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WWE Monday Night Raw Live from Cleveland, Ohio

Monday, March 26th, 2018

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Jonathan Coachman, and Corey Graves

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In-Ring Promo:  Brock Lesnar


Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.  13 days from conquering it at all, I bring to you the reigning, defending, and undisputed WWE Universal Champion, BROCK LESNAR!!  We are 7 days away from what was a savage beating from Brock Lesnar.  And while I am the unquestionable presenter to the most vicious attack of them all.  We see last week, when Brock Lesnar attacks Roman reigns, who was handcuffed.  Brock loves that footage, he can’t stop smiling.  This is where you watch the news channels, and you see the bottom of the screen where it says Breaking News, ladies and gentlemen, the temporary suspension of Roman Reigns has been lifted.  And we will hear Roman’s music come out, and Brock will be ready for a fight.  Here is breaking news number 2.  Roman Reigns is not here.  And for those of you who think you’re an expert, and say this is the part where Heyman gives the credit to Brock Lesnar, nope.  Roman Reigns was raised by a legend superstar, Rikishi, and he was raised by a legendary family, Afa, and Sinka.  They raised Roman reigns to be a badass.  They raised Roman Reigns to fight.  They raised Roman Reigns to be a superstar.  And it’s a shame that they didn’t raise a man.  Wasn’t it Roman Reigns who says you are here every week?  Heyman didn’t say that, but Reigns was scheduled to be here, and he isn’t here.  But if the shoe was on the other foot, and Roman reigns went into a MMA Academy, fight 3 men, and come out after Brock was handcuffed, and nail Roman Reigns with a chair?  But Roman Reigns isn’t man enough, if that happened to Brock, he would have come out tonight, put the title on the ground, and dare Roman Reigns to take that title from him.  But Roman Reigns isn’t man enough to take the Universal Title from the reigning, defending, and undisputed Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar.

But the crowd is ablaze, because here comes Roman reigns, with a chair marching to the ring through the crowd.  Brock catches him, but Roman turns the tide, and nails 3 chair shots.  Brock though counters, and rams him into the ringpost, followed by a steel step.  Reigns is down.  Brock nails Roman with another steel step, and now Brock has that chair.  3 more shots to the back.  Another chair shot for good measure.  So once again, the challenger looks like a bitch, after calling the champ out for weeks.  I don’t get this logic.  But Brock isn’t done.    F-5 on the steel step.  Brock stands on that steel step, like he is the King of the World.

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Match Number 1:  Nia Jax Vs Mickie James

Nia handles Mickie, with ease, nailing the Samoan Drop for the pin fall.  Alexa tried to play with Nia’s head, but Nia tells her that she will catch up with her at Wrestlemania, you little bitch.

Winner:  Nia Jax, by pinfall

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Video:  Stephanie McMahon’s Training

Match Number 2:  Cedrik Alexander and Mustafa Ali Vs TJP and Drew Gulak

Drake Maverick joins us, but we see Cedrik and Mustafa pick up the win with a Lumbar Check and a 054 Splash.

Winners:  Cedrik Alexander and Mustafa Ali, by pinfall

Next:  Miz TV with Seth Rollins and Finn Balor

In-Ring promo:  Miz TV

Miz tells them he lives in LA.  Welcome to the most must-see talk show in WWE history, welcome to Miz TV.  Miz has something to address, and Miz likes to address it on TV.  He asks Bo and Curtis how they are enjoying themselves on The Miztourage.  They love this, they are enjoying this, well Miz is not.  When he needed them the most, they failed The Miz.  If he liked to fail, he would have stayed in Cleveland.  Curtis and Bo assure him things will get better, and Miz tells them both they would be nothing without The Miz.

Burn It Down!!  Here comes Seth Rollins.

