WWE Smackdown Live 1/23/2018 Live Results

Kevin Gillman is the editor of the Ringside Seats section here on Forever Rebuilding.

WWE Smackdown Live From Baltimore, Maryland

Tuesday, May 7th, 2018

Commentators:  Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves

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In-Ring Segment:  Paige




Paige welcomes us to Smackdown Live, she talks about the successful Backlash that we saw this past Sunday night.  The in-ring win from Daniel Bryan.  We also saw Carmella pull of an upset win over Charlotte Flair.  And the WWE Championship situation, we will hear from AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura, tonight.  Speaking of tonight, we will have Money in the Bank Qualifying matches.  Paige needs the best Smackdown Live has to offer, and our first match starts now.

Match Number 1:  Jeff Hardy (US Champ) Vs The Miz in a MITB Qualifying Match

Another good match with The Miz, Hardy nails a Swanton Bomb, to which Miz took, and rolls Hardy up for a shocking pin, after Hardy took the cover.  The Miz has now become the third person added to Money in the Bank.

Winner, and Advances to Money In The Bank:  The Miz, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  The Bar

Sheamus is eating his Lucky Charms, still upset over losing to Xavier Woods.  They bicker over the fact Cesaro would have had a better chance.  Sheamus suggests Cesaro faces Xavier, and it’s agreed.  Pancakes are in their gear bags.

Tonight:  Daniel Bryan Vs Rusev

Tonight:  Charlotte Flair Vs Peyton Royce

Video:  SAnitY

Video:  Styles Vs Nakamura

Backstage Interview:  Shinsuke Nakamura

Renee Young asks Nakamura if this feud with AJ Styles is over?  No, he doesn’t know English.  He forgot how to speak, so for now, no speak English.  Is there anything you want to say to AJ Styles?  AJ Styles is nuts, but so is he.  They are not finished with their business.

Video:  Carmella Vs Charlotte Flair

Selfie Promo:  Carmella

She beat Charlotte Flair, and now it’s time to party.  But not in a low-class city like Baltimore.  But next week, she is going to have a MellaBration in London, England.  The Royal Family is not invited.  Neither is Ric Flair, did you know Ric has a daughter named Charlotte?  Carmella beat Charlotte Flair, because Mella is MONEY.

Match Number 2:  Charlotte Flair Vs Peyton Royce in a MITB Qualifying Match

Charlotte tried to use her athleticism in this match, missed the Moonsault, which made her knee buckle.  Peyton tries to use tactics, but it fails.  Many near-fall counts, but Charlotte slaps on the Figure Eight and Peyton had no other choice but to tap out.  Charlotte advances to Women’s Money in the Bank.

Winner, and Advances to Money in the Bank Ladder Match:  Charlotte Flair, by submission

Video:  Daniel Bryan Vs Big Cass

Backstage Interview:  Daniel Bryan

Dasha is with Daniel, asking if he has recovered from the attack Big Cass laid on him.  Daniel reminds us he made Big Cass tap out.  He has competed in Money in the Bank Ladder matches, and has cashed it in to become World Heavyweight Champion, right here in Baltimore.  He will prove the bigger you are, the faster you tap.

Next:  Xavier Woods Vs Cesaro

Selfie Promos:  Shelton Benjamin and Asuka

They both want opportunities to win Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Match Number 3:  Xavier Woods Vs Cesaro


New Day tried to distract Cesaro, throwing pancakes at Sheamus, but when Xavier tried a Top Rope Elbow, he is met by a Cesaro Uppercut for the win.

Winner:  Cesaro, by pinfall

Backstage Interview:  AJ Styles

Renee spoke with Shinsuke earlier, he said he is not done with Styles.  AJ stooped to Shinsuke’s level, but he will do whatever it takes to keep this title.  If he has the gut to face him again, he will finish him.  He may be “The King of Cheap Shots”, but this is the house that AJ Styles built.

Next:  Mandy Rose Vs Becky Lynch

Video:  The Bludgeon Brothers

They love to melt action figures, it seems.  They dare any team to come play with them.  They are waiting.

Match Number 4:  Becky Lynch Vs Mandy Rose

Before the match, Paige informed Sonya Deville that she was barred from ringside.  Becky has been in a slump, and it continues.  Mandy wins the match with a rollup.

Video:  Daniel Bryan winning Money in the Bank 2011

Next Week:  New Day Vs The Bar in a Qualifying Match to MITB (Winner Chooses One Man)

Next Week:  A Royal MellaBration

Next Week:  Andrade “Cien” Almas SD Live Debut

Match Number 5:  Daniel Bryan Vs Rusev in a MITB Qualifying Match

Rusev picks up the win with a Machka Kick.  The story here is Daniel Bryan has been through so much the last month, including the beating he took from Big Cass, yet so much traveling.  By the way, we are heading for a 2 week trip to German, so more traveling.  The show ends with Daniel Bryan beside himself in the ring, while Rusev celebrates with Aidan English to end the show.

Winner, and Advances to Money in the Bank:  Rusev, by pinfall

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show was okay, I liked the 3 big matches, but still have an issue with no direction other than that.  We have so many people not being used.  No Big Cass, no Samoa Joe, nothing from the Tag Team Champions, The Bludgeon Brothers.  SAnitY still haven’t made their WWE debuts.  So we just seem to be stuck here in the middle.  Nothing to see.  I love the story they are telling with Daniel Bryan though.  But the main storylines are being told, there is nothing else for anyone else.  Next week, both shows will be in London, England, so we should see more MITB qualifying matches.  I like the 4 men, and 2 women who are in so far.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Sound off here.

WWE Smackdown Live Quick Match Results

**The Miz def Jeff Hardy (C), by pinfall (MITB Qualifying Match)

**Charlotte Flair def Peyton Royce, by submission (MITB Qualifying Match)

**Cesaro def Xavier Woods, by pinfall

**Mandy Rose def Becky Lynch, by pinfall

**Rusev def Daniel Bryan, by pinfall (MITB Qualifying Match)