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WWE Monday Night Raw, Live From Brooklyn, New York

Monday, August 20th, 2018

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Jonathan Coachman, and Corey Graves

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In-Ring Segment:  Roman Reigns

The Brooklyn crowd is telling Roman he sucks, but truth be told, Roman has the gold.  Roman is a man of his word.  He said he was going to beat Brock Lesnar, and he did.  Roman also said when he won this, he was going to defend it, and he plans on doing just that tonight.  Typically, he would make it easy for anyone who wants to step up.  But he has one man in mind.  He actually won this title, but he got hurt, and never had this title match again.  And since he won this title in Brooklyn, he will do it again tonight, and will face Finn Balor.

Balor comes out to the ring.  What’s up Roman?  I accept that challenge, and he is taking back his title tonight.  Roman says let’s make it official, and they shake hands.

Constable Corbin disagrees with this.  Corbin was set to face Finn Balor the man, but he no-showed, and The Demon showed up instead.  It was a breach of contract, and with the lights, the smoke, he never heard the bell ring.  So that did not happen.  He will face Finn Balor, the man.

Roman stops him, and says they are booing his dumb ass.  Baron said the only reason he won last night because Brock paid more attention to Braun than Roman.

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring, and says he makes the matches, not Corbin.  He doesn’t care what he thinks, he only cares about what Brooklyn thinks.  So he asks Brooklyn if they want to see Balor Vs Roman, and they all agree.  So it’s official.  Baron has a match, and it’s against Lashley.

Match Number 1:  Bobby Lashley Vs Constable Corbin

This was just too long a of a match here, Lashley should have destroyed Corbin, but he did with his Dominator.

Winner:  Bobby Lashley, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman

Heyman is here to inform Kurt his client Brock Lesnar wants his rematch clause.  Kurt tells Heyman he has a fighting champion now, and it will be a long, long, long time before Brock gets his rematch.  Heyman agrees with this, and thinks Brock should get his rematch at Hell in a Cell.  Kurt said it will be a cold day in hell before that happens.

Tonight:  WWE Universal Championship

Tonight:  New Raw Women’s Champion

Next:  Undertaker Vs HHH…One Last Time

Backstage Segment:  Kurt and Corbin

Now Corbin is bitching about what Kurt booked.  Baron tells Kurt Stephanie is here tonight, and he will talk to her.

Video:  HHH Vs The Undertaker at WWE Super Show-down

Tonight:  HHH Is Here Live

Match Number 2:  The Boss and Hug Connection and Ember Moon Vs The Riott Squad

Once again, the teamwork of The Riott Squad controlled this match, and found a way to win, with Ruby pinning Banks with a Riott Kick.

Winner:  The Riott Squad, by pinfall

Next:  HHH

In-Ring Promo:  HHH

NXT chants going on here.  It’s been quite the weekend.  NXT blew the roof off this place Saturday night.  Summerslam took it to another place.  HHH sat in the back, and he did it because he is a fan, and he promises to us he will continue to do this, until he dies.  But moments like this wants HHH to lace the boots up, and tear the suit off and become “The Game” again.  Which is why when Vince came up to him and said they made a deal with Australia, and wanted HHH to wrestle again, he said hell yeah.  80,000 people in Melbourne, Austrailia, he said hell yeah.  But when Vince said he wants him to face The Undertaker, he said hell no.  But not for the reason you think.  There was a moment in their Hell in a Cell match with Taker.  It was built as “The End of an Era”, he, Taker, and Shawn Michaels stood at the top of the ramp, and we get HBK chants.  So HHH will say this, that moment is as real as it gets in this business.  That moment will be with legends all together, standing on that ramp.  Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, two men who took this business where it was, that moment changed them.  Shawn Michaels is gone.  “The Streak” is done.  The Undertaker put his hat in the middle of the ring.  HHH would take his tape off, put his suit on, it was done.  That era is gone.  They all talked about that.  That feeling is gone.  That sound is gone.  And not to sound like an old man, but their era was something special.  For the same reason and respect he said no, he picked up the phone, called Vince and said he is in.  He will take off this suit.  He will tape up again, lace his boots, and be THE GAME again.  If The Undertaker picks up the hat, and be THE PHENOM again.  So on October 6th, in Melbourne Australia, that sound is back.  That goosebumps is back, THAT ERA IS BACK!!  Because The Game will face The Phenom ONE LAST TIME.

