WWE Smackdown Live 1/23/2018 Live Results

Kevin Gillman is the editor of the Ringside Seats section here on Forever Rebuilding.

WWE Smackdown Live From Evansville, Indiana

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

Commentators:  Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves

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Backstage Video:  Miz and Mrs.

The Miz and Maryse has shown up, with the baby.

Tonight:  Miz and Mrs Premiere Party

In-Ring Promo:  Randy Orton


Video:  Last Week On Smackdown Live

Randy has heard all of the theories the fans have made over why Randy did what he did the last week.  No, it’s not because the two have had unfinished business over a decade ago.  You people think Orton was bothered he was ranked 9th in Smackdown Top 10, but that is not it either.  You want to know why he did it?  Look in the mirror, he did it because of the fans.  He has busted his ass for 16 years for the fans.  Think about it, he is the one constant over the last 16 years.  Everyone eats at Randy’s dinner he presents, and he doesn’t get the respect.  Why is it?  Because he doesn’t paint his face, and change his merchandise every other month to take away your hard-earned money?  Is it because he doesn’t just come around in the spring to take that Wrestlemania match?  Is it because Randy doesn’t do dives off chairs, ladders, and cages?  He isn’t an Indy darling who does dives just to put his name towards this business.  He didn’t get brought up in bingo halls, he learned his craft in WWE.  He started as a “Legend Killer”, but the true “Legend Killer” is all you fans.  Now, he will end careers, and it begins with Jeff Hardy.  It’s why he isn’t here tonight.  Now Jeff has had an illustrious career, and he is here to write Jeff’s final chapter.  Now, you can call him anything you want to hear.  “The Viper”, “The Legend Killer”, but now you may only know him as 3 simple letters….R…K…. and he drops the mic.

Next:  Stephanie McMahon’s Monumental Announcement

Tonight:  AJ Style’s Summerslam Opponent

Last Night:  Stephanie McMahon’s Historic Announcement

Match Number 1:  Rusev Vs Andrade “Cien” Almas

These two had a confrontation earlier in the day, with their respective women representing their men.  So we have this match set up, when Rusev nails a Machka Kick out of nowhere, Zelina and Lana start to fight among each other, and Aidan English shows up, trying to part Lana with Zelina, but Zelina nails Aidan right into Lana.  Meanwhile in the ring, Almas nails a Hammerlock DDT, for the win.

Winner:  Andrade “Cien” Almas, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  R-Truth and Ty Dillinger

Truth Vs Joe tonight, and Truth seems a bit nervous.  But Ty tells him he is R-Truth, and nothing but The Truth.  He is going to show Joe what’s up?

Next:  Joe Vs Truth

Match Number 2:  Samoa Joe Vs R-Truth

Well, Truth was willing, but still no match for Joe.  Koquina Clutch, another win for Joe.

Winner:  Samoa Joe, by submission

Tonight:  New Day Vs SAnitY in a Tag Team Tournament

Backstage Interview:  Asuka

Dasha wants to hear Asuka’s reaction to Stephanie McMahon’s announcement.  Asuka is so excited, but for tonight, Billie Kay is not ready for Asuka.

Next:  Asuka Vs Billie Kay

Match Number 3:  Asuka Vs Billie Kay

Billie pokes fun at Asuka, not a good idea here.  Asuka Kick, that is all she wrote.

Winner:  Asuka, by pinfall

Selfie Promo:  Shinsuke Nakamura

Jeff was close, but Shinsuke is still our United States Champion.  Jeff, you were bitten by “The Viper”, but Shinsuke doesn’t bite.

Tonight:  Becky Lynch Vs Carmella

Next:  AJ Styles Summerslam Opponent Is Revealed

Video:  Miz and Mrs Premiere Party

In-Ring Promo:  AJ Styles and Paige



Paige is very excited for her Smackdown Live girls to steal the show at the first Woman PPV, called Evolution.  But we are riding into the biggest show of the summer, Summerslam.  It is time for Paige to give us AJ Styles opponent, so she brings out the WWE Champion, AJ Styles.

Day 259 of AJ Styles WWE Championship run.

Evansville loves AJ Styles.  You guys are awesome, let me just say this for those that do not know.  AJ is a husband, he is a father, and when AJ heard Stephanie McMahon’s announcement of an all-woman PPV, the first person he thought of was his little girl.  If she wants it, if she wants to fight for it, go get it.  She can achieve anything she wants, and he is very proud of this company.  AJ is also proud of the WWE Championship he owns.  Summerslam was the beginning of the house AJ Styles built.  2 years ago, he and John Cena tore the house down.  Last year, he and Kevin Owens ended their feud.  So he is ready for his Summerslam opponent.

Paige said his opponent is….

