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WWE Monday Night Raw Live From San Diego, California

Monday, June 25th, 2018

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Jonathan Coachman, and Corey Graves

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Video:  In Memory of Leon “Vader” White

In-Ring Promo:  Kurt Angle and “Constable” Baron Corbin



Baron Corbin orders to get announced, and Kurt tells us last week, he spoke with Stephanie McMahon, and said there would be an announcement about who would face off at Extreme Rules, the winner would get a title shot against Brock Lesnar.  But over the weekend, Paul Heyman wrote a long letter stating that Brock Lesnar’s next title defense should not involve Roman reigns, because Brock has already beaten him.  And enter Roman Reigns.

Roman just wants to hear the explanation, face-to-face.  Before Kurt can say anything, here comes Bobby Lashley.  Bobby wants to hear from Kurt too, and like he said last week, he had his chances to beat Brock.  3 years of chances, and the only thing he has proven is he can’t beat Brock.  So it’s time to just move on, Roman.  Move on?  Kind of like you did 10 years ago?  Bob was at the main event of Wrestlemania 10 years ago, and what did he do?  He moved on.  And what happened, Bob wanted to be a big superstar in MMA world, so how did that turn out?  He never made an impact.  So what did Bob do when he came back?  Nothing, he showed he has made no impact.  Roman has main evented 4 Wrestlemanias.  He wants to make sure he can make it to 5.  Bobby tells Roman not to downplay what he has done, he is the only superstar to have the real tools to beat him.  Bobby tells Kurt he will do that at Extreme Rules, he will beat 4, 5, or even 6 guys, it doesn’t matter.  Kurt informs them the multi-man match (That is what they are calling it?) won’t happen.  Brock has it in his contract.  Bobby doesn’t understand how that can happen, and Roman said Brock only shows up when the money is right.  He doesn’t care about you, about the fans, or me.  He just cares about himself.  Bobby suggests it’s because Brock knows he can beat Roman, and he’s bored with doing that.  Roman suggests the two fight tonight, and Kurt says if they want a fight, they can do that at Extreme Rules.  But tonight, he has to deal with other superstars.

The Revival comes out, again, and says the same damn thing.  The same superstars get the same breaks every week.  (Isn’t this a repeat?), so they suggest another match.  (Again, is this a repeat?).  Baron Corbin likes the idea, and Kurt says bring out the ref, and here we go.

Match Number 1:  Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley Vs The Revival

Same match, but a different ending.  Reigns took his eyes off his opponents, and got right into Bobby’s face.  Dash went right after Roman, he ran him right into Lashley.  And Scott rolls up Reigns for the win.

Winners:  The Revival, by pinfall

Tonight:  IC Title Rematch

Tonight:  Alexa Bliss Is Here

Backstage Promo:  The Deleter of Worlds

Matt starts off by saying that impression The B-Team gave last week, was WUNDDDDERFULLLLLL!!  But you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.  Bray warns The B-Team they are coming to get them.

Next:  Matt Hardy vs Curtis Axel

Match Number 2:  Matt Hardy (Raw Tag Champ) Vs Curtis Axel

The B-Team are mocking The Deleter of Worlds again, and it’s official at Extreme Rules, these two teams face off against each other for the Raw Tag Titles.  Hardy has Axel set up for a Superplex, but Hardy slipped on the ropes, and Curtis nails a Cross Body for the pinfall.  Bray and Hardy are impressed with hos Curtis found a way to win.

Winner:  Curtis Axel, by pinfall

Last Monday:  Bayley Vs Sasha Banks

Backstage Segment:  Sasha Banks and Kurt Angle

Backstage Segment:  Authors of Pain and Titus Worldwide

Authors of Pain shoved backstage crew, and Titus Worldwide took exception to that.

Next:  Authors of Pain

Backstage Segment:  Bayley and Alicia Fox

Foxy is back, and Kurt comes up to Bayley, and saying that she will team up with Sasha again.  They are more valuable tonight.  Bayley and Sasha will team up with Ember Moon to take on The Riott Squad.  This is their last chance.

Match Number 3:  The Authors of Pain Vs Rich and Rex Gibson

Last Chapter, one word…PAIN.

Winners:  The Authors of Pain, by pinfall

They beat the hell out of the Brothers Gibson, and here comes Titus Worldwide, to help the two brothers out.

Backstage Segment:  Kurt, Corbin, and Finn

Finn wanted that shot against Brock, Corbin laughed that off.  Braun said he wants to be Kevin Owens’ tag team partner tonight.  His opponents?  How about Finn and Corbin.  Okay

Next:  Alexa Bliss



In-Ring Promo:  Alexa Bliss

Mickie James is in the ring with Alexa, introducing us to the one and only “Goddess” of WWE, and our 3-time Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss.  Mickie is such a good friend, but Mickie says she deserves it, since last week her celebration was ruined, with that maniac Ronda Rousey did to her.  Alexa said she is suspended her for 30 days.  Is Alexa okay?  She’s a champion, she is fine.  It’s good that Kurt Angle saw the real person she is, a spoiled little brat.  And she said that what she did last week was legal.  Mickie calls it one of the greatest moments in WWE history.  Alexa was there, so she believes that, yet she gets rewarded with a title match in 3 weeks against Nia Jax, unless her shoulder still can’t get healed after what Ronda did to her.  And Nia always plays the victim, and thinks she is the hero in all of this, and she can beat her.  All 5 feet tall of her.  The “Different Girl” in high school can beat the most popular girl in high school, this isn’t Hollywood, its real life.  Alexa beat 7 different women in Money in the Bank, and she beat Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey.  She tells the crowd not to boo her, she is still the champion.

