WWE Smackdown Live 1/23/2018 Live Results

Kevin Gillman is the editor of the Ringside Seats section here on Forever Rebuilding.

WWE Smackdown Live From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Commentators:  Tom Phillips, Byron Saxson, and Corey Graves

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Video:  Daniel Bryan


Tonight:  Aftermath Of Daniel Bryan

Match Number 1:  Randy Orton (WWE US Champ) and Bobby Roode Vs Jinder Mahal and Rusev

The champ and Bobby couldn’t get along during this match, so Orton nails a RKO on Roode.  But Rusev nails a Machka Kick, and pins the United States Champion for the pinfall.

Winners:  Jinder Mahal and Rusev, by pinfall

Tonight:  Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Shelton Benjamin

Tonight:  The New Day Vs The Bludgeon Brothers

Backstage Segment:  Rusev and Jinder Mahal

Jinder and Samar are celebrating their win, they run into Rusev and Aidan English.  Jinder thanks them for the win, and will give Rusev and Aidan a front row ticket for Wrestlemania.  Rusev is generous of the offer, but he has a better one.  He will turn the Triple Threat into a Fatal 4-way after pinning the US Champion, so he must see Daniel Bryan.

Backstage Segment:  Nakamura and Styles

Shinsuke checks on the WWE Champ.  He wants AJ at his best, and he wants to be at his best, so no excuse.  He asks AJ to be in his corner tonight for his match.  AJ agrees to it, to counter Chad Gable.

Match Number 2:  Becky Lynch Vs Ruby Riott

Becky countered anything The Riott Squad threw at her, and picked up the win with a roll up.  After the match, she took care of The Riott Squad too, to build momentum for the first ever Women’s Battle Royal at Wrestlemania.

Winner:  Becky Lynch, by pinfall

Next:  Daniel Bryan

In-Ring Promo:  Daniel Bryan


The Pittsburgh faithful welcomes Daniel Bryan.  Honestly, Daniel loves being in Pittsburgh (Cheap pop).  You know, last week was one of the greatest moments of his career.  Because after so long, he finally got the news he was waiting for, that he was cleared and can continue to do what he loves to do for over 16 years.  And the support Daniel has received from all of us.  Daniel has a job to do as the General Manager at Smackdown Live.  They have said all along, Smackdown Live is the land of opportunities.  Therefore, he has given Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn one more opportunity.  Here is his proposal, Owens and Zayn face Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan, at Wrestlemania.  Now due to complications by Sami and Kevin, Shane is in the hospital.  But he believes Shane will be there, so here are the stipulations.  If Daniel and Shane win, Owens and Sami are still fired.  If Owens and Zayn win, they will be reinstated on Smackdown Live.  Again, one opportunity.  Daniel has been asked why do you continue to give Owens and Sami opportunities?  He has known them for 15 years, they are 2 of the best superstars he has ever seen.  He has given them opportunities, because when Daniel needed a place to stay, they gave that to him.  He has given them opportunities because he knows they would do the same for Daniel.  But he has other jobs as General Manager.  He has to sit in board meetings.  As General Manager, he is supposed to fill out paperwork.  He also has to wear blazer, and cardigans.  But Daniel is sick of meetings, and he is sick of paper work.  And he sure as hell is sick of wearing blazers, so he rips it off.  Because Daniel has fought for 3 years to go back to the ring, and wrestle.  Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn tried to take that away from him.  Daniel doesn’t care how many times you Powerbomb him through tables, and shove him into the ring, because Daniel Bryan is back, and he is back to compete.  There are many things Daniel thinks he doesn’t say, because as a role model to kids, and as a General Manager, he doesn’t think he should say some things.  But this is the Daniel Bryan that will fight for anything, Daniel Bryan that isn’t the underdog, this is the Daniel Bryan that will be put through walls, this is the Daniel Bryan who is back, and this is the Daniel Bryan, who kick some ass at WRESTLEMANIA!!