Normally, Seth is not a fan of Miz TV, but this is great stuff, even Seth has to admit.  The Miztourage is hashing out their problems.  Seth doesn’t mean to interrupt, just continue on.  Miz tells him he did interrupt, he came out too early, he still has some issues to work out.  The Miztourage needs appreciation.  When was the last time he looked at Bo and Curtis in the eyes, and just say thank you.  Thank you?  Yes, Miz because the truth is if they weren’t around, The Miz wouldn’t even be the Intercontinental Champion.  Seth suggests he puts up billboards in Cleveland, thanking The Miztourage.  Thank you Miztourage.  The chat starts, and Miz says when his mouth starts talking, our moths go shut.  The Miz would be the IC Champion without The Miztourage.  He has elevated their careers, without The Miztourage, they would be….Bo says a phony A-Lister who can’t fight.  But here comes Finn Balor to interrupt.  He heard what Bo said, he called Miz a jerk, he is just here to help things out.  That is not what The Miz said, he called a phony A-Lister who can’t fight.  The Miz dares Bo to say it again, and before he can, Miz slaps Bo.  He is trying to fire them up, we are 13 days away from Wrestlemania, and Miz is 34 days away from being the longest running IC Champ os all-time.  When he reaches that, he will be better than “Macho Man” Randy Savage, better than Shawn Michaels, better than Mr. Perfect.  Now this gets Curtis Axel fuming.  Miz says let’s just forget about this, and move on.  Miz TV has been cancelled.  Let’s just go to the back, and now both Bo and Curtis are blocking Miz’s way, and he backs into Rollins and Balor.  The Miztourage attack both Balor and Rollins.  The whole thing was a ruse.  Here comes Gallows and Anderson, with The Miztourage fighting them to the outside.  Miz is now face to face with Balor and Rollins.  Balor hits Slingblade, but Rollins misses the Curb Stomp.  Rollins tells Miz he will have to deal with him.  Now they are fighting over the IC Title.  Rollins fights with Miz, but Balor clothesline Rollins, and is left standing, holding the IC Title.

Tonight:  John Cena Vs Kane in a No DQ

Tonight:  Raw Gets Rowdy

Next:  Asuka

Match Number 3:  Asuka Vs Jamie Frost

Asuka kick, after Jamie slaps Asuka.  Match is done.

Winner:  Asuka, by pinfall

Last Week:  The Ultimate Deletion Match

Video promo:  “Woken” Matt Hardy

The Great War is ovaaahhh, and now Bray Wyatt is obsolete.  He shall now get his sights on the Giant known as Andre, at Wrestlemania.  Matt has entered Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

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Backstage Segment:  Sasha and Bayley

Bayley texted Sasha, just to say she entered the Woman’s Battle Royal, and tells Sasha she is done being passively aggressive.  Sasha tells Bayley maybe she needs to think about herself, because she is the “BOSS”, and Bayley tells Sasha she has held Bayley back because she knows Sasha can’t beat Bayley.  Sasha is a 4-time Women’s Champion, and Bayley asks Sasha how long did she keep it?  Now they start fighting each other, and officials come out to separate the two.

Match Number 4:  Sheamus ( Raw Tag Champ) Vs Braun Strowman


Before the match, Sheamus demanded to know Braun’s partner at Wrestlemania.  Braun suggested he would tell him, if Sheamus wins their match.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  Braun pins Sheamus with a Powerslam, so we still don’t know who Braun’s partner is.

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In-Ring Promo:  “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey

Kurt Angle heads to the ring.  Kurt said we are 2 weeks away from Wrestlemania, which means we are 2 weeks away from Stephanie and HHH standing across the ring from Kurt, and the baddest woman on the planet, Ronda Rousey.  Here she comes.

Kurt talks about Wrestlemania being the most intimidating event to debut on, but after seeing Ronda train, she is ready, and is ready for Wrestlemania.  But as Stephanie and HHH say, they make the rules.  They mean it, so it will be fun, and it won’t be easy.  Ronda expects that, but Steph.  She is trust fund tough, she is limousine tough.  She is trainer tough, but Stephanie will get everything she deserves, which is Ronda ripped off her arm socket.  Here comes Absolution.  The one thing that can hurt Ronda is not having friends.  She introduces herself to Absolution, and she wants to welcome her to Monday Night Raw.  So this is our show, and this is Paige’s house.  Now she knows Ronda grew up watching WWE, and she can get lost in the shuffle, so Ronda needs some backup, so what do you say?  Ronda tells Paige she appreciates it, but Kurt watches her back.  Paige tells Ronda she understands Kurt is watching her back, but she has the wrath of HHH and Stephanie.  And Ronda can be the fourth member of Absolution.  Ronda thanks Paige of the offer, but no.  Paige replies that Ronda made her choice, but unfortunately it was not a good one.  But she just made herself an enemy.  Mandy and Sonya tries to attack Ronda, but the former UFC Women’s Champ had none of it, nailing both with a Back Suplex, and has Mandy locked into an Armbar, but Kurt pleads with her to let go.  And she does.

