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WWE NXT Takeover:  Brooklyn IV Live From Brooklyn, New York

Saturday, August 18th, 2018

Commentators:  Mauro Ranallo, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuiness

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Match Number 1:  The Undisputed Era (NXT Tag Team Champs) Vs Mustache Mountain for the NXT Tag team Championship

Tyler Bate was the star of this match, with the flying, and the strength this young man has, the sky is the limit.  Mauro Ranallo calls this a “Tag Team Trilogy” that ends with Undisputed Era retaining their Tag Titles, using a High-Low Total Elimination, pinning Trent Seven.

The War Raiders show up after the match, destroying Undisputed Era.  They are next.

Winners, and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions:  Undisputed Era, by pinfall

Who Attacked Aleister Black?

Match Number 2:  EC3 Vs Velveteen Dream

Dream wore his tights that said “Call Me Up Vince” and he showed he deserves that call.  Nailed a Velveteen Dream Driver, but EC3 kicked out of that, but later in the match, nails another Velveteen Dream Driver, plays off of EC3’s neck, and nails a Dream Elbow, for the pinfall.  Is Dream heading to WWE?  For tonight, he is the winner.

Winner:  Velveteen Dream, by pinfall

Matt Riddle Is In The House!!

Match Number 3:  Adam Cole (NXT North American Champ) Vs Ricochet for NXT North American Championship


This was quite the ending with numerous kicks between the two men.  Cole did everything he could to pin Ricochet, but “The One and Only” showed what he can do, nailing the 630 Splash, becoming just the 2nd ever NXT North American Champion.

Winner, and NEW NXT North American Champion:  Ricochet, by pinfall

Kevin Owens and Mark Henry Are In The House

Match Number 4:  Shayna Blaszer (NXT Women’s Champ) Vs Kairi Sane, for the NXT Women’s Championship

A HUGE upset we have here, Kairi found her killer instinct, nails 2 Insane Elbows, but Shayna found a way to kick out.  Right when Shayna has Kairi set up for a Kirifuda Clutch, Kairi rolls up Blaszer, and becomes the new NXT Women’s Champion.

Winner, and NEW NXT Women’s Champion:  Kairi Sane, by pinfall

Match Number 5:  Tommaso Ciampa (NXT Champ) Vs Johnny Gargano for the NXT Championship in a Last Man Standing Match

What a story this was told by both men.  Pure anger and hate controlled this match, and at the end, it was Johnny’s downfall.  We had the ring torn up again, mat replaced, chairs, crutches, Tommaso nails Johnny through the barricade, yet somehow, Johnny found a way to get up.  We have the handcuffs brought back again, like the last time.  Ciampa once again had the handcuffs on.  Gargano was fighting Ciampa, with Tommaso saying he is sorry, but that was not enough.  Now, the kneepad comes off, and Johnny was all set with the running kick.  Johnny went full-speed on the platform, and run right across the other side.  Tommaso stood up at 9, while Johnny can’t stand up, and he might have dislocated his knee.  Tommaso survives again, and is still our NXT Champion.

Winner, and STILL NXT Champion:  Tommaso Ciampa

Kevin’s Thoughts:

We see footage of Johnny being helped by officials, what an incredible story these two men told at the end.  This has to go on as one of the best rivalries of NXT.  2 title changes tonight, and both were unexpected, especially the Women’s Championship match.  But these men and women put the show on, with the best match belonging to the main event.  The story does not end with these two, and where will Aleister Black fit in?  We may find out at the November Takeover.  But the NXT crew sent a message tonight, now it’s up to the Summerslam crew to answer the challenge, and even top it.  Speaking of Summerslam, I will be on hand tomorrow evening, with the Kick-off at 5:00.  So keep checking throughout the night, share me your thoughts about tonight’s show.

WWE NXT TakeOver:  Brooklyn IV Quick Match Results:

**Undisputed Era (C) def Mustache Mountain, by pinfall, and retains NXT Tag Team Championship

**Velveteen Dream def EC3, by pinfall

**Riochet def Adam Cole (C), by pinfall, to win NXT North American Championship

**Kairi Sane def Shayna Blaszer (C), by pinfall to win NXT Women’s Championship

**Tommaso Ciampa (C) def Johnny Gargano in a Last Man Standing Match, to retain NXT Championship