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WWE Monday Night Raw Live From Little Rock, Arkansas

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Jonathan Coachman, and Corey Graves

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In-Ring Promo:  Money in the Bank

The 8 Raw superstars are in the ring, standing on ladders.  Yes, even Braun Strowman.  Kurt Angle heads to the ring.



Kurt tells us this Sunday is the Money in the Bank PPV, which will feature 8 superstars. both men and women competing, for a chance at a championship match.  Baron Corbin shows up, the constable, clean-shaven head and everything.  He represents the commissioner of Raw, Stephanie McMahon.  He is here to make sure everything is run smoothly.  Kurt says he wants those 2 contracts coming back to Raw.  Baron interrupts, and says if Raw does not come back with contracts, Stephanie will be deeply disappointed, and we don’t want her to be disappointed.  Alexa tells Kurt she will win this Sunday, despite being hurt.  Sasha asks what is hurt?  Alexa’s shoulder?  But last week, as Sasha said she was limping.  She can have more than one injury, and Ember said she will injure her this Sunday, when she wins Money in the Bank.  Sasha said she will win, and we hear bickering.  Kurt makes sure Natalya can perform, and she said she will, and she will win, cashing in on her new best friend, Ronda Rousey.  Sasha said Ronda could win, but Sasha will win.  Kevin Owens interrupts, buttering up to the new constable.  He asks Kurt if when Braun jumps up the ladder, will the briefcase be raised?  Then the guys bicker among each other, Alexa screams and says enough.  If one man is going to win Money in the Bank, it will be her Mix Match Tag Partner, Braun Strowman.  Sasha picks her man, Finn Balor.  Finn chooses Sasha to win her match, and Kevin proclaims he will win.  Braun said there is one thing that will happen, someone will GET THESE HANDS!!

Next:  Women’s Fatal 4-Way Match

Match Number 1:  Alexa Bliss Vs Natalya Vs Ember Moon Vs Sasha Banks in a Fatal 4-Way Match

This was a good match, where Ember nails the Eclipse on Natalya, Alexa tries to steal the pin, with she and Ember fighting to the outside, when Alexa gets back, Sasha breaks the pin.  Alexa nails Sasha into the ring ropes, and Natalya turns Alexa around for the Sharpshooter, and makes her tap out.

Winner:  Natalya, by submission

Backstage Segment:  Kevin Owens and Finn Balor

Kevin sends an olive branch to Balor, he talks about they have a game plan for tonight’s Fatal 4-Way match.  They still have hard feelings from last week?  They are both competitors, they are both former Universal Champions.  They both have not had their rematches for the title, but if Braun wins the ladder match, it would be a nightmare, they can never get the title back.  So tonight, they take out a monster, together.

Tonight:  Jinder Mahal Vs Roman Reigns

Tonight:  Face-To-Face Rousey Vs Jax

Match Number 2:  Breezango Vs Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Ziggler and McIntyre just dominated this match, winning with their Zig Zag and Claymore combination.

Winners:  Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, by pinfall

In-Ring Promo:  Ziggler and McIntyre

Last week was a fluke, they both got over it, so deal with it.  McIntyre said this was exhibit A, and exhibit B.  Some of you questioned this combination, so this right here is not just hype.  Titus Worldwide, The B-Team, The Deleter od Worlds, take a good, hard look, the show ends right here.  And Drew said they are committed to save the Tag team Division, and every tag team will be taken out.

Backstage Interview:  Roman Reigns

Charly asks Roman if he is surprised Jinder challenged Roman just 6 days away from Money in the Bank?  No, Jinder is an idiot.  Know this, Jinder is the reason Roman is not in the ladder match, and he is the reason he isn’t cashing in on HIS title against Brock Lesnar.  So tonight, Roman will have some fun, and pay the receipt.

Next:  Jinder Vs Reigns

In-Ring Promo:  Jinder Mahal

He challenged Roman to prove a point tonight, he is not as dominant as he thinks he is.  Yup, he is a multi-champion, main events Wrestlemania, but the waves are changing.  He sees his body struggling to get up, after Jinder hits a Khallas after Khallas, and he has his hand raised in victory.  And as for tonight….here comes Reigns.