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Match Number 5:  The Good Brothers vs The Miztourage

The Miztourage fought hard, but The Good Brothers prevails and wins.

Winners:  The Good Brothers, by pinfall

Next:  Elias

In-Ring Concert:  Elias

Hello, I am Elias.  And I have one question for everybody here tonight.  Who wants to walk with Elias?  Now in this kingdom of madness, there are those who walk, and those who cannot walk yet.  But in 13 days, at Wrestlemania, Elias will show us that WWE stands for Walk With Elias.  Elias is feeling good, he just sold out New York City last week, so you can imagine his disappointment being in Cleveland.  But that is okay, Elias is in good company.  He spoke with Lebron James.  He told Elias he felt the same way when he came back from Miami.  His bags are packed, and is ready to leave again.  But Elias has a song for us, so silence your cell phones, and hold your applause.  Elias has a song about how bad the Cleveland Browns are.

Match Number 6:  Elias vs Rhyno

Drift Away, these matches haven’t been that good, but there you go.  He goes right after Heath Slater too, Drift Away.

Winner:  Elias, by pinfall

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Video:  John Cena vs The Undertaker

Next:  Kane Vs Cena

Next Week:  Finn Balor Vs Seth Rollins

Next Week:  Angle and Rousey Vs McMahon and HHH Face-Off

Match Number 7:  John Cena vs Kane in a No DQ Match

This had a little everything here, Cena mocked Undertaker with his sit-up.  Kane fought through everything too, but Cena hits an AA through the table, to pin Kane.

Winner:  John Cena, by pinfall

In-Ring promo:  John Cena

Cena is waiting for The Undertaker.  No lightning?  No bells of terror?  No Undertaker?  This is a match with no rules.  Anything can happen, and anyone can be here?  Where are you?  UNDERTAKER!!  The crowd chants for Undertaker.  I know you’re not deaf, you’re just a coward.  Night after night, city after city.  Sold out crowd after sold out crowd, they chant your name.  You don;t get to be mysterious here.  Silence isn’t an answer.  It’s either yes, or it’s no.  I’m fine with no, because I will go to Wrestlemania as a fan.  But get your eyes off the back of the head, look around when they chant for your name, when they chant yes, or when they chant do something.  Do something!!  Because now you only have one week left that sums up your entire career.  You can do something, or you can do nothing.  And if you do nothing, you let Cena down.  You let Kane down, but most importantly you make it crystal clear, to anybody who has loved you, you don’t care about them, you care only about yourself.  Cena hopes to God, he sees Taker next week.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

They could have done more with this show tonight.  It started with the missed opportunity of Reigns getting his receipt back.  Now I am sure Reigns will get that title back, but my goodness, why have Reigns get stupid again, and treat him like a bitch?  I am sure next week we will see Reigns get that bag, right?  The story here is Reigns is a better performer than he was 3 years ago.  At least that is how it should have been.  But we get “Brock doesn’t care about you”, and then Brock shows up, and punks Reigns like a bitch two weeks in a row.  And this is supposed to be our main event?  To me, the best laid out plan is Ronda and Angle Vs HHH and Steph, and I truly want to see that face-off next week.

Cena vs Kane happened, without Undertaker.  That is fine, because Taker needs to show up next week.  Cena is saying some awful things about Taker’s mind-set, so perhaps “The Deadman” answers that challenge next week, right?  Since Elias basically said Braun asked him to be his partner, that won’t happen.  So who is Braun’a partner?  Samoa Joe, perhaps?

The matches didn’t matter tonight, the show was built around the promos.  This could have been better.  Where do we go from here?  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.

WWE Raw Quick Match Results

**Nia Jax def Mickie James, by pinfall

**Cedrik Alexander and Mustafa Ali def Drew Gulak and TJP, by pinfall

**Asuka def Jamie Frost, by pinfall

**Braun Strowman def Sheamus (C), by pinfall

**The Good Brothers def The Miztourage, by pinfall

**Elias def Rhyno, by pinfall

**John Cena def Kane, by pinfall in a No DQ Match