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WWE UK Title Tournament From London, England

Monday, June 25th, 2018

Commentators: Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuiness

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Match Number 1:  Zack Gibson Vs Jack Gallagher In A Quarterfinal WWE United Kingdom Tournament

A very good match to start the show.  Zack picks up the win, after Gallagher a few times tried to get Zack to tap out, catches Jack on a Shankley Gates submission move, and advances to the Semi-Finals.

Winner, and Advances to Quarter-Finals Of UK Title Tournament:  Zack Gibson, by Submission

Match Number 2:  Joe Coffey Vs Dave Mastiff In A Quarter-Final WWE United Kingdom Tournament

Joe Coffey advances to the semi-finals with an impressive victory.  We saw Suplexes, brute strength.  He wins with his discuss punch, All The Best To The Bells, for the pinfall victory.  Joe is headed to the Semi-Finals.

Winner, And Advances To Semi-Finals:  Jim Coffey, by pinfall

In-Ring Interview:  Joe Coffey

Cathy Kelly interviews Joe, asking what is his mindset tonight.  His mindset is to win this entire tournament, by any means necessary.  Then tomorrow night, win the UK Title from Pete Dunne.

Match Number 3:  Jordan Devlin Vs Flash Morgan Webster in a Quarter-Final Match To UK Title Tournament

A high-paced flying match here that saw Webster pick up the win with a Tilt-a-Whirl Reverse DDT.  Very impressive finisher.  He now moves on to face Zack Gibson in the Semi-Finals.

Winner, and Advances To The Semi-Final:  Flash Morgan Webster, by pinfall

Match Number 4:  Travis Banks Vs Ashton Smith in a Quarter-Final WWE UK Title Tournament

What a vicious match here, with both men giving it there all, but Travis Banks moves on, nails The Kee-Wee Crusher, which was a Fisherman Buster.  Travis moves on, and will face Joe Coffey.

Winner, and Advances To The Semi-Final:  Travis Banks, by pinfall

Match Number 5:  Toni Storm Vs Killer Kelly Vs Isla Dawn In A Triple Threat Match To Determine Number One Contender to NXT Women’s Championship

The winner of this match will face Shayna Baszler tomorrow afternoon on the NXT Takeover special.  A quick match here that saw Toni Storm nail The Storm Zero, and pinned Killer Kelly.  Toni will face Shayna Baszler, who was there, and did not seem too impressed.

Winner, and Number One Contender To NXT Women’s Championship:  Toni Storm, by pinfall



In-Ring Promo:  HHH

The “father” of NXT comes out to greet the fans.  “The Game” has a special announcement for us.  First off, this is a cool building.  He thanks the fans.  A little over a year ago, WWE came to Blackpool.  To search the best the UK had to offer, and they were blown away.  That night, it changed what it means to be a professional wrestler in the United Kingdom.  We said there would be more, and all of the names came.  They turned themselves not just from names here, but names all around the globe.  Looking at the talent in the first two rounds of the tournament means they are just scratching the surface.  HHH is here to tell the fans we will give them more.  So, to help me tell you about the more, bring in the legend and General Manager, Johnny Saint.  Ladies and gentlemen, it gives Johnny pleasure to be here tonight to announce the NXT UK Brand.  The NXT UK Brand, you will see the very best of the UK Division.  Not just the men, we will be starting the Women’s Brand, and the Tag Team Brand.  Tickets go on sale for 4 big events.  So with that said, of the announcement of this news, and Johnny Saint as GM, ARE YOU READY?

Match Number 6:  Flash Morgan Webster Vs Zack Gibson in a Semi-Final WWE UK Title Tournament

This was your big man Vs little man here.  Webster first used his speed, but power topped it all.  Gibson latches on Shankley Gates Submission, to move on to the Finals.

Winner, and Advances To The Finals:  Zack Gibson, by Submission

Match Number 7:  Travis Banks Vs Joe Coffey in a Semi-Final WWE UK Title Tournament

These are two tough sons of bitches.  No question about it.  Coffey selling his ribs from the match before, Travis Banks used pure heart to survive this match, he pulls off a Quesedo, and rolling up Coffey for the win, and will now face Zack Gibson in the finals.  After the match, Joe Coffey turns on Travis, and threw his shoulder into the ring post, nailing the Discuss Lariant.

Winner, and Advances To Finals:  Travis Banks, by pinfall

Match Number 8:  British Strong Style Vs The Undisputed Era in a 6-man Tag Match

British Strong Style is the team of Pete Dunne, Tyler Bates, and Trent Seven.  Seven and Bates nail the Clothesline/Dragon Suplex, pinning O’ Reilly.  This was a good match, and tomorrow afternoon, Bates and Seven will face The Undisputed Era for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

In-Ring Appearance:  Shawn Michaels

HBK makes an appearance, to say a few words.  The crowd loves that tune.  Shawn put over that 6-man tag match, and he puts over this show.  Shawn talks about in 1991, he had the opportunity to wrestle the first match, for WWE at the Royal Albert Hall.  He is proud to be a small part of history, celebrating with us the news about NXT UK.  For so many years, the fans have supported WWE for so long, and they finally gave back to these fans.  The new WWE NXT UK Brand is especially for the fans.  Let’s get ready for the final match.

Match Number 9:  Zack Gibson Vs Travis Banks in the Finals of the United Kingdom Tournament

The finals sure lived up to its promise too.  Banks was all taped up on his shoulder, and it took 3 tries, but Zack finally made Travis tap out to Shankley Gates.  Before the match, Zack refused to shake Travis hand, but after the match was done, Zack held out his hand, but walked away again.  HHH, HBK, and Johnny Saint all came out to congratulate Zack.  But the end of the show ends when Pete Dunne shows Zack he is still the champ, and tomorrow, they both get it on for the richest prize in the UK.  The show ends here.

Winner, and UK Title Tournament Champion:  Zack Gibson, by submission

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a fun show that centered the road to get to UK Title match tomorrow, against Pete Dunne.  I was impressed with both Zack and Travis, both will be fixtures in the UK brand.  The 6-man tag was awesome too.  Mustache Mountain Vs Undisputed Era will steal the show tomorrow.  What were your thoughts on this show?  Did the right man win?  Sound off, and I will talk to you in 2 hours, for Monday Night Raw.

WWE UK Title Tournament Quick Match Results:

**Zack Gibson def Jack Gallagher, by submission (Quarter-Final Match)

**Joe Coffey def Dave Mastiff, by pinfall (Quarter-Final Match)

**Flash Morgan Webster def Jordan Devlin, by pinfall (Quarter-Final Match)

**Travis Banks def Ashton Smith, by pinfall (Quarter-Final Match)

**Toni Storm def Killer Kelly and Isla Dawn, by pinfall in a Triple Threat Match, To Become Number One Contender to NXT Women’s Championship

**Zack Gibson def Flash Morgan Webster, by submission (Semi-Final Match)

**Travis Banks def Joe Coffey, by pinfall (Semi-Final Match)

**British Strong Style def The Undisputed Era, by pinfall in a 6-Man Tag Match

**Zack Gibson def Travis Banks to win UK Title Tournament, bu submission