WWE Smackdown Live 1/23/2018 Live Results

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WWE Smackdown Live From Corpus Christi, Texas

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Commentators:  Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves

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Tonight:  The New Day Vs The Miz, Samoa Joe, and Rusev

Tonight:  Mixed Tag Match

Tonight:  Charlotte Flair Vs Becky Lynch

In-Ring Promo:  Carmella


Carmella welcomes us to Smackdown Live, and wants the crowd to give her a roaring ovation, but it’s not about her.  Tonight, it’s about Asuka.  She just isn’t the person we all thought.

Video:  Asuka

Isn’t she incredible?  She was incredible, that showed a powerful, and strong woman.  But let’s remove the mask, and see the real Asuka.

Video:  Asuka At Wrestlemania and Smackdown

That was painful to watch, but the truth is Asuka’s loss at Wrestlemania shattered her, and has no confidence.  It’s why Carmella is not scared, because Asuka is beatable.  The phrase used to be “No One Is Ready For Asuka”, but now, everyone is ready for Asuka.  Here comes the challenger to the SD Live Women’s Title.

Before Asuka can say anything, here comes Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

Mandy says Carmella could have just asked her, Asuka is a shell of her famous self.  yes, she beat her, but she was a second away from beating Asuka.  And now that she knows she can beat her, she wants another match.  Sonya wants that shot at Asuka, and Carmella said the undefeated Asuka would take on both of them, but she is the defeated Asuka, so she needs to get her mask, get a uber, and get the hell out of here.

Paige shows up to the ring, she makes the matches around here.  So Asuka will get a choice of either Mandy Rose or Sonya Deville.  Asuka says give her both.  Paige loves to hear that, so it will be Asuka Vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville in a Handicap match, now.

Match Number 1:  Asuka Vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville in a Handicap Match

Asuka showed she still has that killer instinct, despite Carmella interfering, Asuka makes Sonya tap out with the Asuka Lock.

Winner:  Asuka, by submission

Carmella heads back to the ring, and shows Asuka the title.  Mandy Rose tries a sneak attack, but Asuka takes out Mandy, and Carmella nails Asuka with the title in the back of the head.

Backstage Segment:  The Miz

The Miz is doing warm ups, and sees a stooge hand, with a plate of pancakes.  New Day shows up, to apologize to The Miz for last few weeks.  They are taking this match seriously.  New Day wants Miz to choose the name in the hat to see who will compete at Money in the Bank.  They put blindfolds on Miz, and he reaches into the hat with pancake batter.  Miz tells them all his team will take care of them tonight, and he rubs the pancake batter in the dude’s shirt.

Tonight:  The New Day Vs The Miz, Joe, and Rusev

Tonight:  Money in the Bank Contract Signing

Match Number 2:  Harper (SD Live Tag Champ_ Vs Karl Anderson

Anderson picks up the upset win, rolling up Harper.  The Bludgeon Brothers will face The Good Brothers at Money in the Bank.

Winner:  Karl Anderson, by pinfall

Last Week:  Dance-Off

Backstage Promo:  The Usos

Naomi and Jimmy are ready for tonight’s match, they will show Rusev Day they are the most powerful married couple in WWE.  Welcome to The Uso Penitentiary.

Next:  Mixed Tag Match

Match Number 3:  Aidan English and Lana Vs Jimmy Uso and Naomi in a Mixed Tag Match


Aidan had things won for his team, but he mocked Jimmy, and Noami flew off the top rope, and Jimmy nailed the Superkick for the win.

Winners:  Naomi and Jimmy Uso, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  WWE Title Contract Signing

Paige tells the two opponents they will compete at Money in the Bank in a Last Man Standing, and there will be a winner.  AJ tells Shinsuke they have been at this game forever, and he thinks he understands why Shinsuke does this, he knows deep down, he can’t beat AJ Styles, which is why he chose Last Man Standing.  But every dirty trick he tries won’t work.  He is walking out as WWE Champion.

AJ signs the contract, and Shinsuke says the pen is out of ink, asking to borrow AJ’s pen.  The pen is broken, and AJ tells Shinsuke to get up, he is tired of these games, and AJ slaps Nakamura.  Shinsuke uses his own pen, signs the contract and says Last Man Standing, and walks away.