Match Number 3:  Roman Reigns Vs Jinder Mahal

Jinder grabs the mic again, hearing what Roman said that he cost Roman his shot at Money in the Bank, he cost him against Brock Lesnar, but he can see it in his eyes, he is using Jinder as his own failures.  So you thought he was facing Jinder?  No, he never said that.  Roman is going to face a giant among all of us….He is going to face The Great Samir Singh

Match Number 3:  Roman Reigns Vs Samir Singh

Spear, match is done, but after the match, Jinder went right after Roman, and nails the Khallas.

Winner:  Roman Reigns, by pinfall

Match Number 4:  The B-Team Vs Rhyno and Heath Slater

The Tag team challengers continue their winning way, The B-Team wins the match.

Winners:  The B-Team, by pinfall

In-Ring Promo:  The Deleter of Worlds

They show up on the screen, congratulating them on the win, and Bray says they are here.  The screen goes off, and they show up on the ramp, saying to The B-Team they will be deleted this Sunday at Money in the Bank.

Last Week:  Elias Vs Seth Rollins

Backstage:  Elias

It’s going to be difficult tonight, but he will perform, because it will be tough to perform in front of so much Arkansas trash, but he is a professional.

Next:  Elias

In-Ring Concert:  Elias

Hello, my name is Elias.  I just want you to know, you are about to see a monumental performance, because he is an artist.  And we are about to see Elias, before he becomes the Intercontinental Champion, and at Money in the Bank, we will find out WWE stands for Walk with Elias.  Right now, Elias needs us to do a few things for him.  Silence our cell phones, and hold our applause.  Elias understands it is difficult to hold in the excitement, but Elias needs us to shut our mouths.

This is a song about Seth Rollins.

Elias shows us his guitar being given to him by John Mayer.  This is a thing of beauty.  Elias will not bless us with another performance, but next week, Elias will play his greatest song yet, and he will have this guitar hanging on his chest, and the IC Title around his waist.  Seth Rollins comes to the ring, clips Elias out of the ring, and asks him when is he going to get some guts, and stop being a coward.  He tried to take him out with a guitar, making a name for himself?  News flash, he isn’t hard to find, he will be at the same spot he has been in every Monday night.  All he had to do was ask, and Seth really wants to like Elias.  He has a great thing going, all the cool spots, all the great guitars.  Rollins sees the guitar in the ring.  He doesn’t have this guitar.  Seth wants a closer look at this.  This is very, very nice.  He’d hate to see this going to waste.  You know what this would be great for?  A charity auction here in Little Rock.  Elias will bid for it, and this is a gift from John Mayer?  Seth doesn’t want to hurt the guitar, I mean the craftmanship.  Seth fakes to step on it, and Elias begs him not to do it.  He can’t play any instruments, but he does know a song, it’s three words, and it happens when he taps his foot.  The crowd chants to Burn it Down.  Stomp right through the guitar.

Backstage Segment:  Kevin Owens and Bobby Roode

Owens tells Bobby he wants what is best for everyone.  None of them can beat Braun, it can be a disaster for everyone if he wins the MITB match.  So they can either work together, or get crushed, like the ladder did last week.  Up to you.

Match Number 5:  Bayley Vs Ruby Riott


Bayley working by herself, developed shoulder problems.  The Riott Squad distracted Bayley for a moment, and Ruby shoved Bayley into the ring post,  Then she nails the Riott Kick to win the match.

Winner:  Ruby Riott, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  Ronda Rousey and Natalya

Natalya warns Ronda to keep her eye on Nia tonight, you will never know what she will try.

