George Rogers Clark in the second round on Saturday, March 9th.

Floyd Central and Knott Central will represent the 14th Region in the Sweet Sixteen round of the boys tournament, while Floyd Central, Knott Central, and Letcher County Central will represent the region in the Sweet Sixteen round of the girls tournament.

The 13th Region is also well represented in both tournaments with several teams still alive in the hunt for a state championship In the boys tournament, Powell County and Jackson County will represent the region in the Sweet Sixteen, while Powell County, Jackson County, and Clay County will represent the region in the Sweet Sixteen round of the girls tournament.

As always, we’ll be keeping an eye on all of our local teams and we’ll be sure to update you on their progress as they continue their journey through the state tournament!

The National Championship

The National Championship is the highest level of competition in 14th region basketball. The tournament is open to any boys’ or girls’ team from a region or state that qualifies. The Breathitt County boys’ team has won the most championships, with eight titles. The girls’ team from Knott County Central is the most successful team in the region, with six titles.

The NCAA Tournament

The NCAA tournament is a single-elimination tournament of 68 teams that compete in seven rounds for the National Championship The first round is known as the play-in round and features four games between the lowest-seeded teams in each region. The tournament then proceeds to the Round of 64, where the remaining teams are seeded according to their regular season records and conference tournament results.

The 14th Region is located in the state of Kentucky and is made up of Breathtt County and several surrounding counties. The region is home to many high-quality basketball programs both at the collegiate and high school level.

In recent years the 14th Region has been represented well in the NCAA Tournament with both boys’ and girls’ teams making deep runs. In 2019, the 14th Region boys’ team made it all the way to the Elite Eight before losing to eventual National Champion Virginia. The girls’ team has also had success in recent years making it to the Sweet Sixteen in 2018 and 2019.

With so much success on the hardwood, it’s no surprise that basketball is a big deal in the 14th Region. From die-hard fans to casual observers, everyone seems to have a rooting interest in the tournament – even those who don’t necessarily follow college basketball on a regular basis.

So whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, there’s no doubt that you’ll be tuned into the action when March Madness rolls around each year.

The Road to the Final Four

The Kentucky high school Athletic Association (KHSAA) is the governing body for all high school sports in the state of Kentucky. The KHSAA oversees the 14th Region boys’ and girls’ Basketball Tournaments which are held each year to determine the regional champions.

The 14th Region is made up of schools from the following counties: Breathitt, Floyd, Johnson, Magoffin, Morgan, and Pike. In order to be eligible to compete in the regional tournament a team must first win its district tournament

The 14th region has been historically one of the most competitive regions in the state. In recent years, however, Breathitt County has emerged as the dominant force in regional basketball From 2006 to 2011, either the boys’ or girls’ team from Breathitt County won the regional championship every year.

In 2012, the region was hit hard by floods that caused widespread damage to schools and athletic facilities. As a result, the KHSAA decided to cancel the regional tournament that year.

The 14th Region has sent several teams to the Final Four in recent years. In 2009, both Prestonsburg High School’s boys’ team and Hazard High School’s girls’ team made it to the semi-finals before losing. In 2010, again both Prestonsburg and Hazard made it to the semi-finals before losing. Piarist School’s boys’ team made it to State Finals in 2011 but lost to Owensboro Catholic in triple overtime.

The Road to the National Championship

The Road to the National Championship begins in Breathitt County for the 14th Region boys and girls basketball teams. The tournament starts on Tuesday, March 3rd with the first round of play. The boys will play at 6:00pm and the girls will play at 8:00pm. The 14th Region is made up of Breathitt, Estill, Powell, and Wolfe counties. These four counties make up the 14th Region of Kentucky.

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