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WWE Monday Night Raw Live From Richmond, Virginia

Monday, May 28th, 2018

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Jonathan Coachman, and Corey Graves

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Video:  Memorial Day

In-Ring Promo:  Braun Strowman


What I see that briefcase, Braun gets motivated because inside, there is a contract that guarantees Braun will become the new WWE Champion anytime, anywhere in the world.  At Money in the Break, Braun destroys 7 other men, then he climbs the top of the ladder, take the briefcase, and then the contract.  Then not only will he be known as Mr. Money in the Bank, but he will be known as Mr. Monster in the Bank.  And who is going to stop him?  Not The Miz, not Bobby Roode, not Finn Balor, not any member of The New Day, not anybody, and someone will get these hands.  And he will become the new Universal Champion.  Finn Balor shows up, he reminds us he was the first Universal Champion.  And he didn’t even lose the title, which still bothers him.  Last week, Finn went into the ring with Braun, and he gave him everything he had.  But at Money in the Bank, it will be 6 others, and anything can happen.  Braun said he can fight pretty well for a little guy.  Balor slaps Braun, and the two fight, until we get Kurt Angle interrupting the fun.  He sees intensity, and at Money in the Bank, 8 men will compete in the ring for Money in the Bank.  Finn Balor, you said you gave everything you had, and it was a good match.  How about we get a rematch, right now.

Match Number 1:  Braun Strowman Vs Finn Balor

Kevin Owens shows up from commentary, and he made his impact.  Owens got on the mic and mocked both men, when they had things going for them.  The finish came when Balor tried a Coup De Grace for the second time, Owens shows up, and shoves Balor off the ropes.  Braun goes right after Owens, and throws a ladder at Kevin, to end the match.

Winner:  Braun Strowman, by DQ

Video:  Last Week With Owens and Mahal Vs Reigns and Rollins

Tonight:  IC Title Match, Rollins Vs Mahal

Tonight:  7-Woman Gauntlet Match

Next:  Elias

Moments Ago:  Balor Vs Braun

Backstage Segment:  Kevin Owens

Owens is running away from Braun, and Kurt catches up to him, tells him he isn’t leaving.  He has a match with Bobby Roode, later tonight.

Selfie Promo:  Sasha Banks

Sasha is ready to rewrite history, but she has her 7 woman gauntlet match later tonight.  She doesn’t need luck, when she is “The Boss”.

In-Ring Concert:  Elias

Hello, I am Elias.  And I have one question for everybody here tonight, who wants to walk with Elias?  Now tonight’s song is very special with him, when he picked up the guitar, and the song just came to him.  It will draw total concentration.  He knows we are in the south, but try to keep up.  So normally, this lighting is fine.  But this crowd in Virginia is especially disgusting, so if we can bring the lights in just a little bit.  One other thing, actually.  Lance, if you can bring the vocals up.  He wants to hear more of Elias, and less of them.  He has to do everybody’s job, is there anything he can’t do?  One more thing, this will go to complete silence.  So Elias needs us to shut our mouths.  If we don’t think he isn’t messing around, Elias will sit right here all night, until he hears a pin drop.

Next:  Rollins Vs Mahal

Match Number 2:  Seth Rollins (IC Champ) Vs Jinder Mahal for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

We come back, with Elias still in the ring, asking us who walks with Elias.  Rollins comes out, ready for his match.  He throws the chair out of the ring, and stares at Elias.  The match is now.

Well, we have our second DQ finish, but this time the champion is DQ’d, because he uses a chair shot, who was brought in by Jinder, and nails both Mahal and Sunil Singh with that chair, many times, and they run out of the ringside.  Rollins stands tall at the announce desk, but Elias nails Rollins with his guitar.

Winner:  Jinder Mahal, by DQ, Rollins retains.

Moments Ago:  Elias nails Rollins with Guitar

We are live with officials and EMTs checking on Seth.  Rollins slowly moves off the gurney, and wants to walk with some help, without the gurney.

In-Ring Exhibition:  Nia Jax

Ronda Rousey comes out to join commentary, and this isn’t even a match.  It’s an exhibition to show Ronda what she is in store for.  Nia got out of The Arm bar against Michelle Webb.  She nails a Samoan Drop, and a Leg Drop.  She isn’t getting up.  Ronda has never faced anyone like Nia in UFC.  She can literally crush a woman’s chest, but a rolling senton can too.  She needs some assistance, so she pleads “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey to help this girl out.  Ronda comes to the ring, and Nia is a heel again.  Now they are in the face, and Nis is not intimidated.  She finds that look quite humorous, calling Ronda cute, and walks away.



Tonight:  Last Chance Qualifying Gauntlet Match

Selfie Promo:  Dana Brooke

Dana has the numbers to win.

Match Number 3:  The Deleter of Worlds (Raw Tag Champs) Vs The Ascension in a non-title match

The Tag Champs pick up the win with the double Sister Abigail, called The Kiss of Deletion.

Winners:  The Deleter of Worlds, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  Kurt Angle and The B-Team

The B-Team want their Raw Tag Team Championship, Kurt denies saying they beat the sane tag teams.  Bo believes Kurt is trying to say they need to give the other Tag Team Division a B-Team Barbeque Celebration.

Next:  Roode Vs Owens

Selfie Promo:  The Riott Squad

They will work together, one way or the other that final place belongs to The Riott Squad.