I can’t wait to see that.

Last Night:  Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar

Tonight:  Reigns Vs Balor for Universal Championship

Tonight:  Ronda Rousey New Raw Women’s Champion

Match Number 3:  Dean Ambrose Vs Dolph Ziggler


This was an awesome match.  All 4 men work perfectly together.  Drew kept getting involved, and Seth kept countering.  The moment came when Drew and Ziggler attacked Rollins, Dean came right back, put Ziggler in the ring.  Seth flew from the ring, and right onto McIntyre, and Dean caught Ziggler’s kick, and flipped him right into Dirty Deeds for the win.

Winner:  Dean Ambrose, by pinfall

Next:  Elias

Backstage Segment:  Balor and Braun

Balor is getting ready, Braun shows up, and says like last night, he is saying this to everyone’s faces.  He shows Finn the briefcase, and says good luck tonight.

In-Ring Concert:  Elias

Hello, I am Elias.  Now after last night, it’s clear someone is trying to destroy what he is.  He has already fired 3 camera people, and clearly someone doesn’t understand that WWE stands for Walk With Elias.  I was supposed to perform last night, but he received a call from his doctor, pleading to Elias not to perform in Brooklyn.  People in Brooklyn is not good for his health, but he said Doc, I need to perform, so he needs us all to shut our mouths.

Curt Hawkins interrupts him.  Elias wants to be number 1, well he can be the first victory for Curt Hawkins.  He is feeling lucky, and this isn’t Elias’ town, so how about they end Curt’s 218 match losing streak.  Right here in Brooklyn.  Elias respects Curt’s courage to step up and challenge him, but Curt Hawkins was born a loser.  He will always be a loser, just like these Brooklyn people.  Now when the spotlight is on Elias, he goes away, because he isn’t even a star.  So go away.

Elias starts to play again, and Curt asked him if he will hide behind the guitar and that goofy scarf?  Because Curt is going to fight Elias, right now.

Match Number 4:  Elias Vs Curt Hawkins

The streak continues, the losing streak is now at 219, when Elias hits Drift Away.  But Curt gave him everything.

Winner:  Elias, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  Titus Worldwide

Titus finds Apollo and Dana, they found a strategy on how to win their match.

Match Number 5:  Authors of Pain Vs Titus Worldwide

AOP took out Titus early in the match, and while Titus tried to help, AOP pins Apollo with The Last Chapter.

Winners:  Authors of Pain, by pinfall

Next:  Ronda Rousey

In-Ring Promo:  Ronda Rousey

All of the women are surrounding the ring watching as Ronda Rousey is presented her new Raw Women’s Championship.  Stephanie McMahon is here to present the title.

Stephanie is so proud of these women that the very first time WWE will give us an all-Woman PPV called Evolution.  And she is so proud of what took place last night at Summerslam.

Video:  Rousey Vs Bliss

Stephanie is proud of Rona, because without her vision and business prowess, Ronda would not be here in the WWE.  She saw Ronda as a diamond, and is a media darling.  We just saw that Ronda is just like Stephanie McMahon, and every one of these women want to be just like Stephanie.  So she is here to announce her protegé…

Ronda comes to the ring, and does not shake Steph’s hand.

They are chanting Ronda Rousey and all Stephanie hears is Steph…Steph….Steph.  Ronda asks Stephanie what is she doing?  She asks the women why they are all below Ronda?  To put them all below Ronda, come on out here.  Ronda asks Steph she wants to talk to Ronda about how to be a champion?  This is about the women evolution.  Nattie is one of the cornerstones of The Women Evolution.  Sasha and Bayley, if it wasn’t for their NXT Takeover match 3 years ago in Brooklyn, this Evolution movement would not have happened without them.  She is not Brock Lesnar, she wants to fight every night, defending her title.