James Ellsworth?  He is out here to tell us the WWE Universe the real reason he came back to WWE is that title.  Otherwise, who is more worthy than James, he beat AJ Styles 3 times, and you know as they say, 4 times is the charm.  No, AJ says he has never heard of that.  Ellsworth is here to win the WWE Championship.  Paige stops this to say he is a joke.  James says Paige is the joke.  We can’t understand the words she says half the time, and look at how she looks.  She is as pale as a ghost.  Paige has had enough of James, she has two words for ya…not those words, but YOU’RE FIRED!!!

Security picks him up, and escorts him out of the building.  Paige kicks Ellsworth out of the building, literally.  We come back to the ring, and see Samoa Joe attack AJ, and puts him to sleep.  Joe signs the contract, and is AJ’s Summerslam opponent.

Moments Ago:  Joe Puts Styles To Sleep

Backstage Segment:  Joe and Paige

Joe storm to the back, Paige catches up with him, demanding why he did that.  She chose him because she knows he is unpredictable, brash, and can give AJ a great match.  Joe cuts her off, saying that was unpredictable, and what she wanted was pedestrian.  What Joe did was phenomenal.  Mella cuts her off, asking why she fired Ellsworth.  Paige said since she is money, she can buy a new boyfriend.  Mella said she beat Charlotte twice, she beat Asuka twice.  She will take care of Becky Lynch tonight, and not have a Summerslam match.

Match Number 4:  Carmella (SD Live Women’s Champ) Vs Becky Lynch in a non-title match

No matter what Mella tried, Becky countered.  So the end of this match, Mella was trying go for her knee, but Becky pulled off a Disarm-Her for the win.  Becky will now face Mella at Summerslam for the SD Live Women’s Title.

Winner, and will face Carmella at Summerslam:  Becky Lynch, by submission

Tonight:  Miz and Mrs Premiere Party

Next:  New Day Vs SAnitY

Backstage Promo:  The Bludgeon Brothers

4 teams will fight to determine who faces them at Summerslam.  The winner will get blustered, or something like that.

Match Number 5:  New Day Vs SAnitY in a Tag Team Tournament Match

New Day pick up the win after Kofi took care of Eric Young, and New Day nails Up, Up, Down, Down to advance to the Tag Team Tournament.

Winners, and Advances In Tag Team Tournament:  New Day, by pinfall

The Usos were at the broadcast booth, after the match, they face off with New Day.  But The Bar shows up,  They didn’t miss us, but they sure missed the Tag Team Championship.  They will beat The Usos next week, and advance in the Tag Team Tournament.

Next:  Miz and Mrs Premiere Party

In-Ring Promo:  The Miz, Maryse, and Monroe Sky

We have a very special episode of Miz TV, with the debut of Monroe Sky.  Welcome to the most must-see WWE special, welcome to Miz and Mrs Premiere Party.  Last week, we said goodbye to the careers of Team Hell No, and Daniel Bryan but tonight, we celebrate The Miz and Maryse.  Miz is proud to be here with his beautiful wife, Maryse.  Maryse tells us she was the evolution of the women’s division before it started.  Tonight, we will see the premiere of Miz and Mrs, which is a cross between Curb Your Enthusiasm and This Is Us.  Now, we have an infant who has had a more successful run on TV more than Daniel Bryan’s return.  Even the thought of Daniel Bryan makes his daughter go to sleep.  After the fans give an unwelcome ovation.

Video:  Miz and Mrs.

We seem to see a low career highlights of The Miz, and we see Daniel Bryan appear on the screen.  Kerwin, the video guy goofed up again, for the second straight week.  So The Miz, Daniel is sorry.  But wait, he is going to say I am sorry, in person.

Daniel Bryan heads to the ring.  He is stopped by A-List security.  Daniel decks both men.  The Miz has the baby though, while Maryse screams at Daniel, Miz throws the baby doll at Daniel, and Miz kicks Daniel, nails Skull Crushing Finale.

The Miz says Daniel’s ego gets in the way again, he couldn’t give the spotlight to The Miz, and his premiere.  yet here he is on the ground, and we thought his baby would be in this city?  That was an actor who played Monroe Sky.  If you want to see Monroe, you will have to watch Miz and Mrs, and it will be AWESOME!!  The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Now the road to Summerslam is starting, with us seeing the top matches on the card, including Daniel Bryan Vs The Miz.  Now let the verbal beat down of both men, begin.  While I want to see Joe Vs Styles, the ambush, was a bit predictable.  How many times does Joe do that, only to lose the big match?  But we know there will be a match, and they will tear down the house.  Now I am off to watch Miz and Mrs.  What did you think of tonight’s show?  Sound off here.

WWE SD Live Quick Match Results:

**Andrade “Cien” Almas def Rusev, by pinfall

**Samoa Joe def R-Truth, by submission

**Asuka def Billie Kay, by pinfall

**Becky Lynch def Carmella (C), by submission

**New Day def SAnitY, by pinfall (Tag Team Tourney Match)