Next:  Rousey Vs Jax Face-To-Face

In-Ring Promo:  Rousey Vs Jax, Face-To-Face

Coach is in the ring, introduces the two opponents at Money in the Bank.  Coach brings up the next time these women are in the ring is at Money in the Bank.  He asks Nia’s thoughts about what started as a friendly rivalry turned into a tense match.  Nia isn’t surprised, they are both competitors, and she sort of pushed Ronda’s buttons a bit.  And while she is beautiful, charismatic, and very talented, she is still very new to the WWE.  She dominated UFC and Strikeforce, but there are certain things she can do in WWE, she couldn’t do there.  And she will show her.  Ronda said she doesn’t have game plans, she improvise, and she finds a way to break arms.  Ronda has just had one match Coach brings up, yet she is confident.  Ronda is confident, and she knows she can do it.  Nia talks about how Ronda’s match was impressive, but her match was against a part-timer business executive, see if she can do that to her.  Nia has been in WWE for years, honing in her craft.  Nia will beat Ronda, she just isn’t ready.

Ronda isn’t ready?  She has been told that her entire life.  She was told she couldn’t go into Olympic Judo at the age of 17, and she did.  She said she could not headline her own show, and she broke attendance records.  She was told she can’t be UFC Champion, and she became a UFC Hall of Fame.  She isn’t ready?  She is Ronda Rousey, and she was BORN READY!!  Nia stands up, nails a head butt.  Ronda counters that with her Arm Bar, and makes Nia tap out.  Ronda Rousey made a statement, tonight.

Next:  No Way Jose Vs Curt Hawkins

Match Number 6:  No Way Jose Vs Curt Hawkins

Curt doesn’t show up, but Curt was disguised as part of Jose’s conga line.  Jose nails with his punch, and rolls up Curt for his 201st loss.

Winner:  No Way Jose, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  Bobby Roode and Finn Balor

Balor asks Roode if he heard from Kevin, and he did.  But does Finn trust him?  Finn says no, but maybe it’s best to dance with the devil you know, and take the monster out?  Bobby says good idea, but keep an eye open for Braun.  Finn will, but he will also keep an eye on Roode.

Video:  Special Olympics

In-Ring Segment:  Obstacle Course

Renee Young brings us Sami Zayn and Bobby Lashley.  We are about to see an obstacle course, it seems.  Renee asks Sami why he challenged Bobby to this, because last week, Sami asked Bobby if he really was in the army, and he got booed.  He was bombarded with pictures of Bobby in the army, but it could have been a fake one.  So if Bobby beats him in the obstacle course, then maybe it’s true.  We have tried, we have steps, just like you would find in an army.  Sami will dedicate this victory to Canada.

What is Bobby’s reaction to this challenge?  Everyone is tired of Sami’s mouth.  He will beat him in this challenge, and will beat his butt this weekend.  We have an official coin toss, to see who goes first.  The coin goes heads, so Bobby is first.

Bobby kills the course, is at :45 seconds, but Sami attacks Bobby from behind, and nails a Helluva Kick.

Backstage Segment:  Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, and Bobby Roode

It seems like they aren’t on the same page, and Braun shows up, saying how about the three of them team up on Braun, and laughs it off.  Oh boy.

Next:  Fatal 4-Way Match

Match Number 7:  Kevin Owens Vs Finn Balor Vs Bobby Roode Vs Braun Strowman in a Men’s Fatal 4-Way Match

All 3 men teamed up, and took out Braun.  Owens hit a Frogsplash right through the announce table.  Braun fought off a Glorious DDT, a Coup De Grace, a Frogsplah, and even a ladder through his ribs, but he is a MONSTER Among Men.  Braun nails a Powerslam, and wins the match.  How can he be stopped this Sunday?

Winner:  Braun Strowman, by pinfall

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Other than the 2 Fatal 4-Way matches, nothing else stood out.  I liked the Rousey and Nia segment.  But the matches were awful, very minimal Kurt and Baron Corbin segment too.  They need to start that up for Summerslam.  What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts.

WWE Raw Quick Match Results

**Natalya wins a Women’s Fatal 4-Way Match, by submission

**Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre def Breezango, by pinfall

**Roman Reigns def Samir Singh, by pinfall

**The B-Team def Rhyno and Heath Slater, by pinfall

**Ruby Riott def Bayley, by pinfall

**No Way Jose def Curt Hawkins, by pinfall

**Braun Strowman wins Men’s Fatal 4-Way Match, by pinfall