WWE Smackdown Live 1/23/2018 Live Results

Kevin Gillman is the editor of the Ringside Seats section here on Forever Rebuilding.

WWE Smackdown Live From Ontario, California

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

Commentators:  Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves

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In-Ring Segment:  Miz TV




Welcome to the most-see talk show in WWE history….welcome to Miz TV.  For those of you disappointed in the phony CGIs of dinosaurs in Jurassic World, welcome to Miz TV the real, fire-breathing dragons, the SD Live Tag Team Champions, The Bludgeon Brothers.

This may come to a shock, but The Bludgeon brothers have something in common.  They both proved they can dismantle Daniel Bryan so easily.  And people may have their ideas, but why did you do it?  The fans chant Daniel Bryan, and Miz said when his hand goes up, our mouths go shut.  They are the strong and silent type, so Miz has made a video, thinking he knows why.

Video:  Last Week With Daniel Bryan

This was act one.  Enter the protagonist, Daniel Bryan.  He is a dreamer, and thinks he can do anything.  Let’s see video to prove it.

Video:  Daniel Interrupts The Bludgeon Brothers

And there is Act Two, Daniel leaves his good friend Renee Young, and enters an unfamiliar world, and this is where he disrespected the SD Live Tag Team Champions stealing the thunder, because Daniel is a glory hound.  He comes out to do his overblown Yes Chant, and here is the plot twist, Daniel Bryan is the villain of this film.  And here is the best part, Act 3.

Video:  BB Takes Out Daniel

Get up out of your seats, what a great performance.  They deserve a Mizzie, a Supporting Mizzie, because Daniel stood right back up, and The Miz beat him in seconds.  You guys look like a great rendition of The Miztourage.  BB starts to head towards Miz, and here comes Daniel Bryan.

Mis brings up Daniel is trying to steal their spotlight, yet again.  Daniel tells Miz to shut up.  Daniel knows last week, they came out and stole his chance to face the WWE Champion.  Daniel has a big heart, and he knows he will fight them, he just wants to know who will fight him first?

Rowan starts to head towards Daniel, but Harper says he will find out tonight, that they will take him out.

Backstage Segment:  New Day

Sonic Shake advertisement.

Next:  Xavier Woods Vs Rusev

Match Number 1:  Rusev Vs Xavier Woods

Xavier tried, but Rusev nails the Machka Kick, and The Accolade, making Woods tap out.

Winner:  Rusev, by submission

In-Ring Promo:  Rusev

Tonight was not about Xavier Woods, it wasn’t about pancakes, trombones, Booty-O’s.  Tonight was about AJ Styles.  We know AJ is scared, or else he wouldn’t have punched Aidan in the face.  AJ Styles, he is coming to his house, he is knocking down that door, he is taking his WWE Championship, and it will be a great day for Rusev Day.

Backstage Promo:  Jeff Hardy

Jeff is telling us what Jeff Hardy tells us.  He is ready to take flight, and fight.


Jeff Hardy was supposed to face Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States Championship tonight.  But Shinsuke will not be able to compete, so Jeff is issuing an Open Challenge.

Next:  Jeff Hardy United States Title Open Challenge

Backstage Segment:  Naomi, Lana, and The G.L.O.W. Cast

Naomi and Lana will work together now.

Match Number 2:  Jeff Hardy (US Champ) Vs Eric Young for the United States Championship

During the match, The Usos come out, and the fight starts.  Eric Young brings one of The Usos, but The Uso takes out EY, and the ref calls for the bell.  We go to a break when Hardy helps out The Usos.

Winner:  Eric Young, by DQ

Match Number 3:  Jeff Hardy (US Champ) and The Usos Vs SAnitY in a 6-Man Tag Match

This was a battle throughout the match, some flying, some zip, some doo.  The match ends when Jimmy took out EY and Killian.  Jey tags Hardy, and Jeff takes flight with a Swantawn for the win.

Winners:  Jeff Hardy and The Usos, by pinfall

Tonight:  Daniel Bryan Vs Harper

Next:  Becky Lynch Vs Sonya DeVille



Match Number 4:  Becky Lynch Vs Sonya DeVille

Sonya has things going her way, but she bumps into Mandy, and Becky slaps on The Dis-Arm-Her for the win.  Becky keeps it rolling.

Winner:  Becky Lynch, by pinfall

Tonight:  Daniel Bryan Vs Harper

Backstage:  Ellsworth and Tye Dillinger

Ellsworth wants to know if he is a 10, I guess not.

Selfie Promo:  Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zena Vega

Zena is warning us to stay out of Andrade’s way, if you know what’s good for you.

In-Ring Promo:  James Ellsworth

There are two types of men in this world.  Men who like to wear sandles, graduate from high school, and like to talk about their feelings.  Then there are men like Ellsworth, who did nothing at all, and Asuka attacked him for no good reason.  Ellsworth knows Asuka is here, so come on out here, and you’ll get the bull by the horns.  Ellsworth loves, and respect for women.  And his love is so hot, you can make it sizzle.  He has no love for Asuka, so come out here and kick him again.  James dares her.

Paige comes out instead.  James knows full well Asuka is not here.  Because she saw James run around backstage asking if she is here, so he came out, and called her out.  Ellsworth’s arrival cost Asuka the title, so at Extreme Rules, it will be Asuka against Carmella for the SD Live Women’s Championship.  Ellsworth asks Paige on a date, and she said yes.  How about next week?  Oh James, you won’t get a date with her, but a match….against Asuka.

Next:  Daniel Bryan Vs Harper

Match Number 5:  Harper (SD Live Tag Champ) Vs Daniel Bryan

Daniel had things going his way, even put The Yes Lock on Harper, but Rowan comes into the ring, causing the DQ.  The Bludgeon Brothers take down Daniel Bryan, and here comes Kane.  He fights The Bludgeon Brothers.  Chokeslam on Haprer, while Daniel takes out Rowan.  Then, we have a moment.  Kane and Daniel standing face-to-face, Kane wants a hug.  But at first Daniel refused it, but dammit, a guy has to hug, so they HUGGED IT OUT!!  TEAM HELL NO IS BACK!!  Paige comes out to formally announce at Extreme Rules, it will be The Bludgeon Brothers defend their Tag team Titles against Team Hell No.  The crowd chants Yes!!  Daniel chants Yes!!  Kane chants Yes!!  WE ALL CHANT YES!!  The show ends here.

Winner:  Daniel Bryan, by DQ

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, the first hour and 55 minutes was dull tonight, but dammit that ending was AWESOME!!  I was hoping this is the direction they were going, and it’s official.  Just disappointing there was no WWE Champion tonight.  But we know Rusev was booked strong here tonight, so there you go.  While I liked Hardy vs Young, and then the 6-man tag, but shouldn’t SAnitY be victorious in their first match as a team?  Okay, who cares at this point.

This has been a disappointing week for WWE TV.  What were your thoughts?  You agree?  Disagree?  Sound off.

WWE SD Live Quick Match Results:

**Rusev def Xavier Woods, by pinfall

**Eric Young def Jeff Hardy (C), by DQ, Hardy retains US Title

**Jeff Hardy (C) and The Usos def SAnitY, by pinfall

**Becky Lynch def Sonya DeVille, by pinfall

**Daniel Bryan def Harper (C), by DQ