Match Number 4:  Bobby Roode Vs Kevin Owens

Owens runs away from Roode, but Bobby caught up to him, and Owens used his brain to gain the advantage, picks up the win with a roll up.  Now, here comes Braun.  Strowman nails 2 Powerslams on Owens, Roode was rooting for Braun, but Strowman grabbed him, nailed a Powerslam.  Every man for himself.

Winner:  Kevin Owens, by pinfall

Next:  Sami Zayn Apology To Bobby Lashley

In-Ring Promo:  Sami Zayn

Sami comes to the ring, he reads an official apology for what happened last week, admitting those were actors portraying Bobby Lashley’s sisters, so he apologizes.  But he then tells us everything that was said was true.  Sami is an artist, he tried to paint a portrait about Bobby Lashley’s sisters.  The truth is Sami should be competing for Money in the Bank, he should be going after Seth Rollins’ Intercontinental Championship, not reading an apology letter.

Bobby Lashley comes to the ring, tells the crowd everyone has a family who is serving in the military, and he salutes them.  Bobby tells Sami his real sisters found Sami to be quite entertaining last week.  But it seems they have an issue with each other, so how about they settle it in the ring, at Money in the Bank.  Bobby tells him to do the right thing, and shake his hand.  Sami shakes his hand, and tells him at Money in the Bank he will Helluva kick that smile right off his face.  Bobby turns to serious when he is shaking his hand, taking Sami down, and apologizing to Sami for everything he does to him at Money in the Bank, and walks off.

Tonight:  Last Chance 7-Woman Money in the Bank Qualifying Gauntlet Match

Selfie Promo:  Mickie James

She has her eyes on the prize, a 7-time Women’s Champion, and she will be the one left standing tonight, heading to Money in the Bank.

Match Number 5:  Drew McIntyre Vs Chad Gable

McIntyre showcases his talent, and handles Gable, with ease.  Claymore kick, that is all.

Winner:  Drew McIntyre, by pinfall

Next:  The B-Team Memorial Day Barbeque

In-Ring Promo:  The B-Team Memorial Barbeque

All of the tag teams are in the ring, with The B-Team food.  Curtis talks about since they are undefeated, and are all friends now, they are the next contenders for the Raw Tag Team Championship against Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt.  Titus tells them they will not cut at the front of the line for the Tag Team Championship.  They won’t get their Tag Team Title match, then they are taking their food back, and we get the food fight.  Let’s get on with the main event.  Rhyno was just minding his own business, and B-Team comes back in, and gives him a double Chokeslam through the table.

Next:  Last Chance 7-Woman Gauntlet Match for MITB Qualifying Match

Next Week:  Kevin Owens Vs Finn Balor

Next Week:  Braun Strowman vs Bobby Roode

Next Week:  Nia Jax Vs Natalya

Backstage Segment:  Kurt Angle and The B-Team

The B-Team ask Kurt if he saw that, and unfortunately he did, we all did.  They start to complain, and Kurt tells them next week, we will have a Tag team Battle Royal, and the winners will face the Tag Team Champs at Money in the Bank.

Match Number 6:  Last Chance 7-Women Gauntlet MITB Qualifying Match

In-Ring promo:  Bayley

Charly Caruso makes an appearance, Bayley drew number 1, and will have to survive the entire gauntlet match to determine the spot in Money in the Bank.  Bayley said she will go through all of the women to survive, because that contract has her name written all over it.

Gauntlet Match Number 1:  Bayley Vs Liv Morgan

Bayley to Belly, Liv is gone.

Winner:  Bayley, by pinfall

Gauntlet Match Number 2:  Bayley Vs Sarah Logan

A little longer, but Bayley pins Sarah with a roll up.

Winner:  Bayley, by pinfall

Gauntlet Match Number 3:  Bayley vs Ruby Riott

Before the match starts, Sarah and Liv attack Bayley to set her up for Ruby.

Ruby nails the Riott Kick, and pins Bayley to move on.

Winner:  Ruby Riott, by pinfall

Gantlet Match Number 4:  Ruby Riott Vs Dana Brooke

Riott Kic, that is all she wrote.

Winner:  Ruby Riott, by pinfall

Gauntlet Match Number 5:  Ruby Riott Vs Mickie James

Richmond’s own Mickie James showed very well in this match, the crowd was rooting for her, but Ruby picks up the win with a roll up.

Winner:  Ruby Riott, by pinfall

Gauntlet Match Number 6:  Ruby Riott Vs Sasha Banks

The Riott Squad tried to help Ruby get through, but Sasha fights them off and survives, making Ruby tap out to The Bank Statement.

Winner, and Advances to Money in the Bank:  Sasha Banks, by submission

The show ends here

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The first hour of Raw was very good, I loved the segment with Elias and Seth Rollins.  But man, the rest of the show completely slowed down, and the end result was boring.  Even the main event should have been longer, and now I have no clue what they are doing with Bayley.  I thought for sure they would give us Bayley Vs Sasha, but I guess they changed their mind.  It just felt like WWE took the week off, due to the holiday.  What were your thoughts?  Send them to me here.

WWE Raw Quick Match Results:

**Braun Strowman def Finn Balor, by DQ

**Jinder Mahal def Seth Rollins (C), by DQ, Rollins retains IC Title

**The Deleter of Worlds (C) def The Ascension, by pinfall

**Kevin Owens def Bobby Roode, by pinfall

**Drew McIntyre def Chad Gable, by pinfall

**Sasha Banks wins Last Chance 7-Woman Gauntlet Match (MITB Qualifying Match)