Backstage Selfie:  Gable and Benjamin

They aren’t rock stars, they are athletes.  They don’t have a Wrestlemania match, but they know how to turn it up, and will find a way to get their spot at Wrestlemania.

Next:  New Day Vs Bludgeon Brothers

Wrestlemania:  Fatal 4-Way for United States Championship

In-Ring Promo:  New Day

Pittsburgh, a few weeks ago, your boys were sitting pretty, on the road to Wrestlemania.  In fact, they were so sure of their Tag Team destination of their Tom-Toms to New Orleans.  But they found out their road to Wrestlemania was littered with trash.  You might even say they were bludgeoned with trash.  And make no mistake about it, as Kofi says, those bludgeoned pieces of trash are who?  Who?  Who?  The Bludgeon Brothers.  So your boys, The New Day decided to step away, and take care of The Bludgeon Brothers, and after the attack on Xavier, their problem was they allowed Xavier to walk.  But that will get them ready to win back their WWE Tag Team Championships.  Because New Day Rocks!!

Match Number 3:  New Day Vs Bludgeon Brothers

Before this match really can get started, The Usos come out and take out The Bludgeon Brothers.  The Usos now fight with New Day, but the Brothers Bludgeon come back in, and try to attack with the other four ducking out.

Winners:  The Bludgeon Brothers, by DQ

Earlier Tonight:  Daniel Bryan

Daniel made the challenge to Sami and Owens, Sami through Twitter accepts.

Tonight:  Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Shelton Benjamin

Wrestlemania 34 in 12 days

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan Vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at Wrestlemania 34

Video:  Charlotte Flair Vs Asuka

Match Number 4:  Dolph Ziggler Vs Tyler Breeze

Strictly comedy match here with Fandango running around the ring, for no reason at all, until he got stomach cramps.  Ziggler wins with Zig Zag, then kicks Fandango, for good measure.

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall

Next:  Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Shelton Benjamin

Nakamura wins the match with Kinsasha.  AJ Styles was watching Shinsuke’s back, making sure Chad Gable did not interfere.  Shinsuke has the mic.  He asks AJ to come inside the ring.  AJ, thank you for being in my corner.  But Shinsuke never needed his help.  He only wanted AJ to see how he will beat him at Wrestlemania.  This upset AJ a bit, he’s playing mind games?  At Wrestlemania, he won’t be playing mind games.  At Wrestlemania, it’s not just a dream match for them, it’s a dream match for AJ.  But his dream will end a bit differently.  Outside of AJ, Shinsuke is the best.  But when AJ beats Nakamura, it will mean he is better than great, he is phenomenal, and this is the house AJ Styles built.  Shinsuke gives AJ a comparison of he and AJ.  AJ is too emotional, and that is why he will beat AJ.  Gable and Benjamin attack AJ while Shinsuke leaves.  Nakamura helps AJ, and he sets up Kinsasha on Styles, but he is playing mind games with AJ.

Winner:  Shinsuke Nakamura

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I wasn’t able to write last week’s show, but I did skim through it and saw the Daniel Bryan segments.  Such a fantastic moment to know Daniel has been cleared to compete inside the ring, but now we know when that match takes place.  The “Showcase of Immortals” and this will be a moment to see Daniel again, doing what he does best…wrestle.  Tonight’s promo he gave hit the mark again, and the match is official.  Wrestlemania is shaping up to be a huge show.

I also like the mind games Shinsuke is playing on AJ.  I can’t wait for their match, even until this past week we knew AJ would be clear, and the match is on.  Everything else was just there, but next week, I expect both shows to feature their big matches.  And because we know Rusev will be added to the US Title match, it’s been a great day, here on Rusev Day.  Share me your thoughts on tonight’s show.

WWE Smackdown Live Quick Match Results:

**Randy Orton (C) and Bobby Roode Vs Jinder Mahal and Rusev, by pinfall

**Becky Lynch def Ruby Riott, by pinfall

**The Bludgeon Brothers def The New Day, by DQ

**Dolph Ziggler def Tyler Breeze, by pinfall

**Shinsuke Nakamura def Shelton Benjamin, by pinfall