WWE Smackdown Live 1/23/2018 Live Results

Kevin Gillman is the editor of the Ringside Seats section here on Forever Rebuilding.

WWE Smackdown Live From New Orleans, Louisiana

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Commentators:  Tom Phillips, Byron Saxson, and Corey Graves

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In-Ring Promo:  Shane McMahon


Welcome everyone to Smackdown Live, the final exclamation point to this amazing Wrestlemania week.  On behalf of everyone in the back, everyone on the WWE roster, they want to thank the ones who traveled all over the world, for the ones who have watched at home to see Wrestlemania be a tremendous success.  Shane has had many Wrestlemania moments, but none that meant more than to see the in-return of Daniel Bryan.  Not only did he have the privilege of teaming up with Daniel, he saw his passion and to never resolve of coming back into the ring, not only did they compete, they won.  Daniel has something magical and was born for this.  He truly has the chance to compete as a full-time competitor.  Because of this, Shane accepts Daniel’s resignation as Smackdown Live General Manager.  So when one door closes, another one opens, welcome the new Smackdown Live General Manager, Paige!!

She’s back, last night on Raw, she delivered her retirement speech, she felt like this was the last time she came to the ring, and the first person that greeted her was Shane.  She thanks Shane for that.  Now down to business, with the Superstar Shake-Up being next week, its next week.  She wants this week to be special for the fans.  So let’s talk about Daniel Bryan.  Daniel hasn’t competed in the ring on TV in 3 years.  So who wants to see him in action tonight?  Daniel will face AJ Styles!!

The announcers give us the same spiel about the WWE Universe crowd after Wrestlemania being loony.

Tonight:  Wrestlemania Fallout

Tonight:  Charlotte Flair

Next:  Number One Contender Match For SD Live Tag Team Championships

Match Number 1:  The Usos Vs The New Day, Number One Contender to SD Live Tag Team Championship

This was another good match between these two teams.  The Usos pick up the win with a Splash, Jey pins Xavier.  Something here made me think, is it possible WWE is thinking of breaking up The New Day?  I guess we will find out Monday night with the Superstar Shake-Up.  The Bludgeon Brothers show up.

Winners, and Number One Contenders to Tag Team Titles:  The Usos, by pinfall

Tonight:  AJ Styles Vs Daniel Bryan

Earlier Today:  Naomi

Dasha congratulates Naomi winning the first ever Battle Royal, and Natalya shows up.  Naomi will have a match against Natalya, now.

Match Number 2:  Naomi Vs Natalya

Naomi picks up the win with a Split Legged Moonsault, pinning Natalya.

Winner:  Naomi, by pinfall

Backstage Interview:  Shinsuke Nakamura

Renee Young is backstage, asking why Shinsuke tarnished his dream match?  Shinsuke is very sorry for what he did to AJ Styles, he got too emotional.  Renee doesn’t buy into it, and she asked him again.  His response?  Sorry, no speak English.

Tonight:  United States Championship Number One Contender Match

Next:  Charlotte Flair

In-Ring Promo:  Charlotte Flair


This past Sunday, she faced the toughest challenge of her career in Asuka, and she made Charlotte dig down deep to find a way to win the match, and she thanks Asuka for that challenge, and she is still the SD Live Women’s Champion….WOOOOOOO!!  Asuka, we left every ounce of energy, every ounce of effort in that ring, and she knows it was Wrestlemania, but it was special, it was magical.  So the question is who will she make magic with next?  The Iconic Duo, Peyton Royce, and Billie Kay from NXT might have the answer.  Charlotte is trying to make some magic, and she knows a couple of Iconic Duos to play the wizards, and make that SD Live Women’s Championship disappear.  If you don’t know, this is Peyton Royce, and this is Billie Kay, they are The Iconic Duo.  Now, her match with Asuka was very good this past Sunday, but it wasn’t ICONIC!!  Now Peyton gives us an impression of Charlotte thanking her second grade teacher, and little girls on becoming women.  Stop looking at the past, when you are looking at the future.  Right now, it’s out with the old, and in with the Iconic.  Iconic Duo goes right after Charlotte, and the numbers game catches up with her.  Billie Kay nails Shades of Kay boot.  They rammed Charlotte’s head into the ring post.  And now ram her shoulder into the steel ring stairs.  They put a lifeless Charlotte Flair back into the ring, and tell us the future is here.

Carmella is cashing in on SD Live Women’s Championship

Match Number 3:  Charlotte Flair (WWE SD Live Women’s Champ) Vs Carmella for the SD Live Women’s Championship

Carmella kicks Charlotte, and pins her for the 1….2…..3, Carmella is our new SD Live Women’s Champion.

Winner, and NEW WWE SD Live Women’s Champion:  Carmella, by pinfall

Tonight:  AJ Styles Vs Daniel Bryan

Next:  Number One Contender to US Title in a Triple Threat Match

Match Number 4:  Randy Orton Vs Bobby Roode Vs Rusev in a Triple Threat Match for Number One Contender to United States Championship

Orton nails a RKO on Rusev, and Orton will face Jinder at Backlash for the United States Championship.

Winner, and Number One Contender to US Title:  Randy Orton, by pinfall

Next:  Styles Vs Bryan

Earlier Tonight:  Carmella Cashing in on Briefcase

Backstage Interview:  Carmella

287 long days, Carmella was patient and waited for the perfect time to cash in, and look at her.  She is crying about this.  There is someone very important she wants to thank, HERSELF.  Carmella did this by herself, just like she made history.  Dasha wants to ask what about Billie Kaye and Peyton Royce?  Who?  Mella is money, and now Mella is gold.  Capice.

Backstage Interview:  AJ Styles

Renee wants AJ’s reaction, and he doesn’t want an apology from Shinsuke, in fact, when he sees him, he will stick his boot in his mouth.  But he isn’t concerned about Nakamura.  Tonight, this is about his opponent.  He never thought he would be facing Daniel in a WWE ring.  He is a legend, one of the best, but he isn’t phenomenal.

Match Number 5:  AJ Styles (WWE Champ) Vs Daniel Bryan in a non-title match

Shinsuke ruined another great match between the two, nailing a Kinsasha on Daniel first, causing the DQ loss for Styles.  Then after a low blow on Styles, he nails a Kinsasha, and another low blow.  Shinsuke walks away, smiling and proud of what he did.

Winner:  Daniel Bryan, by DQ

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a good, but great episode tonight.  I loved the main event, but the ending was bad.  SD Live, just like Raw is setting up for Superstar Shake-Up next week.  I enjoyed seeing The Iconic Duo make their WWE debut, and they did a great segment with Charlotte, and we had that moment for Carmella.  Also having Paige be the new SD Live GM is a good move, and she can always have a role with the company.  See what happens for next week.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.

WWE SD Live Quick Match Results:

**The Usos def The New Day, by pinfall (Number One Contender Match)

**Naomi def Natalya, by pinfall

**Carmella def Charlotte Flair (C) to win SD Live Women’s Title, by pinfall

**Randy Ortons def Rusev and Bobby Roode in a Triple Threat Match (Number One Contender Match)

**Daniel Bryan def AJ Styles (C), by DQ