Money in the Bank:  Styles Vs Nakamura in a Last Man Standing Match

Next:  Charlotte Flair Vs Becky Lynch

Match Number 4:  Charlotte Flair Vs Becky Lynch

This was a fun match, could have gone longer.  Becky picks up the big win, making Charlotte tap out to The Dis-arm-her.  This sets the stage for the Women’s Money in the Bank match.

Winner:  Becky Lynch, by submission

Becky tries to get Charlotte back up, the two share a hug, and Becky celebrates the win.

Backstage Interview:  Samoa Joe

Dasha has Joe, and Joe asked what she sees when she sees him?  A vicious man?  A man who stops at nothing to hurt their opponent?  Last week, he promised he would put Daniel Bryan to sleep, and he made that quest up to the ladder, step by step, and showed his destiny.  He felt every shiver his opponent will feel, because they know that will be their future.  And then every champion is a marked man, because everyone will get hit.

Tonight:  6-Man Tag Match

Next Week:  Women’s Money in the Bank Summit

Ringside Interview:  Big Cass

Renee tells us that at Money in the Bank, Cass will face Daniel Bryan.  What will be different from what took place at Backlash.  Cass tells us he is a big dude, and his opponent is a little dude.  Here is a little story, at Wrestlemania 30, he was backstage, and was just behind Daniel Bryan, who just won the WWE Championship.  And he thought seriously?  This little man is the WWE Champion.  His victory at Wrestlemania was an absolute fluke, just like his win at Backlash was a fluke.  He did add a good punch, and a good big man will beat a good little man, any day of the week.  We see footage from last week when Cass laid out Bryan.  Poor little guy, he almost feels bad, but he brought it upon himself.  he asked to come back to the WWE, he asked to get back into the ring.  But he had a 7 foot shadow following him every step of the way.  Daniel Bryan has never faced anyone as big as him.  He has never been in the ring with a man as smart as Cass, and he will annihilate him.  Daniel Bryan needs to do what he does best, being a gnome on “Total Bellas”.  Daniel Bryan will have to look at himself in the mirror, and realize that little guy will never survive in this big man’s world.

Backstage Interview:  Sin Cara

Dasha is with Sin Cara, talking about how he and Andrade have been friends since they were 14 years old, and now he has changed.  Zelina Vega interrupts, saying she is the best thing for Andrade in his life.  Sin Cara made him wear a mask, because he felt threatened by him, and she informs Sin cara that they talked to Paige, and next week, Almas has a match against Cara, and Almas attacks Sin Cara from behind.

Match Number 5:  The New Day vs The Miz, Rusev, and Samoa Joe in a 6-man tag

The Miz tried to gather the troops when they had things going their way.  Rusev and Joe held Big E, and Miz grabbed a plate of pancakes, turned his attention and threw it all over his teammates.  Machka Kick by Rusev, Senton by Joe, Moonlight Hour by New Day, pinning The Miz.  The show ends with New Day celebrating, who will be a part of Money in the Bank, representing New Day?

Winners:  New Day, by pinfall

This was a good show, felt like it had a good flow to it, and they set up Money in the Bank, better than Raw did this week.  I am glad New Day won too, because they needed the shine.  I wasn’t too keen on Carmella and Asuka segment, nor the Big Cass interview.  For me, it was just a generic Bog Cass “I am tall, and you’re not” promo, because Daniel DID beat him, not only that, but he made him tap out, which used to be worse than getting pinned.

I may not be able to watch Raw live next week, if the Cleveland Cavaliers can extend their finals against Golden State, I will watch it Monday.  If not, I will be here live Monday night then.  What was your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me, here.

WWE SD Live Quick Match Results

**Asuka def Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, by submission in a Handicap Match

**Karl Anderson def Harper (C), by pinfall

**Jimmy Uso and Naomi def Aidan English and Lana, by pinfall

**Becky Lynch def Charlotte Flair, by submission

**The New Day def The Miz, Rusev, and Samoa Joe, by pinfall