Natalya shows up, to say the countdown is still ticking down.  23 days until her friend, and training partner comes back, and beats her down.  Alexa is scared of that, and she is surprised Natalya took time away from her vacation in Tao, how does she know that?  Natalya continues to post everything about her life in social media.  So buh-bye.  Natalya says she isn’t going anywhere.  Kurt Angle said she has a match with Alexa, and she didn’t come alone.  Here comes Nia Jax.

Match Number 4:  Alexa Bliss (Raw Women’s Champ) Vs Natalya in a non-title match

Alexa Bliss thought she had things going her way, but Nia Jax answered the call, and Natalya makes Alexa tap out to The Sharpshooter.

Winner:  Natalya, by submission

Last Monday:  Seth Rollins Vs Dolph Ziggler

Backstage Interview:  Seth Rollins

Charly making an appearance, asking Seth what is his mind-set for tonight’s IC Title match?  No excuse, he put out an open challenge and Ziggler answered.  But he has had 7 days to think about taking that title back home.  And he hopes Drew McIntyre has a good seat, because Seth will burn it down.

Backstage Segment: The Riott Squad and Jinder Mahal

Then the most ridiculous segment took place, where The Riott Squad are bullying Jinder and the camera guy, they take pictures of Jinder.  Then break the camera.  Okay, moving on.

Next:  The Riott Squad Vs Bayley, Sasha, and Ember

Match Number 5:  The Riott Squad Vs Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Ember Moon in a 6-Women Match

The Riott Squad wins again, nails The Riott Kick, and Bayley is now kicking Sasha’s ass.  Payback, Bayley is finally showing a more vicious side.  She rams Sasha’s head into the ring post, and wants some more.  Bayley screams at Sasha saying she thinks she is better than Bayley?  She ain’t shit.

Winners:  The Riott Squad, by pinfall

Tonight:  Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens Vs Finn Balor and Baron Corbin

Backstage Segment:  Kevin Owens and Kurt Angle

Owens does not want this match to happen, but Kurt reminds Kevin he wanted to be friends with him last week, and who knows, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Moments Ago:  Bayley Turns On Sasha

Match Number 6:  Mojo Rawley Vs No Way Jose

The match never takes place, because he doesn’t want to waste his time on Jose.  He rags on Todd, the cheeseburger, and tells him no he doesn’t deserve to be a WWE superstar.  Jose stands up to him, and Rawley gives him a cheap shot, and walks away.

Winner:  No Contest

Backstage Segment:  Kurt and Bayley

Kurt is angry at Bayley for attacking Sasha, next week she is going to sensitivity counseling.  If she doesn’t go, she is fired.

Match Number 7:  Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens Vs Finn Balor and “Constable” Baron Corbin

Okay, this was funny.  Owens reaction every time Braun tags him in was hilarious.  The end comes when Balor and Corbin did not get along, so they fight to the back, and take the countout loss.  Highlight came when Braun told Owens to ram people, so he did with Balor.  But was unsuccessful with Corbin.  After the match, Owens slaps Braun, congratulating him on the win.  Braun did not like that, and Owens runs away with Braun chasing him.

Winners:  Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens, by countout

Tonight:  IC Title Match

Backstage Segment:  Kevin and Braun

Kevin runs into a storage room, with Braun trying to chase him.

Backstage Segment:  Kevin Owens

Kevin is out the door, running away from Braun.  Kevin wants his keys, but the valet doesn’t have it.  Braun does, he flipped the car over.

Match Number 8:  Dolph Ziggler (IC Champ) Vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

This was an incredible match, just a crappy finish.  Drew McIntyre was kicked out of ringside, but he came back, when he went right after Seth, and the ref calls for the DQ finish.  Roman Reigns comes to his buddy’s fall, and spears Ziggler, and he sends McIntyre out of dodge’s way.  Ziggler loses the match, but keeps his title, when the show ends here.

Winner:  Seth Rollins, by DQ, Ziggler retains IC Title

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Once again, another lackluster show, and the big issue is nobody has any direction on the show, you’d think Russo was back to booking.  I loved the main event though, but just didn’t care about anything else.  Even when they had something going with Bayley and Sasha, they ruin it by telling Bayley she needs counseling.  Just give us the damn match, so they tear the house down, what is so wrong about that?  And then we had a multi-man main event for Extreme Rules.  Now we don’t?  Who wrote this shit?  But wait, do we have Reigns Vs Lashley?  Or will we have a tag team match of Reigns and Rollins Vs Ziggler and McIntyre?  Just confusing, and the show has become a mess because of that.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Sound off, here.  I will talk to you tomorrow for NXT Takeover:  London, and Smackdown Live.

WWE Raw Quick Match Results

**The Revival def Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley, by pinfall

**Curtis Axel def Matt Hardy (C), by pinfall

**The Authors of Pain def Rex and Rich Gibson, by pinfall

**Natalya def Alexa Bliss, by submission

**The Riott Squad def Bayley, Ember Moon, and Sasha Banks, by pinfall

**Mojo Rawley Vs No Way Jose Ends In A No Contest

**Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens def Finn Balor and “Constable” Baron Corbin, by countout

**Seth Rollins def Dolph Ziggler (C) by DQ, Ziggler retains IC Title