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WWE NXT Takeover Live From New Orleans, Louisiana

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Commentators:  Mauro Ranallo, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuiness

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Live Song:  Cain Hill Performs “It Follows”, Official Theme Song To NXT Takeover:  New Orleans

Match Number 1:  Ricochet Vs Killian Dane Vs Lars Sullivan Vs Adam Cole Vs Velveteen Dream Vs EC3 for the NXT North American Championship in a Ladder Match


Wow, what a match this was, and we saw history being made.  All 6 men put on a clinic, not just with each other, but ladders too.  3 broken ladders.  Ricochet started the match with a Springboard Shooting Star press.  EC3 showed us why he belongs in NXT.  We had all 3 ladders being used at the end of the match.  Dream and Ricochet took each other out first after Ricochet nails an Avalanche Destroyer.  Cole and EC3 took each other out.  Lars nails Killian with a Powerbomb, and Ricochet takes out Sullivan.  Just when Ricochet has his eyes set on the title, Adam Cole, BAY BAY!!  He shows up, shoves Ricochet, and grabs the title.  Adam Cole is the first North American Champion.  And we are just getting started.

Winner, and FIRST NXT North American Champion:  Adam Cole

Video:  Andrade “Cien” Almas

Match Number 2:  Ember Moon (NXT Women’s Champ) Vs Shayna Baszier, for the NXT Women’s Championship

This had an interesting story here, with Ember being a bit confident going into this match, and there was a moment where Ember caught Shayna’s elbow, and stomped on it, messing up Shayna’s shoulder in the process.  But Shayna popped her shoulder back into place with the ring post two times.  Ember attempted an Eclipse, but Shayna catches her with a Kirifuda Clutch.  Ember got out of it the first time, but Shayna locked it in again, and Ember passed out, we have a new Women’s Champion.

Winner, and NEW NXT Women’s Champion:  Shayna Baszler, by submission

Backstage Segment:  Adam Cole

Adam is not sure he can compete for the Tag Team Championship, Kyle O’ Reilly is even thinking about cancelling the match.

Backstage:  Aleister Black

Match Number 3:  Adam Cole and Kyle O’ Reilly (NXT Tag Team Champs) Vs Roderick Strong and Pete Dunn (United Kingdom Champ) Vs Authors of Pain for the NXT Tag Team Championship in Finals of Dusty Rhodes Classic

Adam Cole was not a part of this match, he was laid out early by Authors of Pain, who dominated in the early part of the match.  Strong and Dunne had a chance to win, Pete nails Bitter End on O’ Reilly, but Strong turns heel, and nails a Strong Breaker, joining The Undisputed Era, with The Undisputed Era picking up the win.

Winners, and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, and Winners of Dusty Rhodes Tag team Classic:  The Undisputed Era, by pinfall

Match Number 4:  Andrade “Cien” Almas Vs Aleister Black for the NXT Championship


The story here is Zelina did everything she could to help Almas, with 2 Hurracaranas, and Almas used some aggression, but Black kept kicking out at 2, including the Hammerlock DDT.  The final part came when Almas almost ran into the ref, Zelina tried another Hurracarana, but Black ducks, Almas catches Zelina….BLACK MASK on Almas, we have a new NXT Champion.

Winner, and NEW NXT Champion:  Aleister Black, by pinfall.

Match Number 5:  Johnny Gargano Vs Tommaso Ciampa in an Unsanctioned No DQ Match, with Gargano’s NXT Career on the line

WHAT A MATCH!!  The best part about this was no blood, a clean victory, just two men settling a grudge match.  We played off the story of Ciampa’s torn ACL.  Some plant had crutches, and Ciampa took it, and it became the story at the end.  2 tables broke, both men left everything in the ring.  Near falls, a steel turnbuckle exposed, the crutches were used.  Ciampa used a Buckle Powerbomb with his injured knee, and Ciampa felt it.  Tommaso took off his knee brace, and Gargano used it for his advantage.  He was about to put Ciampa away for good, but he saw his former best friend’s face, and refused to use it again, but Ciampa grabbed that knee brace, tried to use it, and Johnny ducks, but makes Ciampa tap out to the STF.  The amazing thing was before the match began, the heel heat Ciampa had just walking to the ring.  Wrestlers can use a pointer on that, just simply amazing.  This was Gargano’s moment, ending the show celebrating with his wife Candice LeRae.

Winner:  Johnny Gargano, by submission

Kevin’s Thoughts:

From top to bottom of the show, every match was good, to great.  I loved that they put Gargano Vs Ciampa as the main event, and hopefully some day, this will be a Wrestlemania match.  Both men deserve credit for putting on a great match.  North American Title match was off to such a hot start here.  Bazsler was impressive too, I just don’t know how she will stand out with any other woman in NXT.  Someone who beats her will have to be made here, because I can’t see anyone right now that can beat her.  I love Roderick Strong taking up Undisputed Era’s offer for a spot with them, and now he has someone to feud with in Pete Dunne.  NXT Title match again showed how good both men are, and Zelina showed off what she can do too.  Everything just clicked with the show, and now Wrestlemania has to top this.  Good luck with that.  Speaking of Mania, I will be back here tomorrow night at 5:00, for the Kick-Off show.  Share me your thoughts on tonight’s show.

WWE NXT Takeover:  New Orleans Quick Match Results:

**Adam Cole wins NXT North American Championship in a Ladder Match

**Shayna Baszler def Ember Moon (C) by submission, to become new NXT Women’s Champion

**The Undisputed Era (C) def Roderick Strong, and Authors of Pain, to retain NXT Tag Team Championship, and win Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, by pinfall

**Aleister Black def Andrade “Cien” Almas (C), by pinfall to win NXT Championship

**Johnny Gargano def Tommaso Ciampa, by submission