Stephanie doesn’t even know who Ronda is anymore.  She is not the woman she thought she was.  All she wants to do is break every woman’s arm.  Look at Alexa Bliss, she wants to break every woman’s arms, so she can stay on top.  Ronda tells Steph she only wants to break the arms of those who deserve it.

Ronda slaps the Armbar on Stephanie, and celebrates with the women in the ring.

Earlier Tonight:  Roman Reigns Vs Finn Balor is Official

Tonight:  WWE Universal Championship Match

In-Ring Promo:  The B-Team

Bo talks about how sometimes things twist into different turns.  Just a few months ago, they didn’t have one single win as a team on Raw.  But then one letter changed everything, now they are The B-Team, and they are the Raw Tag Team Champions.

So Curtis says this is dedicated to all of the people, because tonight, The B in B-Team stands for Brooklyn.

Match Number 6:  Bo Dallas (Raw Tag Champ) Vs Scott Dawson

Dawson was impressive with an Implant DDT.  Bo even got some offense too.

Winner:  Scott Dawson, by pinfall

Match Number 7:  Curtis Axel (Raw Tag Champ) Vs Dash Wilder

Wilder wins this match, with an Implant DDT himself.  Bo says they may have beaten them in single matches, but you better believe they are still the Raw Tag Team Champions.

Winner:  Scott Dawson, by pinfall

Backstage Interview:  Roman Reigns

Renee interviews Roman, asking him if he is bothered Braun can cash in on the title match tonight.  Roman says no, it’s taken years off of his life going after this championship.  And Finn deserves this opportunity, so he is ready for this challenge, and it’s his yard.

Next:  Reigns Vs Balor

Backstage Segment:  Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle

Kurt is checking on Stephanie, and she rips into him for not being there for her when this happened.  Constable Corbin rips into Kurt for doing what he did, putting himself in these positions, and the same as Stephanie.  Alexa Bliss is watching by, and Steph makes the suggestion Kurt needs a vacation, and orders him to do that, making Corbin the temporarily General Manager.  Oh boy.

Match Number 8:  Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Champ) Vs Finn Balor for the WWE Universal Championship

An incredible match here, with back and forth action.  Both men felt the crowd going every second.  Even Roman was a bit taunting the crowd when he nails an offense attack.  But Braun Strowman shows up, heads to the ring, and Roman turned around for a moment.  This allowed Balor to nail a dropkick, Sling Blade, he tries a Coup De Grace, but is met with a SPEAR!!  For the pin, and victory.

Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion:  Roman Reigns, by pinfall

Strowman comes right into the ring, lays his boot on Roman, and tells the referee he is cashing in, even had Jo-Jo announce he is cashing in.  But we hear THE SHIELD!!  Both Ambrose and Rollins comes right to the ring, the bell does not ring, and referee disappears.  Strowman goes right after Roman, but The Shield goes right after Braun.  The numbers game catches up to the monster.  There goes the table cover, and they set Braun up for the Triple Powerbomb, but Braun fights it right back.  But the numbers game catches up again, and this time….TRIPLE POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!!  And this is where we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A hot crowd tonight, and it feels different now that the Universal Championship is back.  I love that we had a title match, and even loved hearing The Shield’s entrance theme.  Could have done without the rush matches in the middle, but overall, a very good show.  Not looking forward to seeing Constable Corbin as General Manager, but we have it regardless, next week.  Tonight, though a fun show.  What were your thoughts?  You agree?  Disagree?  on to Smackdown Live tomorrow.

WWE Raw Quick Match Results:

**Bobby Lashley def Constable Corbin

**The Riott Squad def The Boss and Hug Connection and Ember Moon, by pinfall

**Dean Ambrose def Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall

**Elias def Curt Hawkins, by pinfall

**Authors of Pain def Titus Worldwide, by pinfall

**Scott Dawson def Bo Dallas (C), by pinfall

**Dash Wilder def Curtis Axel (C), by pinfall

**Roman Reigns (C) def Finn Balor, to retain WWE Universal Championship, by pinfall